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Steiger and Magnum Reach Landmark Anniversaries 31/07/07
This autumn marks a convergence of major milestones in the development of Case IH tractors.
Beltex Sheep National Progeny Show 31/07/07
The second annual National Progeny Show for Beltex sheep built solidly on last year’s inaugural event and – with entries up 25%, a higher overall quality of sheep on show.
New Separation System for John Deere Combines 31/07/07
Increases in power, separation capacity and output, particularly in difficult crops and conditions, are the key features of John Deere’s combine harvester range for 2008.
Supply Chain Fails to Heed Warnings Over Milk Supplies 30/07/07
Retailers and processors have failed to heed NFU Scotland’s warnings that low farmgate prices will result in a drop in production and a loss of their supply of milk.
Grain Treatment Cuts Drying Costs and Boosts Feed Value 30/07/07
Farmers hampered by wet harvesting conditions can save drying costs and enhance feed value by treating their grain with Propcorn, advises Trouw Nutrition.
Beef Supply Shock On the Way - NBA 30/07/07
Government, consumers and retailers must get used to the idea that the days of over-cheap food are over, the National Beef Association has warned.
UK Beef Exports Hit £122 Million 30/07/07
BEEF worth more than £122 million was exported from the UK in the year up to the end of April with around 70 per cent of the total coming from England.
More Power, Fuel Economy for Case IH Steiger Tractors 30/07/07
For 2008, the Case IH Steiger line introduces five new models including four-wheel drive and Quadtrac configurations with up to 589 peak horsepower and enhanced fuel efficiency.
Biofuels = More Livestock Feed 30/07/07
The growth in the domestic biofuels industry could be a blessing in disguise for livestock production in the UK.
Defra to Increase Surveillance for Avian Influenza 27/07/07
Defra has asked wild bird reserves in the South East of England, East Anglia and Northamptonshire to undertake patrols for dead wild birds.
Countryside Live 2007 - A Feast of Fun 27/07/07
Fantastic food, fabulous fashions, friendly animals and a great day out for all the family are the hall marks of this year's Countryside Live.
Longtown Primestock Sale 26/07/07
The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 111 prime cattle, 5 young bulls, 17 OTM cattle, 4,651 prime lambs and 4,638 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 26th July, 2007.
Doncombe Blondes are ‘Most Improved’ Herd 26/07/07
The Doncombe herd of British Blonde cattle owned by David Knight and Sue Cavilla of Bristol, has been recognised by EBLEX (English Beef and Lamb Executive) and Farmers Guardian as the Most Improved Herd of British Blondes 2006/07.
Multi-Graze Fodder Crops Can Cut Costs 26/07/07
Summer and autumn feeding costs can be cut dramatically by adopting a multi-graze management strategy with selected fodder crops, says British Seed Houses.
Reducing the Impact of Increasing Pig Feed Costs 26/07/07
Red Meat Industry Forum (RMIF) and Agrosoft have launched a booklet to help pig producers reduce the impact of increasing feed costs.
Twyford Simmentals are ‘Most Improved’ Herd 26/07/07
The Twyford herd of Simmental cattle owned by Tony and Phillida Hurn of Calthorpe, Norfolk, has been recognised by EBLEX (English Beef and Lamb Executive) and Farmers Guardian as the Most Improved Herd of Simmentals 2006/07.
Tenant Farming Forum Leads Way for Tenanted Sector 26/07/07
Scotland’s Minister for the Environment, Michael Russell, yesterday launched the Tenant Farming Forum (TFF) website and Guide to Good Relations document.
New Venue for 2007 for Tockwith Show 26/07/07
Following the recent wet weather, the 2007 Tockwith Show on Saturday 4 August will be held at the Great Yorkshire Showground, Harrogate, rather than its own venue.
New Central Insecticide System™ for John Deere Planters 25/07/07
John Deere, in partnership with Syngenta Crop Protection, announces a new liquid Central Insecticide System to help growers control corn rootworm with more efficiency and reliability while planting corn.
Time to Debate Future of Scottish Wool Clip 25/07/07
NFU Scotland is highlighting the need to determine the best and most profitable future for the Scottish wool clip.
Set Aside – Why Scrapping It Makes Sense 25/07/07
The NFU has welcomed EU proposals for a temporary suspension of compulsory set-aside next year, in the light of tightening world food supplies and severe weather in Europe.
Semex AI-24 Heatime Could Transform Bovine Fertility Management 25/07/07
Semex UK has consolidated its position as one of the UK’s leading bovine genetics businesses by securing an exclusive distribution contract for one of the most advanced fertility detection systems in the world.
Better Testing Finds More TB in Cattle 25/07/07
The Badger Trust has welcomed the latest bovine TB statistics, which reveal that more TB testing is finding more TB-infected herds.
Environment Agency Should Rethink Priorities Over Flooding 24/07/07
The Environment Agency should harness the expertise of farmers and landowners to combat flooding, after years of focussing on the wrong targets according to the CLA.
EBLEX Shadow Sector Company Board Members Announced 24/07/07
The Board Members of the new Shadow Sector Company for English beef and lamb were announced today (24 July).
FAO Publishes Study on Marker-Assisted Selection 24/07/07
The biotechnology tool of marker-assisted selection (MAS) has raised high expectations for increasing genetic progress through breeding.
RABDF Calls for Milk Prices to Reflect Production Costs 24/07/07
The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers has called for farm-gate milk prices to more urgently reflect changes in production costs.
Beef Farmers Await Positive Price Signal 24/07/07
Hard pressed beef farmers are still waiting for a positive price signal from supermarkets and other influential buyers that will encourage them to stay in business.
Suffolk Sheep Society's Search to Cut Flock Labour Costs 23/07/07
A new research initiative has been launched by the UK’s leading native terminal sire Society, in its bid to drive down flock costs, it was announced at the Society’s premier sale, on Saturday 21st July in Edinburgh.
Tele-Handler and Tractor Loader Demonstration 23/07/07
A new practical demonstration incorporating tele-handlers and tractor loaders will be among the main activities featured at Dairy Event 2007.
Beef Import Record of Major UK Supermarkets Revealed 23/07/07
It is not often that supermarkets receive praise from farming organisations, but today the National Beef Association is singling out Morrison’s and Tesco for their on-shelf commitment to British beef.
Holstead Charolais Wins Most Improved Herd 23/07/07
The Holtstead herd of Charolais cattle owned by F & J Andrews of Holmfirth, has been recognised by EBLEX and Farmers Guardian as the Most Improved Herd of Charolais 2006/07.
FAO and WHO Urge Vigilance in Food Safety 20/07/07
FAO and the World Health Organization (WHO) are urging all countries to strengthen their food safety systems and to be far more vigilant with food producers and traders.
Mycotoxins Information Website Launched 20/07/07
A new, comprehensive mycotoxins information website,, produced in conjunction with Alltech was launched on July 16, 2007.
Longtown Primestock Sale 19/07/07
The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 83 prime cattle, 18 young bulls, 15 OTM cattle, 2,920 prime lambs and 5,195 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 19th July, 2007.
Farmers' Food for Thought at Energy Event
19/07/07 NFU Scotland’s energy event gave local farmers a good deal to think about as they considered on-farm energy production with experts from the field.
MP Raises Concerns Over Growing Rate of Bovine TB 18/07/07
Shrewsbury & Atcham MP Daniel Kawczynski, and chair of the All Party Parliamentary Dairy Group will this week announce plans for the All Party Group to asses the difficulties faced by farmers over Bovine Tuberculosis.
Pressure on Brazil’s Beef Export Compliance Beginning to Tell 18/07/07
The NBA has welcomed the EU health commissioner’s end of year deadline to the Brazilian authorities to correct deficiencies in the delivery of beef onto the EU market.
John Deere Announce New 5003 Series Tractor Line-Up 18/07/07
For US customers looking for economical horsepower in a durable, compact package, John Deere introduces a new line of 5003 Series Tractors, ranging in horsepower from 45- to 74-engine hp.
Crop Prospects Mixed as 28 Countries Face Food Shortages 18/07/07
An anticipated slowdown in growth of cereal production, coupled with high international prices, could result in a tighter food supply situation for some countries in the coming year.
Honours Even at Inaugural All-Ireland Limousin Derby 17/07/07Castlewellan Show on Saturday 14th July 2007 saw the Northern Ireland Limousin Cattle Club and the Irish Limousin Society join together to stage a unique event.
Show Livestock Farmers Commitment Says NFU 17/07/07
The livestock industry needs commitment from retailers - not kind words - to secure the immediate future of beef and lamb producers says the NFU.
NFU Welcomes Use of Set-Aside Land for Grazing 17/07/07
The NFU has welcomed the decision by the Rural Payments Agency to allow set-aside land to be used for grazing in a bid to help alleviate some of the problems caused by the recent flooding.
Supermarket Opportunity to Lift Price of Beef 17/07/07
Rising grain and fresh milk prices are gifting the major supermarkets with a long awaited opportunity to lift the value of retail beef.
The Crop Packaging Association has a winner! 17/07/07
Martin Brookes was the lucky winner of a full pallet of TamaNet Edge to Edge Pro-Tec 3600 netwrap, as the successful entrant in the Crop Packaging Association’s annual free prize draw.
Boom in Woodlarks Prompts Return to Farmland 17/07/07
Woodlarks are returning to breed on England’s farmland in greater numbers than at any time in the last 40 years.
Farm Health Planning at the Dairy Event 2007 16/07/07
Farm Health Planning, a major new exhibition specifically designed to encourage farmers to introduce proactive measures to help manage herd disease and improve their livestock’s overall performance will feature at Dairy Event 2007.
Chicory Offers Potential Grazing Sward Value 16/07/07
Perennial chicory could have a valuable role to play in improving the grazing performance of English beef cattle and lamb.
Suzuka Winter Feed Barley Variety Launched 16/07/07
A new winter feed barley variety aimed squarely at farmers who are looking for an easy-to-grow option which combines robust yields with high grain quality is being launched by New Farm Crops.
SAC Rolls Out Latest Potato Research Results
Three Potatoes in Partnership open days, due to be held in July will provide an opportunity for growers and others in the industry to hear about the latest developments in a 5-year Scottish Executive commissioned research programme on potato breeding and potato pathology.
Great Yorkshire Show Beats the Odds to Record Another Great Year 13/07/07
Organisers of the 2007 Great Yorkshire Show are delighted to have staged another hugely successful event, in spite of the wettest June making the efficient build up a major challenge.
Case IH Harvester Set to Transform Cotton Industry 13/07/07
The world's first commercially available module-building cotton harvester rolled off the manufacturing line this week.
Stotfold Pig Unit Closes 13/07/07
The British pig industry owes a huge debt of gratitude to its centre of research and development at Stotfold.
Longtown Primestock Sale 12/07/07
The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 96 prime cattle, 12 young bulls, 29 OTM cattle, 2,524 prime lambs and 4,553 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 12th July, 2007.
Claas Xerion Tractor Passes Endurance Test 12/07/07
The first XERION 3300 SADDLE TRAC mastered more than 10,000 hours of test operation.
Cross Compliance Standard Suspended to Help Flood Affected Farmers 11/07/07
Environment Secretary Hilary Benn has suspended a cross compliance standard to enable farmers to use mechanical equipment and vehicles on waterlogged soil and access their crops.
S4C's Coverage of the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show 11/07/07
S4C plans to broadcast over 100 hours of the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show this year, featuring the cattle classes and activities organised by Wales YFC.
A Green Revolution Has Begun 10/07/07
Huge opportunities await the farmer who joins the challenge to meet the targets to produce heat and power from renewable sources by 2020.
Dairy Farmers Should Benefit From Better World Milk Prices 10/07/07
The Tenant Farmers Association has called on all dairy companies to share the benefits of improved milk prices with their suppliers.
Archbishop Calls for Donations to Support Flooded Farmers 10/07/07
The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, has joined the Prince of Wales in supporting an appeal fund for farmers hit by recent floods.
CLA Stands Firm on Animal Health and Welfare Responsibility 10/07/07
The CLA was encouraged by Jeff Rooker's comments at the Royal Show last week where he said it was necessary to share both costs and responsibility .
Are Beef Importers Putting Pressure on UK Prices? 10/07/07
Supermarket chiefs, burger manufacturers and catering chains must ask themselves whether their attitude to imports is fundamentally damaging the structure of the UK beef industry.
Border Crop and Grassland Management Competition 2007 10/07/07
Dodging the heavy showers which unfortunately have become the norm lately did not dampen the judges' enthusiasm for the quality of farming in both livestock and arable classes.
EBLEX Beefs Up Eating Quality 09/07/07
Bos indicus genetics (‘zebu genes’) have now been excluded from the English Beef and Lamb Executive (EBLEX) Quality Standard beef scheme.
David Black Award Seeks Super Pig Man (or Woman) 09/07/07
The annual search is under way for somebody whose commitment to the British pig industry needs to be recognised and honoured by their peers.
Dairy Event Exhibitors’ Overseas Guests Funding Package 09/07/07
Dairy Event exhibitors have been offered a funding package designed to help them expand their export business.
Hilary Benn Unveils Campaign to Inspire Climate Action 09/07/07
People inspired to act on climate change by events like Live Earth now have help available to identify the steps they can take to make a difference, Environment Secretary Hilary Benn said today.
Annual Breeding Gains Valued at Nearly £7 Million 09/07/07
Selective breeding through performance recording may be worth nearly £7 million to the English beef and lamb industries every year.
Brightly Coloured Birds Most Affected by Chernobyl Radiation 06/07/07
Brightly coloured birds are among the species most adversely affected by the high levels of radiation around the Chernobyl nuclear plant, ecologists have discovered.
Lleyn Sheep Set to Soar to New Heights 06/07/07
Few breeds have made more of an impact on the sheep industry in recent years than the Lleyn.
Longtown Primestock Sale 05/07/07
The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 92 Prime cattle, 7 Young bulls, 17 OTM cattle, 2,956 Prime lambs, 335 hoggs and 4,294 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 5th July, 2007.
Great Yorkshire Show - Traffic and Travel Latest 05/07/07
Organisers of the Great Yorkshire Show are urging visitors and
exhibitors to consider alternatives to driving to the event next week. Wet Early Summer Fuels Fly Problem 04/07/07
The June and early July rains look set to fuel a fly explosion in many regions of the country. With conditions so wet and warm, fly breeding grounds have been plentiful and farmers need to prepare for an onslaught on their livestock.
Serbia to Reopen Beef Trade? 04/07/07
A bid to get trade in British beef, breeding cattle and genetics restarted took a step forward when the head of Serbia’s Veterinary Directorate viewed a herd of Buckinghamshire cattle and paid a visit to the Royal Show this week.
EBLEX Boosts English Beef in Cyprus 04/07/07
MORE than 60 members of the Cypriot meat industry met English exporters and a group from the English Beef and Lamb Executive (EBLEX) at a special reception in the Island’s capital Nicosia.
Royal Stamp of Approval for BCPC 04/07/07
Alton-based publisher British Crop Production Council (BCPC) was delighted with the reception its latest educational books received from two royal visitors to its stand at this week's Royal Show in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire.
Catons Clinch Skipton Prime Lambs Championship 04/07/07
North Craven prime lambs took championship honours at a well supported and high quality July show at Skipton Auction Mart, (Mon, July 2) which saw recent improved trading levels maintained.
QBOX Improving Pig Producer Profitability 04/07/07
With the addition of qbox to Red Meat Industry Forum's benchmarking system and BPEX's run British Pig Health Scheme, producers can now access via the web all the tools they need to help create a successful business.
Widespread Interest in Borderway’s First Winter Agri-Event 04/07/07
Plans for Cumbria and the north west’s first big agri-event this November at Borderway, Carlisle are well under way and the all-industry show is attracting widespread interest from livestock and trade stand exhibitors as well as sponsors.
Royal Show Abandoned due to Rain 03/07/07
The Royal Show at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire is to finish a day early but organisers are to continue to run the horse event to make sure Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) qualifying rounds can be completed.
First Rural Hubs event at Barbers Livestock Auction 03/07/07
A free of charge workshop was held at Barbers Livestock Auction with 14 farmers taking advantage of the specialist computer advisers on hand to help them get on top of the paperwork surrounding the Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZ) legislation and Cross Compliance.
AGCO Confident in Laverda 03/07/07
The investment being made by AGCO Corporation to form a 50:50 joint venture with ARGO SpA for the production of combine harvesters, has been welcomed by ARGO’s president Valerio Morra as a vote of confidence in the competence of the Laverda business.
Calf Rearing Opportunities for Younger Farmers 03/07/07
Younger farmers, looking for a business start in the livestock sector, could use specialist beef calf rearing as a springboard for their ambitions, the National Beef Association has suggested.
Impact of Climate Change on UK Livestock 03/07/07
Climate change may have an impact on where livestock are located, and how they are housed, transported and cared for.
Dairy Industry Urged to Use Rising Prices for Sustainable Future 03/07/07
The dairy industry was yesterday urged by four of its leaders to use rising milk prices wisely to lay down sustainable and profitable foundations for the future.
Natural England searches for England's most innovative farmers 03/07/07
Natural England launched its 'Future of Farming Awards' scheme at the Royal Show on 2 July. The new scheme will celebrate environmental excellence and innovation in farming.
MPs’ Dairy Group Welcomes Further Milk Price Success 02/07/07
Supermarket giant Sainsbury’s is increasing the price it pays to farmers for their milk for the second time this year.
Virtual Cattle from EBLEX 02/07/07
A new computer program will aid beef farmers choose animals for slaughter.
Young people wanted for A Life On The Land
Wanted – dynamic, enthusiastic young people for ‘a life on the land’.

TFA Looking for Change from Brown and Benn 01/07/07
The Tenant Farmers Association has urged Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his new Secretary of State for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, Hilary Benn MP to re-engage with the farming community.
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