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Curtismill Incredible Joins Cogent’s Genetically Diverse Group

Cogent are celebrating genetic diversity in the Holstein sire proof run published by DairyCo this week, with the launch of Curtismill Incredible, the world’s leading son of Baxter.

In a breeding environment in which Holstein bloodlines are in danger of becoming too narrow, the company has risen to the top with the world’s number one Profitable Lifetime Index (PLI) sons of Shottle, Goldwyn, Bolton and Baxter.

Wyndhurst Incredible Galia

Wyndhurst Incredible Galia

Following in the footsteps of the renowned and high PLI Cogent Twist (by Shottle); Ballycairn Tiergan (by Goldwyn) and Dunnerdale Kestrel (by Bolton); they launch the Baxter son, Curtismill Incredible today to complete a genetically diverse quartet.

Incredible was available to members of the Cogent Visions progeny testing programme as a young genomic sire and has come through today with his first UK daughter proof.

He has lived up to all expectations, excelling as a profit-making sire whose daughters have a natural will to milk. This is reflected in the bull’s impressive PTA (Predicted Transmitting Ability) featuring 588kg milk and 36.7kg (+0.16%) fat and his PLI of £168.

“Incredible daughters are just as the name suggests,” remarks Henry Sanderson from the Cogent Group. “They are ideally suited to most of today’s farmers’ needs – being medium sized, with plenty of chest width and body capacity, and with wide, sloping rumps.

“Sound and practical legs and feet make them ideally suited to large indoor systems, while low cell counts are the bonus that makes them the commercial dairyman’s dream,” he says.

Cogent’s celebration of genetic diversity comes at a time when the UK and international PLI list is dominated by just a handful of bloodlines.

“Almost half of all bulls in the top 100 proven sires list are sons of Oman,” remarks Mr Sanderson. “And while this bull has offered the UK industry an incredible boost in terms of health and fitness, it’s important not to allow the dominance of this and other popular bloodlines to narrow the national herd’s genetic base.

“For this reason, Cogent have always ensured they test a wide range of bloodlines, and some of the outcross sires that result will be important in preventing inbreeding, increasing diversity and improving the health of UK herds.”


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