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Young Bulls Strong at Skipton Festive Store Cattle Fixture

A hearty turnout of 414 head of store cattle for Skipton Auction Mart’s second annual Christmas show and sale sold well to a huge company of buyers seeking to top up feeding sheds over the festive period. A total of 138 cattle achieved four-figure prices. (Wed, Dec 4)

Young feeding bulls in particular proved strong in terms of both numbers and selling prices, with the 205 animals forward comprising virtually half the total entry.

1st prize young bull in the ring

1st prize young bull in the ring

Young bulls sold to a Continental-cross average of £976.76 per head, compared to £930 last year, with a native average of £665.71, producing an overall average of £927.71.

David Broadbent, of Midgley, Halifax, a regular vendor at the fixture, presented a tremendous run of young bulls and one of them, a British Blue-cross, landed first prize in the show class, before selling for £1,310, joint top price in class, to Stephen Eastwood, of Emley, Huddersfield, who was once again a multiple buyer at the fixture. Mr Broadbent was also responsible for the top price £1,220 Blonde-cross entry.

Another regular buyer, Anthony Swales, of Melbourne, York, snapped up the second and third prize young bulls – the runner-up, a British Blue-cross from AB Woodhouse, of Clapham, for £1,220, the third prize British Blue-cross youngster from 2012 show champion Sheila Mason, of Clapham, for £1,310, joint top price. The same vendor also sold a second entry at the same price, plus another at £1,250.

Stephen Buckley, of Doveholes, had the top price pen of three Limousin-cross young bulls, which sold at £1,100 per head.

Stephen Eastwood swooped again to claim all three British Blue prize winners in the store heifer show class. The victor, from Clapham’s Jonathan Townley, achieved the day’s top price of £1,380, with the runner-up from John Fawcett in Barden making £1,290, and the third prize winner, also from Sheila Mason, selling at £1,120.

Donald Sunderland, of Halton East, was responsible for the top price pen of four Charolais-cross heifers, which each made £1,055. Store heifers sold to a Continental-cross average of £910.64 per head and a native average of £827.50, well up on last year’s corresponding fixture.

The show class for bullocks fell to another North Craven vendor, Eldroth’s Andrew Bailey, whose first prize winner, again a British Blue, headed the class prices at £1,340 when becoming another Stephen Eastwood acquisition. Mr Bailey also sold two further bullocks at £1,325.

AB Woodhouse again stepped up with the second prize bullock, a Limousin-cross steer, which fell for £1,130 to Wagstaff Bros in Sutton-on-Forest, York, with Coniston Cold’s David Coates presenting the top price pen of three Limousin-cross bullocks, each making £1,180. Continental-cross store bullocks averaged £1,027.40, with a native average of £782.66, again a marked improvement on last year.

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