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Tesco UK Aberdeen Angus Scheme commences in Northern Ireland

Aberdeen Angus Quality Beef Ltd (AAQB), a NI producer cooperative working with the Foyle Food Group (FFG) since 1998, wish to announce that the Tesco UK Aberdeen Angus Scheme has commenced in NI.

To join this Scheme, producers will be required to sign a supply contract directly with Tesco UK. It will be coordinated by Aberdeen Angus Quality Beef and will be subject to the same procedures as the current AAQB/FFG Scheme, which will continue to operate alongside the Tesco Scheme with cattle slaughtered weekly in both Foyle and Omagh Meat plants

Aberdeen Angus

A Sustainable Beef Group Committee has been set up which includes a Northern Ireland farmer representative This committee will act as the main vehicle for future development of the Scheme, and in consultation with Tesco UK, will determine the specification for qualifying cattle each year.

Producers who contract with Tesco UK will receive a competitive bonus on top of the published AHDB England and Wales average weekly price for cattle meeting specification and qualifying grades.

If you would like further information regarding these Schemes, please contact Eamon Kelly, AAQB Business Development Officer, on mob 07813176939


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