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Irrigation Event Emphasises Need for Planning

It’s not news that seasonal rainfall has become increasingly erratic, and whether growers get too much or too little rainfall, the need for water management planning intensifies each year.

Potato Council’s Irrigation Workshop event returns on 6 June in Herefordshire to address key water management issues and to examine how growers can plan ahead, manage irrigation, keep abreast of new legislation and smooth the peaks and troughs than cause crops to under-perform or even fail.

Potato Irrigation

Potato Irrigation

Chris Steele, Potato Council’s environment expert points out “This event is designed to provide regional growers with a focused, in-depth look at the various irrigation planning techniques and options available, and demonstrate that growers can take proactive steps to off-set annual precipitation variables and protect their crops.”

The focused morning programme in Herefordshire will feature regional irrigation experts, on-hand to examine operating equipment and machinery, best practice, legislation and environmental considerations, and to help with any irrigation questions that growers raise on the day.

Anthony Hopkins, Director of Wroot Water Ltd, will look at best practice and ideas to select and operate equipment for maximum efficiency. Followed by Kate Adams, Catchment Sensitive Farming Officer for the River Wye, who will update growers on the management options available to minimise run-off and maintain regulatory compliance.

Current legislation, the Water Framework Directive and what’s in store for the future of water abstraction will be addressed by the Environment Agency. The Workshop finishes with Peter Gwynne of Agri Management Solutions, representing the Herefordshire Water Abstraction Group and its’ activities, and he’ll be explaining why - if you irrigate - it makes sense to join the group.

The morning programme covers the key irrigation issues in terms of planning, efficiencies and legislation – and certificates of attendance will demonstrate that attendees’ competencies and knowledge remain current.

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