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Global Threat to Pork Industry 30/09/07
Pork producers across the world, including the British Pig Executive (BPEX), have joined forces to tackle the threat to the industry posed by rocketing feed prices.
Northern Expo Holstein Show Goes Ahead 29/09/07
The Northern Expo Show Committee are getting ready to take their show into it’s quarter century with their “Silver Edition” 25th anniversary Holstein show on the evening of Friday 26th October.
Massive Trade Support for British Ploughmen 27/09/07
Commercial trade stand space for the British National Ploughing Championships at Crockey Hill, near York on October 13th and 14th is being snapped up fast by local and national companies.
New Promotional Push for Autumn Lamb 27/09/07
The first phase of a renewed promotional push to increase consumption of Autumn lamb started last weekend when over a million copies of a brand new Quality Standard lamb recipe booklet were distributed to consumers.
Great Yorkshire Cookery Competition 2007 27/09/07
A passion for regional food combined with innovative recipes and impressive culinary skills were the trademark of every winner in the Great Yorkshire Cookery Competition 2007.
'Virtual Links' Provide Scotland-Wide Access to Dairy Seminar 27/09/07
An SAC ‘virtual’ seminar and discussion on Tuesday 9 October will bring together dairy farmers throughout Scotland - using video links.
NFU Scotland to Pursue Legal Action Against Defra 27/09/07
NFU Scotland yesterday confirmed that it has taken legal advice with a view to pursuing Defra to recover losses incurred by NFUS members as a result of Foot and Mouth restrictions.
Set-Aside Decision Risks Environmental Harm 27/09/07
Natural England and the Environment Agency have warned that loss of set-aside land on a large scale will be bad for the environment and biodiversity.
NFU Scotland Emphasises Need to Control Bluetongue 26/09/07
NFU Scotland is emphasising the need to control Bluetongue to prevent some of the devastating consequences of the disease.
Beefcake and British Beef In France 26/09/07
British beef is still making its presence felt in France so we can regain markets as soon as exports restart at the end of the foot and mouth outbreak.
2008 Semex Dairy Conference 26/09/07
The two-day event, tailored and designed for progressive dairy farmers, is to take place from Sunday 13th January to Tuesday 15th January 2008 in Glasgow.
Census Reveals Declines in Cattle and Sheep Numbers in England 26/09/07
EBLEX has called on all supply chains to consider carefully the implications of the latest census figures, which reveal further declines in the number of breeding cattle and sheep in England.
New Holland sponsors the 2007 Biofuels Conference 26/09/07
The Biofuels Conference will run in conjunction with the Biodiesel-Expo 2007, Europe's largest industry event.
Major Event For The Beef Industry: In South West Scotland 25/09/07
This event which is being held as part of SAC’s Scottish Government funded “Success through Knowledge” campaign and which is supported by QMS, is aimed at farmers and others in the beef industry.
Lishman’s Goes Whole Hog on behalf of British Pig Farmers 25/09/07
Lishman’s Butchers, of Ilkley, has launched a new portfolio of home-cured Yorkshire pork products.
Builth Wells Ram Sale Will Go Ahead 25/09/07
Organisers of Europe’s biggest ram sale, the NSA Wales & Borders, held at the Royal Welsh Showground say it has been postponed and NOT cancelled. There are plans to hold a smaller sale next month.
North Western Contract Growers Sought for Novel ‘improved Starch’ Wheat 25/09/07
Growers throughout Lancashire and Cumbria have an excellent opportunity to earn attractive and secure returns from late-sown winter cereals this season with a novel speciality wheat contract for harvest 2008 from Peterborough-based, Dalmark Grain.
New Cost Benefit Indicator for Dairy Farmers 24/09/07
Dairy farmers can now evaluate the financial payback from including C16 rumen-protected fat in the early lactating cow ration, thanks to the availability of a new spreadsheet-based computer program from C&H Nutrition.
Are Your Trees Safe? 24/09/07
A one-day course due to be held at SAC’s Ayr Campus (Auchincruive) will help land managers assess whether any trees on their land pose a risk to safety.
NFUS to Host Introduction to SRDP 2007-2013 Meeting 24/09/07
In recognition of the new Scottish Rural Development Plan’s huge significance, NFU Scotland is hosting a meeting on Wednesday 3 October 2007 at the Urr Valley Hotel in Castle Douglas.
Countryside Live Cancels Cattle and Sheep Due to Foot and Mouth 23/09/07
The Yorkshire Agricultural Society have announced their decision to cancel all beef and sheep classes at the event due to the recent outbreaks of foot and mouth disease in Surrey.
Institute for Animal Health Diagnoses Bluetongue in Suffolk 23/09/07
Tests done at the Institute for Animal Health's Pirbright Laboratory during late Friday night (21-22 September) have confirmed that a cow in Suffolk has been exposed to bluetongue virus, cause of the disease bluetongue.
Flying the British Livestock Flag this Autumn 21/09/07
Despite the difficult situation at home, export experts will be extolling the virtues of British livestock at shows throughout Europe this autumn.
Beware the TB Pre-Movement Testing Queue 21/09/07
Cattle farmers who want to take immediate advantage of eventual relaxations in the movement of non-slaughter stock are advised to keep an eye on their TB pre-movement testing.
Growhow Securing the Future of British Fertilisers 21/09/07
GrowHow UK Ltd is to be the new name for the joint venture company formed by Kemira GrowHow Oyj and Terra Industries Inc.
Some Relief as Animals Allowed to Move Within Farms 20/09/07
NFU Scotland has welcomed with relief the granting of a further relaxation on foot and mouth movement controls. The latest move allows animals to move within the same farm business, subject to a distance limit of eight kilometres.
Kuhn Launches Latest Twin Vertical Auger Diet Feeder 20/09/07
Kuhn Farm Machinery has further expanded its Euromix vertical auger diet feeder range, which now includes single and twin auger models as well as a self-propelled machine.
FMD Pressure on Livestock Farmers Intolerable 20/09/07
NFU Scotland has called on the Scottish Government to recognise the unprecedented anger and frustration currently being experienced by Scottish livestock farmers as a result of the fall out from foot and mouth.
Skipton Auction Mart Announces Future Plans 19/09/07
Skipton Auction Mart is to stage a slaughter-only sale of prime beef and lambs on Monday (Sept 24) following the easing of foot and mouth restrictions in parts of the country.
More Power for Valpadana 6500 Series Four-Wheel Drive Tractors 19/09/07
Imagine a low-slung tractor that hugs the ground, can work in orchards, polytunnels and buildings where there is limited height, yet has heaps of power and traction.
New Semex UK Holstein Sires Launched 19/09/07
Two new bulls entering the Semex UK portfolio, Blue-Haven-Ltd Brick and Karona Bonair, are demonstrating the business’s growing strength in meeting the needs of large-scale producers with ever-increasing herd sizes, as well as pedigree breeders.
NBA Scotland Advises Caution Over Regionalisation 19/09/07
Suggestions that “regionalisation” offered the best and quickest route for Scotland to get back to normal livestock trading were cautioned yesterday by the National Beef Association Scotland.
Defra Dashes Hopes of Grants for NVZ Slurry Stores 19/09/07
The TFA has been told by DEFRA not to expect capital grants to help with the cost of erecting new slurry stores on farms hit by NVZ requirements.
NFUS Foot and Mouth Disease Update 18/09/07
With the crisis affecting Scotland’s livestock sector deepening by the day, NFU Scotland has set out the latest developments as discussions with the Scottish Government and vets continue.
Big Win in Spain for Drointon Holsteins 18/09/07
One of the biggest Holstein shows in Europe, XXX Concurso Regional De Raza Frisona De Asturias, took place in Spain on  the 18th and 19th August.
Risk of Increased Disease Transmission from Animals to Humans 18/09/07
Global animal food production is undergoing a major transformation that could lead to a higher risk of disease transmission from animals to humans, FAO warned this week.
How’s My Herd - Dairy Stress Management Service Launched 18/09/07
A unique herd stress management service to help UK producers pinpoint and eliminate some of their biggest day-to-day performance suppressors was unveiled by independent dairy specialists, Kingshay this week.
Welsh Bred Charolais Bull Sells for £15,000 in Private Deal 18/09/07
The 20 month old Charolais bull, Lowerffrydd Benhurr has been sold in a private deal for £15,000 to Welsh commercial suckled calf producer, Andrew Powell of Knighton, Powys.
Yorkshireman Sets New World Ploughing Record 18/09/07
Yorkshireman Simon Witty has won the reversible title at the 2007 World Ploughing Contest, and is the first ploughman ever to have won the world title four times in a row.
Demand Encourages More Woodland Free Range Egg Producers 17/09/07
Demand for Sainsbury’s exclusive Woodland Eggs range has led to more producers supplying the brand.
NFUS Proposes Options to Alleviate FMD Crisis 15/09/07
NFU Scotland is assisting the Scottish Government with options to address the immediate financial crisis facing Scotland’s livestock sector as a result of the foot and mouth outbreak.
Kuhn Farm Machinery at Tillage 2007 15/09/07
Kuhn Farm Machinery included two new cultivator/drill combinations and a versatile minimum tillage cultivator at the Tillage 2007 events.
Dairy Event Cancelled Due to FMD Outbreak 14/09/07
The Dairy Event, Europe’s premier business to business exhibition which was to be staged at Stoneleigh Park, Coventry on September 19 and 20 has been cancelled due to the foot and mouth outbreak.
Keeping Updated on Foot and Mouth News 14/09/07
The Scottish Government has set up a public foot and mouth disease text messaging service to help keep concerned parties up-to-date on Foot and Mouth disease developments.
Good Movement Discipline Essential for Best FMD Results 14/09/07
The National Beef Association has called on livestock farmers to maintain their good discipline following the latest FMD outbreak in Surrey, and work as well as they did over August to help Great Britain be rid of the virus in the shortest possible time.
Inaugural Thainstone Lleyn Sheep Sale 14/09/07
The inaugural Thainstone Lleyn sale was held on the 12th September. The sale attracted a steady commercial trade with a healthy contingent of local buyers.
ADAS Meetings Will Examine NVZ Proposals 14/09/07
ADAS is running a series of free events for farmers and their advisers on Fertiliser and Manure Management with particular reference to the new NVZ proposals.
FMD: Government Must Compensate Farmers 13/09/07
The Tenant Farmers Association has described the news of a fresh outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) in Surrey as heartbreaking.
Dairy Event to Go Ahead Without Cattle 13/09/07
The Dairy Event will continue to go a head next week, 19 and 20 September at Stoneleigh Park, Coventry, without cattle exhibits and livestock on stands.
Supermarket Summit Critical 13/09/07
NFU Scotland has described the meeting with supermarket bosses and the rest of the food supply chain today (Thursday), hosted by the First Minister, as critical for consumers and the food and farming industries.
Foot and Mouth Disease Returns to Surrey 12/09/07
Defra has confirmed that initial tests on cattle from a Surrey farm have indicated the presence of FMD.
Sheep Flock Back in Force at Skipton 11/09/07
A tremendous turnout of over 4,000 sheep ensured that post foot and mouth trading resumed on a high note at Skipton Auction Mart on Monday (Sept 10).
Milk Leaders Urge Producers to Strengthen Position 11/09/07
Dairy farmers are ideally placed to strengthen their position in the dairy supply chain according to a group representing UK producers, who were visiting Dumfries and Galloway last week.
British Pork - We'll Pay More Say Shoppers 11/09/07
British consumers have said 'yes' to digging a bit deeper into their pockets to help secure the future of quality British pork supplies according to a survey published today.
HRH The Princess Royal and Livestock at the Dairy Event 11/09/07
HRH The Princess Royal will be among the visitors to watch the cattle judging at the Dairy Event to be held at Stoneleigh Park, Coventry on Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 September by its organizers, the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers.
Records Fall as Craven Dairy Auctions Resume 11/09/07
It was “showtime” again at Skipton Auction Mart on Monday (Sept 10) when 34 dairy cattle returned to the ring to signal the longed for resumption of normal trading in the wake of foot and mouth.
Cotswold Analytical Services Transfers to NRM Laboratories 11/09/07
One of the UK’s leading ‘Agricultural’ laboratories, NRM Ltd, has completed an agreement to transfer the business of Cotswold Analytical Services to its analytical testing facilities in Berkshire.
Pedigrees to Take Centre Stage at Skipton 11/09/07
Texel sheep enthusiasts are making final preparations for one of their annual highlights, the 26th Northern Area Texel Sheep Breeders Association two-day show and sale of pedigree rams and females at Skipton Auction Mart, on Thursday and Friday, September 20 & 21.
Farmers Turn to Season’s New Problems Post FMD 11/09/07
The National Beef Association has welcomed Friday’s (September 7th) confirmation of the clearance of the remaining FMD movement controls and a return to normal management practice.
McCormick to Auction Final Doncaster-Built CX Tractor 11/09/07
McCormick is taking the unprecedented step of auctioning one of its most historically-significant tractors.
New Tomcat Range to Better Suit Small-Scale Rodent Control 11/09/07
Rural businesses carrying out small-scale rodent control can take advantage of a new range of Tomcat products launched this autumn.
Sale of the Kerbanks Herd of Pedigree Jersey Cattle 10/09/07
The complete dispersal of the famous Kerbanks Herd of Pedigree Jerseys was the first Pedigree Dairy sale to take place at Carlisle after the recent Foot and Mouth restrictions on Friday 7th September.
Haddo Neptune Flys High at Carlisle Texel Sheep Sale 10/09/07
Aberdeenshire breeder Willie Knox secured the leading price of 14,000 guineas at the Solway & Tyne Texel Breeders Club show and sale.
New Ritchey Hooftreat Plus to Alleviate Cattle Foot Problems 10/09/07
More than 70% of UK dairy herds are estimated to suffer from lameness, with digital dermatitis and secondary infections.
Schering-Plough Extends Nuflor Antibiotic Range 10/09/07
UK pig units with acute or chronic respiratory disease have a powerful new tool at their disposal as Schering-Plough build on the success of their injectable antibiotic Nuflor Swine.
Beefy and Lamby Back on the Screen 10/09/07
THOSE animated cricketing heroes Beefy and Lamby will be back on our TV screens hundreds of times during September in a new three-week campaign by the English Beef and Lamb Executive (EBLEX).
Further Boost to Farmers’ Milk Price 10/09/07
Two further farmgate price rises have been announced and welcomed this week by NFU Scotland.
Spray Nozzle for Farmers Helps Skiers Defy Friction 07/09/07
A novel spray nozzle originally designed to help farmers achieve better weed control by treating with a sloping spray from the side, rather than above, could also soon be helping top skiers via slopes of a different kind.
Tackle Sheep Scab with Well-Planned Autumn Approach 07/09/07
Correct diagnosis, appropriate chemical choice and timely treatment of sheep scab this season will save English flock managers significant amounts of time and money.
Lumbylaw Texel Flock Sells after 30 Years of Breeding 07/09/07
A sale on Saturday September 15th heralds the end of almost three decades of pedigree sheep breeding for Richard Oates.
NMR Buys UK Tag Company Nordic Star 07/09/07
Milk recording and dairy management company NMR has bought UK livestock eartag supply company Nordic Star following the retirement of founders Hans and Monica Ekerot.
Biofuel Demand Maintains Oilseed Rape Market 07/09/07
Global influences underpinned by demand for biofuel are set to maintain a firm oilseed rape market well into the foreseeable future, according to United Oilseeds.
Red Diesel Victory for Farmers 07/09/07
A Yorkshire farmer who was helping a neighbour with silage making has won a landmark victory against HM Customs and Excise over the right to use red diesel for the work.
Early Maturing Hampshire Downs Maximise Returns 05/09/07
Sheep producers need to step up their efficiency and market their lambs long before the end of the calendar year if they’re to maximise their overall returns, and avoid the impact of New Zealand imports.
Increase Your Black and White Profits! 05/09/07
On Monday evening the 17th September the Greatest consignment of Elite Black & White Holstein Friesian Bulls ever brought together on British soil will sell within the Borderway Sales Centre.
Field-to-Plate Cutting Down on Food Miles 05/09/07
Nicholsons Butchers in Whitley Bay continues to forge and cement pioneering field-to-plate partnerships with local farmers.
20-Day Standstill Set to be Lifted at Weekend 04/09/07
NFU Scotland has welcomed with relief the news that, subject to the completion of final blood testing of animals in Surrey, the 20-day standstill will be lifted from Sunday.
Welcome Return for Working Sheepdogs to Skipton 04/09/07
A well-bred two-year-old dog achieved top price of 2,300 guineas at Skipton Auction Mart’s summer sale of working sheepdogs.
Sustainability Target for Beef Expo 2008 04/09/07
Promoting sustainable systems of beef production to help beef farmers achieve long-term profitability will be the aim of next year’s national beef event, Beef Expo 2008.
FAO Sounds Alarm on Loss of Livestock Breeds 04/09/07
Calls for urgent action to better manage and use farm animal resources, safeguard world food supply.
Beef from the Dairy Herd at Dairy Event 2007 04/09/07
Beef will feature at the Dairy Event, Europe’s two day premier event to be staged at Stoneleigh Park, Coventry on Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 September.
Northwest Stabiliser Project Reschedules Kitcrag Open Day 04/09/07
The Northwest Stabiliser™ Project has rescheduled its open day at Kitcrag, Selside, Kendal for Saturday 22 September 1pm, following Defra’s announcement to relax movement restrictions outside the Surveillance Zone.
Livestock Present at Dairy Event 2007 03/09/07
The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF) has confirmed that livestock will be present at the 2007 Dairy Event, to be held on 19 and 20 September at Stoneleigh Park, Coventry.
New Landini Tractor Dealers in Wales 03/09/07
Three agricultural engineering firms in Wales have taken the first step towards expanding their businesses by signing up to a new Landini tractor franchise.
Urgent Rise in Farmers’ Prices Needed as Costs Rocket 03/09/07
Livestock farmers need an urgent lift in the prices they are paid if supermarkets are to have continued supplies of local food, according to NFU Scotland which is in urgent talks with the major retailers.
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