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Cumbrian Dairy Farmer Delighted With Re-Seed Mix

With more than 300 head of cattle to feed during the cold Cumbria winter, dairy farmer Brian Nelson needed a silage crop he could rely on.

He found the answer through his local agricultural merchants and feed millers, Carlisle-based Carrs Billington Agriculture which supplied him with a mix of grass seed from their own branded Mega range - in collaboration with Barenbrug - to re-seed part of his 500-acre dairy farm.

The re-seeded field on Brian Nelson's farm

The re-seeded field on Brian Nelson's farm

The product, a mix using Barenbrug seed, was sown over an area of 12 acres on the farm, eight miles from Kendal in the Lake District, during the last week of June.

By early September Mr Nelson had a crop he was delighted with.

“It is looking very good at this stage,” he said. “We have been delighted with how it has performed and it will certainly give us good silage for this winter.”

Mr Nelson switched to the Carrs Billington range after contacting its Business Development Manager Stuart Oxley, who was able to offer expert advice on the best options for his feed requirements.

“We have been very appreciative of Stuart’s help and advice as well as the product itself, which is looking just right for us,” added Mr Nelson.

Stuart said: “It was a full grass re-seed which has grown tremendously well and is being cut for the first time in September for silage for feeding cows over the winter.

“All the requirements needed for a good crop were there; top quality seed, good soil and the correct fertiliser.

“It is the first time Mr Nelson has bought seed from us, and we are delighted to hear how happy he is with the product and how well it has performed.”

David Long, Barenbrug’s Research and Development Manager (Agriculture), said, “This is a great example of how Barenbrug and a company like Carrs-Billington can work together to produce a top quality seed mixture, tailored to the farmer’s requirements.

“This mixture allowed Brian Nelson to take a first cut earlier than is normal, it also had a higher proportion of diploid perennial ryegrasses for sward density and the farm is on heavy wet land and close to the sea bank.

“Carrs Billington has the farmer contacts and a very good understanding of what they want, while Barenbrug has the grass expertise through our extensive research & development programme, at the core of our business, and a passion to make the British livestock industry more profitable.

“Together we can produce a mixture that is of such a quality that it does exactly what the farmer expects; establishes well, is young, vigorous and grows fast.”


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