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Stackyard News Sep 07

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Good Movement Discipline Essential for Best FMD Results

The National Beef Association has called on livestock farmers to maintain their good discipline following Wednesday’s (September 12th) FMD outbreak in Surrey and work as well as they did over August to help Great Britain be rid of the virus in the shortest possible time.


“We moved through the full movement restriction range in just five weeks last time, which was the best we could possibly have hoped for within rules laid down by the European Union, and we must all do our best to limit the damage and increase our chances of securing the earliest possible release again,” said NBA chairman, Duff Burrell.

“So far just one farm is affected and the first job for farmers and government is to discover exactly where the virus, which has a 15 day incubation period, is and where it might have been taken too.”

“The unexpected confirmation of a new outbreak is very bad news for everyone but if movement restrictions are obeyed to the letter, and the disease is contained, the considerable cost it imposes on the industry can be minimised.”

“Contact tracing from the seat of the new outbreak is already underway and as long inter-farm movement discipline prevails, and this dreadful virus is not carried further, we all have a chance of moving back to normal trading conditions more quickly than would be case if unnecessary and silly risks were taken.”

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