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Give Your Oilseed Rape A Weed-Free Start

Weeds will compete with any crop for water and nutrients and in oilseed rape this will result in problems at harvest, seed contamination and resultant yield loss.

So removing grass weeds, such as black-grass, early in the life of the crop is vital to ensure good yield potential.

A good crop of oilseed rape needs good preparation and timing of herbicide applications

A good crop of oilseed rape needs good preparation and timing of herbicide applications

“This year after rain and continuing warm weather the rape is coming through very quickly and so too is the black-grass,” explains Clare Tucker, BASF’s Agronomy Manager.

“It is these types of conditions – when black-grass is actively growing – which are ideal for applying a contact acting herbicide such as Aramo® at a rate of 1.0 litre per hectare. By getting on now, not only will you get a good percentage black-grass kill, but any remaining weeds will have been well suppressed. Although other products on the market have the same mode of action as Aramo, leaving an application until the four leaf stage of the crop in a year like this may be too late.”

“Adopting a programmed approach is also key to good black-grass control. Knocking the weeds early will keep the root system small and ensure that a follow-up propyzamide treatment will be more effective against resistant black-grass. It is all about timing and care in applying product at the right growth stage. It is easy to put poor control down to resistance when that may only be part of the story,” explains Clare.


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