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Beltex and Dunbia Renew Lamb Export Scheme Offer

Dunbia has renewed its export marketing arrangement with Beltex this month offering a bonus of up to 50p/kg throughout the 2013/14 season on selected lambs destined for top end mainland European markets.

Last year’s scheme rewarded Beltex cross lambs with an average bonus of £2.19 per head across the board.

Dunbia’s Glynne Jones, Beltex Sheep Society’s chairman, Maimie Paterson and launch host farmer, Ian Knight at the launch in 2011

Dunbia’s Glynne Jones, Beltex Sheep Society’s chairman, Maimie Paterson and launch host farmer, Ian Knight at the scheme launch in 2011

The Beltex and Dunbia Lamb Export Scheme arrangement is for a year round supply of up to 5,000 cross lambs in total for the Belgium marketplace. To be eligible, all lambs must be sired by a registered Beltex ram, grade at E and U between 15kg to 21kg deadweight and be sourced from a Farm Assured unit.

The scheme which is open to commercial producers throughout Britain, will pay an attractive bid price on R2 and R3L lambs, with an additional bonus of 40p/kg on U2 and U3L and 50p/kg bonus on the extreme lamb carcass of E2 and E3L.The continuing arrangement confirms that sheep farmers are delivering Beltex cross lambs which meet with the precise specification required by Belgian lamb buyers.

Dunbia’s Glynne Jones says: “We are pleased to continue our collaborative venture with the Beltex Sheep Society which will provide an opportunity for a year round supply of Beltex cross lambs sourced via a network of field officers and collection centres throughout England, Scotland and north Wales for processing at our Preston plant.

We offer a free fieldsman service and haulage can be arranged, we operate an open door policy with MLC weight and grades which can be faxed or e-mailed on day of slaughter and we make prompt payment terms.”

Beltex Sheep Society chairman, Maimie Paterson comments: “We welcome this renewed opportunity to work with a leading processor which will continue to reward commercial producers using a registered Beltex ram to achieve the premium lambs required by a very specific and expanding top end market. Last year’s bonus proved to be a welcome reward. Commercial producers also have access to an increasing number of Signet performance recorded rams selected for both better lamb growth and better muscularity, without changing the mature size of the breed to any extreme, one way or another.”


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