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Small-Scale Dairy Equipment Launch

A leading agricultural company has launched a full range of small-scale dairy equipment, which can be used to produce butter, hard and soft cheeses, yoghurt and ice-cream.

The Duecinox range of high quality, stainless steel equipment is available from Preston, Lancashire-based Shepherd Agri. It includes a manual milk pasteuriser, a yoghurt maker, a butter churn, a cheese vat and an ice-cream maker.

Duecinox ice cream maker

Duecinox ice cream maker

“The products in our mini-dairy range are ideal for people who want to try their hand at making artisan dairy products for human consumption,” says Graham Shepherd, who is the chief executive office of Shepherd Agri and G Shepherd Animal Health. “We see that one or more members of the family may want to develop a business adding value to their milk.”

Duecinox is an Italian dairy engineering company based at the centre of the Po Valley, in the heart of Parmigiano Reggiano country, where it has specialised in developing equipment for the production of this popular Italian cheese, which is recognised worldwide, he explains.

“By gaining experience in the design of this equipment, Duecinox has developed the expertise to build plants for all types of dairy products. We can also offer customers calf milk pasteurisers and milk feeding carts made by the company, as well as training courses on the milk processing and making added-value dairy products,” he adds.


Milk Pasteuriser
Milk pasteurisation is the first step towards dairy processing and the Duecinox milk pasteuriser comes in 15-litre or 30-litre sizes. Using an electrically-heated water bath, the mini pasteuriser is simple to use and is suitable for the production of both fresh and ripened cheeses. The machine can also be equipped with an agitator. Shepherd Agri can also supply larger fast flow pasteurisers.

Yoghurt Maker
The Duecinox yoghurt maker is easy to operate, with a programming feature to allow semi-automatic production, including pasteurisation and fermentation. The yoghurt maker comes in 50-litre, 100-litre and 500-litre versions and cultures and plastic or glass pots are also available, on request.

Butter Churn
The Z-series Duecinox butter churn has a non-stick internal surface for easy cleaning, with a motor that can be operated at fixed or variable speeds. It comes in 10-litre, 70-litre and 150-litre sizes and producers have the option of adding an automatic butter pat maker.

Ice-cream Maker
The multi-function range of Duecinox ice-cream making machines is designed to make the process quick and simple, allowing the user to produce a high-quality food product which will meet the stringent standards that are required for the sale of ice-cream for public consumption. It can pasteurise and process raw milk to make ice-cream and has a function to allow batch-freezing.

Mini-dairy Kit
The mini dairy kit contains all the essential equipment to start transforming the milk into cheese and other dairy products using traditional methods. The basic package includes a multi-functional vat, drainage tables and a very useful multi-shelf trolley, for cheese ripening. Sizes range from 50-litre, 100-litre, 200-litre and 500-litre.

Cheese Vat
These are bespoke machines, please enquire for available specifications.

Shepherd Animal Health

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