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Bunn Launches Koch Advanced Nitrogen Sulphur Blends

Bunn Fertiliser Limited has introduced two new nitrogen sulphur blend fertilisers based on its successful Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser.

Formulated to meet the needs of differing farming situations and crop types, Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser 33N 30SO3 and Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser 38N 19SO3 meet the increasing need for sulphate-containing nitrogen fertilisers to be applied on UK farms.

  Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser

Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser

Dr Brian Wade, Innovation Director for a Bunn affiliate, says: “Sulphur and nitrogen are the major constituents of plant proteins. Nitrogen is one of the most important inputs to agricultural production but many crops, including grass, wheat and oilseed rape, are more productive where additional minerals are applied. Sulphur’s ability to complement nitrogen also increases the potential for crop growth. The introduction of Koch Advanced Nitrogen® sulphur blends, which offer the highest concentration of these nutrients for crop yield and quality, deliver this powerful pair together.”

In the past, the sulphur requirement of many crops was often met entirely by the high levels of this element present in the atmosphere as a result of industrial processes and vehicle pollution. However Defra’s Fertiliser Manual RB 209 estimates that the level of atmospheric sulphur in 2007 was only about 10% of 1980 levels. This has significantly increased the risk of sulphur deficiency in a wide range of crops produced in England and Wales, including cereals, oilseed rape, brassicas, peas and grass.

A key factor which differentiates the two Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser blends from ordinary ammonium nitrate plus sulphur is their higher concentration of minerals. Compared with conventional ammonium nitrate fertiliser they provide a number of significant additional benefits, including easier transportation, storage and spreading, together with higher work rates.

Treated with AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser, a proven stabiliser that protects against nitrogen loss, standard Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser helps to maintain more plant-available nutrients throughout the growing season, which can result in high crop yields and quality.

Koch Advanced Nitrogen® sulphur blends have been tested by independent specialist Spreader & Sprayer Testing Ltd in Staffordshire, which found that they spread well, at up to 36m with some machines.

Bunn Fertiliser Limited has served UK farmers for almost 200 years with performance-driven fertiliser products that are marketed for ‘Every Crop, Every Season’. Its ability to consistently innovate and provide new solutions is based on a personal understanding of farmers’ needs.


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