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Cattle Industry Joins Forces Against Johnes' 31/01/05
The National Beef Association has joined with dairy farmers, academic institutes, pharmaceutical companies, and vets to launch an industry driven attack against Johnes' disease.
Faster finishing vital for steers without BSP 29/01/05
In the absence of Beef Special Premium, English beef producers must consider finishing their steers faster at a younger age to maximise returns while minimising costs, advises the English Beef and Lamb Executive (EBLEX) following the most extensive national beef carcase study ever undertaken.
Prepare for Cohort Culling with OTM Rule Change 29/01/05
English beef and dairy herds will need to be prepared for their first taste of cohort culling from next month as part of the planned Over Thirty Month rule change allowing animals born after July 1996 to enter the food chain, warns the English Beef and Lamb Executive (EBLEX).

New Norstein Crossbreed Presents Solution to UK Dairy Farmers 28/01/05
UK producers were this week presented with a solution to one of the biggest challenges facing UK dairy farmers today - how to achieve optimum health and fertility traits and optimum yield on a sustainable and long-term basis.
Beef Improvement Group conference - Stabiliser and CAP 28/01/05
Almost 300 delegates, including farmers and other representatives of the beef industry, attended a one-day conference at Askham Bryan College, near York, on Thursday (Jan 27) looking at beef production under the new Single Farm Payment Scheme.
Countryside Agency's Vision reveals Government's plans for your property 27/01/05
The CLA has greeted the publication of the Countryside Agency vision "the Countryside in and around Town" with surprise.
Alchemy Winter Wheat Launched A Year Early 27/01/05
Plant breeding company Nickerson have decided to launch their new winter wheat variety Alchemy a year early, with limited supplies available through all distributors for sowing this autumn.
Sprayer Testing And Crop Plan Priorities Highlighted 25/01/05
With the deadline to meet the latest Voluntary Initiative (VI) targets approaching, NFUS is reminding its arable members to produce or update their Crop Protection Management Plans, register with the National Register of Sprayer Operators (NRoSO) and ensure their sprayers have been tested in the last 12 months.
NBA and Pedigree Breeders Embark on Beef Quality Development Project 24/01/05
The National Beef Association has formed a partnership with the Roslin Institute in Scotland and five cattle breeds to use new genetic tests to identify bulls that will produce calves with tender beef and more marbling.
NBA attacks one-sided TB controls 25/01/05
The annual culling tally for TB infected animals in Great Britain reads: Cattle: 23,000 - Badgers outside control trial areas: Nil, even though thousands of badgers are themselves dying horribly from the disease, the National Beef Association reported today.
Beef producers urged to set a price line 24/01/05
Finishers in England who are giving up their slaughter cattle for less money than those on offer in the Republic of Ireland (ROI) are being urged by the National Beef Association to stiffen their sinews and not let their animals be discounted so harshly.
Dairy farmer labour: the true costs - RABDF study findings 24/01/05
RABDF is urging all dairy producers to include from now on the value of family labour in their farm accounts in order to calculate and standardize the true cost of milk production. A detailed study conducted by the Association concluded that family labour costs 3.81p per litre.
DEFRA'S Dairy Reform Challenged By Euro Barrister 24/01/05
Defra’s recently introduced dairy reform has been brought in both unfairly and illegally with regard to the effect that it will have on English dairy farmers, according to a leading Euro barrister’s Opinion.
Yield drop, but IOM herd stays at top 24/01/05
Results just published in NMR’s Annual Production Report for the year ending September 2004 show Andrew and Sue Sanders’ Holstein herd in top place for the second year running
Yorkshire Agricultural SocietyNew Plans for Great Yorkshire Showground 23/01/05
Exciting new plans estimated at costing £10 million are aimed at putting the Great Yorkshire Showground at the heart of agriculture in the North of England and boosting the region’s economy have been unveiled by the Yorkshire Agricultural Society.
Right To Roam Myths - CLA Puts The Record Straight 20/01/05
As people in the Upper North West of England prepare for the implementation of open access in May, the CLA has expressed concerns about perceptions of rights allowed under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000. Despite much publicity, the CLA says that a number of issues are causing confusion.

black grouseSheep 'Move Out' to Help Rare Bird Habitat 18/01/05
The habitat regeneration of rare local birds such as the black grouse and curlew is set to accelerate when the numbers of sheep grazing on West Allenheads and Killhope Moors are reduced.
Pressure Mounts For Milk Price Rise 18/01/05
NFU Scotland has written to all the major supermarkets, milk processors and co-operatives as pressure mounts for recognition of the increased costs dairy farmers have faced over the last two years.
Campaign Will Aim To Put National Food Security On The UK Election Agenda 18/01/05
A drive to encourage candidates of all parties to take food security seriously in the run up to the next election is being mounted by the Commercial Farmers Group, a think tank of farmers, academics, and agricultural business operators.
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Jennifer MacKenzie
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