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Krone NIR Sensor Rated Good

The mobile Krone NIR sensor measures moisture levels in maize highly accurately, the latest test by the German DLG reveals.

DLG tested a total of 32 samples in the 2013 and 2014 silage maize harvest. The tests were performed in three different fields with crops showing three different dry matter contents, measuring 22.2%, 34.5% and 38.5%.

Maize Harvesting

Maize Harvesting

The forage harvester, a BiG X 700, filled 32 wagons for the test. It had a mobile NIR sensor attached to its spout to detect and log moisture levels using near-infrared spectroscopy. Small representative samples were also taken from each wagon and analysed in the DLG lab using the official oven drying method.

The results of the 32 analyses from the NIR sensor and the drying oven were then compared. In 25 pairs the readings deviated by less than 1%, in five pairs the deviations were in the 1-2% range, and there were deviations of 2-3% in two sample pairs. No samples showed deviations above 3% in absolute terms, but 94% of the samples where within the 2% range in absolute terms. The Krone NIR system was therefore rated ‘good’ by the DLG testers.

Here’s how the NIR harvester moisture sensor works.

The NIR sensor supplies precise information on crop moisture levels.

NIR Sensor

NIR Sensor

The information is then allocated to the area harvested in the customer memory. The NIR sensor is easy to install on the BiG X spout and is protected from damage by a cover. This way, moisture levels can be identified at great accuracy on the move, as the DLG Fokus Test proves. The data is recorded automatically, stored and assigned to the current job.


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