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Standen-Pearson Potato Harvesters - New Technology, More Options 2012-07-30

Standen-Pearson potato harvester developments continue at a fast pace, with new technology and new machines being introduced due to increasing demand from UK and export markets.

T2 harvesting potatoes, in-line sorting table

T2 harvesting potatoes

With a range of potato planting and harvesting machinery that includes no less than four distinct harvester models, all manufactured at Ely, and further product releases planned, parent company Standen Engineering Ltd is looking to recruit additional engineering and design personnel to boost the capacity of their in house development department.

The current potato harvester range includes the QM compact, T2, two-row high capacity machine, T3, three row harvester, and a new specialist vegetable harvester, custom built for export to the USA.

The T2 two-row harvester is now offered with a choice five of modular separating systems; double Omega (two banks of fluted rollers), Starflow/Omega (stars and fluted rollers), Starflow/Pro-Clean (stars and axial rollers), Pro-Clean/Omega (axial rollers and fluted rollers) or a 3rd transfer web. These provide options for interchangeable separating systems to suit all conditions, and all soil types.

T2 lifting onions with wide (1500mm) elevator

lifting onions

T2 has also been developed to accept an extra wide 1500mm discharge elevator in response to grower demand. The wide elevator option provides huge capacity and allows efficient harvesting of windrowed potatoes lifted on the 2 x 2 system.

Used in conjunction Omega separation or with the 3rd transfer web option, the 1500mm wide elevator equipped machine also lends itself very well to high speed onion harvesting. A special onion share and hydraulically driven variable speed intake paddle is now offered as an alternative to the existing square bar and paddle lifting system for onions.

Export successes this year for Ely manufactured Standen-Pearson Potato Systems machinery has resulted in more than 25% of production finding customers overseas. The T2 harvester has been well received by customers in France and Spain, and de-stoning machines are being exported to new and emerging markets.

Later this year, the Standen-Pearson T2 two-row harvester will be shown at a working demonstration: Potato Europe, 12/13 September, Villers-Saint-Christophe, France, about two hour’s drive from Calais. More information can be found at

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