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Large Entry for Holstein Friesian Bull Sale

Harrison & Hetherington in conjunction with the Border and Lakeland breeders club will be holding the UK’s largest spring show and sale of Holstein Friesian bulls.

Taking place at Borderway on Wednesday 9th April, the sale will include a total of 69 bulls, 61 Holstein and 8 British Friesian bulls including 4 special Red & Whites.

2013 Champion of Champions Townlaw Lustful

2013 Champion of Champions Townlaw Lustful

This is the best offering of Dairy bulls in the UK and gives milk producers an excellent choice with top quality entries coming from many of the best UK herds. Breeders from across the UK have consigned their very best animals and they include the prefixes of: Aintree, Annandale, Berryholme, Bestfed, Boclair, Carrock, Claremont, Feizor, Gerrard, Greentowers, Hailstone, Heathersgill, Hillhead, Lismulligan, Mcgoldrick, Overside, Petteril, Redsky, Dockray Hall, Kellywell, Jenkin, Knowlesmere, Lesmay, Logan, Whispering Springs, Winnoch, Wolfa, Woodcatt, Wormanby herds.

Sons from the breeds leading Holstein Sires feature in the sale and include: Epic, Sudan, Meridian, Artes, End-Story, Windbrook, Guthrie, Numero Uno, Van Gogh, Zelgadis, Wyman, Gerard, Braxton, Fever, Lauthority and Ladd P-Red. In addition there will also be the British Friesian Sires Winnoch Umpire, Lismulligan Mufasa and Stardingham Boy.

The cow families included in this sale dominate the Holstein world for their ability to transmit highly productive progeny with outstanding health traits, incredible lifetime production, high butterfat & protein.

All with excellent confirmation they include the Flo, Adeen, Nugget, Alicia, Lustre, Skycheif, Amy, Juror faith, Roxy, Integrity Sara, Elegance, Marie, Raven, Ruby, Redrose, PR Barbie, Gold Missy and Convincer Delight families.

All bulls have been BVD tested and will be on show at Borderway Auction Centre from 9.30am on 9th April, with the sale beginning at 11.30am. Commenting in advance of this sale Glyn Lucas, Harrison & Hetherington’s Senior Pedigree Dairy Auctioneer, said:

“This is a very high quality sale providing a unique opportunity to select bloodlines from the UK’s greatest cow families. There are animals suitable for all markets. Commercial milk producers, breeders, spring milk producers, and farmers who have heifer rearing units, will all find something to suit their own specific requirements.”


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