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New Trailed Precision Seedbed Cultivator Germinator Pro

At SIMA 2015 Kongskilde Industries A/S introduces a new series of trailed precision seedbed cultivators with working widths from 5.40 - 7.90m and a transport width of 3.0m.

The concept of the new Germinator Pro series from Kongskilde is to offer a solution for creating a high quality seedbed in ploughed conditions. The yield achieved in high value crops such as sugar beet, onions etc. is closely correlated to the preparation of the seedbed.

Kongskilde Germinator Pro – new series of trailed precision seedbed cultivators.

Kongskilde Germinator Pro – new series of trailed precision seedbed cultivators.

In modern crop farming focus is always on optimizing the yield from every crop grown. The new Kongskilde Germinator Pro is a means to creating an optimal seedbed in a single pass, providing near-perfect conditions for the seeds to germinate.

Establishing a uniform seedbed ensures a fast and even germination of the crop. Due to a highly even crop development, subsequent crop protection can also be better timed in order to get the highest effect from the lowest input.

As a long-term specialist manufacturer of seedbed cultivators Kongskilde wants to offer its new cultivator to professional farmers with a keen desire to create a good start for their crops.

The new Germinator Pro is based on the same unique working principle as the well-known Germinator which Kongskilde has sold over many years with great success. However, the time is now right to renew the complete concept with a cultivator which matches the demands of today’s farming and tractor sizes.

5 working zones
The cultivator is divided into 5 working sections:

1) At first a new hydraulically operated flex-board levels out the soil ahead of the first depth roller. This takes away the unevenness of the topsoil, and the result is a working section running smoothly and precisely.

2) The heavy-duty Ø320 mm front crumbler roller accurately controls the depth of the working section.

3) Five rows of the new straight Kongskilde Vibro Super G tines placed at 6 cm spacing ensure 100% cultivation and mixing of the soil profile.

4) The rear levelling board provides a light levelling of the open soil after the tine section, leaving a complete level surface.

5) The double roller combination at the rear provides crumbling and reconsolidation. Different combinations of rollers can be offered in order to suit the local conditions and demands of crumbling and reconsolidation.

Individual working sections
The 4 - 6 working sections are individually suspended beneath the main frame within a unique hydraulic suspension system, which allows every section to follow the soil contours extremely precisely and keep the same pressure all over the working width. It means that the exact chosen working depth can be achieved across the full working width.

High capacity
Kongskilde Germinator Pro is a high-capacity cultivation system. The smart folding principle of the wing sections allows easy movement from field to field, as well as safe road transport. Optimum working speed is 10 – 12 km/hour, requiring approx. 30-35 hp per metre working width.


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