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New Milling Wheat Leader Joins HGCA Recommended List 30/11/06
Seizing the UK’s milling wheat yield crown on the 2007/8 HGCA Recommended List published this week (Thursday November 30) is new variety, Battalion.

New High Output OSR Ideal for Intensive English Regimes 30/11/06
English oilseed rape growers will be able to take a step forward in maximising output in ever-shorter rotations in the coming season with the official recommendation of a new high output variety boasting best-ever disease resistance ratings.
Livestock a major threat to environment 30/11/06
Which causes more greenhouse gas emissions, rearing cattle or driving cars?
SEERAD To Take Forward Industry Sheep Scab Initiative 30/11/06
For three years, the NFUS-inspired Scottish Sheep Scab Initiative has worked to raise awareness of the threat posed by scab and encourage farmers to confront the problem and treat it.
Export Boom For Aberdeen-Angus 30/11/06
The order book is full for Aberdeen-Angus cattle for export to the Continent following a breed promotion by the Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society at three major European shows.
Don't Compromise On Gammon Quality At Xmas 29/11/06
FEARS are growing low welfare pig meat could be pouring into the country from abroad to meet the Christmas demand.
Belgian Blue youngster awarded Skipton calves title 29/11/06
Local farmer Andrew Ayrton's six-week-old Belgian Blue heifer calf took supreme championship honours.
Kuhn Upgrades Multi-Purpose Shredder Range 29/11/06
Kuhn Farm Machinery has upgraded its range of multi-purpose shredders with the introduction of the versatile and high work rate BPR range.
Scottish Charolais breeder elected world president 29/11/06
Scottish Charolais breeder, Murray Lyle is the new president of Charolais International, an umbrella body comprising more than 20 affiliated countries, designed to facilitate information transfer and further develop genetic progress.
John Deere 8530 named “Tractor of the year” 29/11/06
John Deere’s 8530 330hp tractor has been chosen from seven finalists as the 2007 ‘Tractor of the Year’ at the EIMA trade fair in Bologna, Italy.
Defra publishes its vision for the future of animal welfare 28/11/06
A strategy for improving animal welfare in England by building new relationships between Government and its key partners, is published for consultation today.
New Crop Opportunities goes live 28/11/06
New Crop Opportunities, the unique, electronic farm management aid, developed by BCPC and pre-launched at Cereals 2006 by Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Rt Hon James Paice MP, is now live on-line.
60% of dairy producers unaware of production costs 28/11/06
More than 60% of dairy producers do not know their cost of milk production according to the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers’ annual independent survey.
Charolais bid to 22,000gns in Carlisle 27/11/06
Charolais bulls sold to a top of 22,000gns in Carlisle on Friday 24 November, a record figure for the breed society’s official autumn fixture at the centre.
NBA not dead in Scotland 27/11/06
Longstanding reports of the National Beef Association’s imminent death in Scotland have been greatly exaggerated because it is stronger now than it was before its former Scottish Council was dissolved en-bloc in May.
Food Security Worries Will Benefit Welsh Farmers 27/11/06
Oil price rises and the growth in world grain consumption are likely to herald a new era in which the farmer, his skills, and his land, are in demand.
Crucial Derogations Secured On Animal Transport 27/11/06
Discussions between NFUS, other industry bodies and the Scottish Executive have paid off with confirmation from Rural Development Minister Ross Finnie that he will take advantage of hugely important derogations for vehicles transporting animals.
CLA Questions Whether It's Worth Applying for Tir Gofal 27/11/06
CLA Wales says the present structure of the Tir Gofal scheme means many landowners and farmers will question the value of joining the scheme.
Scour Solution for Calves Without Growth Setback 27/11/06
Thanks to a new product from specialist animal nutrition company SCA NuTec, calves can be successfully treated for scours and other digestive upsets without incurring setbacks in growth rates.
Hampshire Down Ideal for the Future 26/11/06
The Hampshire Down has real potential as a terminal sire for commercial sheep producers based in the north, according to Janice Baker, of Hazlett House Farm, Waterhouses, Durham.
Carlisle Vet Elected President of BCVA 26/11/06
Carlisle vet Graham Brooks has been elected president of the British Cattle Veterinary Association.
Improved Lamb Milks From Trouw Nutrition 26/11/06
An enhanced nutritional package and improved mixing characteristics are the key benefits for flockmasters from the newly formulated Trouw Nutrition Milkivit Denkamilk lamb milks for the 2007 lambing season.
New John Deere loaders for 2007 26/11/06
John Deere’s front loader range has been completely updated for 2007 with the introduction of seven new 3 Series models, featuring lift heights up to 4.2m and lift capacities up to 2.2 tonnes.
Wales Flies the Slow Food Flag 24/11/06
A delegation of artisan Welsh food producers and chefs have returned inspired from an international food event in Italy. 
Real Cost Of Cattle And Sheep Production Revealed 24/11/06
The true cost of producing beef cattle and sheep on English farms was revealed today (Friday) in new costings data published by the English Beef and Lamb Executive (EBLEX).
Decoupling Debate on Beef Industry Survival 24/11/06
The new method of reporting English beef cattle production costs launched today (November 24th) by EBLEX is certain to revive the debate on the best way for the beef industry to survive decoupling.
Beef and Lamb Sales Buoyant at Home and Abroad 23/11/06
Beef and Lamb sales showed significant rises both at home and abroad in the first nine months of 2006.
NFU Scotland Welcomes New Lamb Pricing Practice 23/11/06
NFU Scotland has welcomed Defra’s decision, in agreement with meat wholesalers, to stop the long-standing practice of rounding down lamb carcass weights to the nearest 0.5 kg.
Milk Committee Points Way Ahead For Industry 23/11/06
A combination of equitable pricing and a new strategy to grasp market opportunities will provide a future for Scotland’s dairy industry, according to NFU Scotland’s Milk Committee.
Pneumonia Lung Damage Can Reduce Cattle Growth Rates 23/11/06
As the winter disease season approaches, vets are warning cattle producers that pneumonia-induced lung damage can severely compromise animal performance with the potential to reduce growth rates by up to 295g per day.
Time For Young Achievers To Be Rewarded! 21/11/06
NFU Scotland is encouraging young people making a special impact within rural industries to enter its annual Young Achiever Excellence Award which is sponsored by NFU Mutual.
Championship Hat-Trick at Christmas Craven Dairy Auction 21/11/06
With 68 cattle forward, four trophies and £750 in sponsors’ prize money to be won, coupled with a packed and eager ringside, there was “bags” of interest in the Christmas Craven Dairy Auction at Skipton Auction Mart.
Horticulturalist is Best BASIS Candidate 2006 21/11/06
For the first time in its six year history a horticulturalist has been awarded the coveted Barrie Orme Shield.
Quaish Pedigree Limousin Heifer Wins National Primestock Title 21/11/06
The pedigree Limousin heifer, Quaish Abfab, from Somerset breeder Nick Hill, beat off strong crossbred competition to lift the 2006 National Primestock Show title at Bingley Hall on Saturday 18th November. 
Pig Website is World's First 21/11/06
The three key elements to track and improve the profitability of a pig enterprise have been brought together on a unique new web-based service - the first of its type in the world.
Excessive post-slaughter deductions for processing commercial OTM cattle 20/11/06
The National Beef Association has reported that some abattoirs are deducting £7-8 per head for handling commercial Over Thirty Month cattle while the majority are making no deductions at all.
McCormick new man supports retail dealers in Scotland 20/10/06
A good harvest with the real bonus for Scottish growers of minimal drying costs is adding to an optimistic mood among farmers and contractors that could be translated into increased sales of farm tractors this autumn.
Aberglasney Gardens Welsh Oranges Make Heavenly Ice Cream 20/11/06
Aberglasney Gardens is providing home grown oranges to a Llandeilo based bespoke ice cream maker. It's thought to be the first time that Welsh oranges have been used in ice cream!
Buyers Stampede for British Livestock at Eurotier 17/11/06
Thousands of British cattle and pigs will be on their way to Russia as the result of orders placed at the giant Eurotier Show in Hanover, Germany this week.
Demand Prompts Mart Firm's New Equine Sales Calendar 17/11/06
Following on from the success of its horse and pony sales this year, including Borderway’s first Shetland pony sale, Harrison & Hetherington has drawn up a specialist calendar of fixtures for 2007.
Hidden Cost of Family Labour on Farm 17/11/06
ON a family farm, everybody chips in and helps when there’s work to be done. But just how much is that labour worth?
New biofuel venture good for environment and farming says NFU 17/11/06
Plans to open a new bioethanol plant in Teesside in 2008 are good news for farmers, UK energy supplies and the environment, says the NFU.
Defra Report Highlights Progress on Non-Food Crops 16/11/06
Significant progress in the way the UK produces and uses bioenergy and renewable materials is highlighted in a report, published today by Defra and DTI.
Climate Change Bill – farming can deliver 16/11/06
The introduction of a Climate Change Bill in the Queen's Speech has been hailed as a great opportunity for UK agriculture to help deliver a more sustainable UK society and economy.
Farmer-Friendly Training Scheme 16/11/06
The Oxford Dictionary defines skill as: practised ability, dexterity, tact, all of which are vital attributes for staff on a modern pig farm.
Tyrone Limousin Breeders take honours at Dungannon 15/11/06
The British Limousin Cattle Society’s Autumn Sale at Dungannon Farmers Mart on Saturday 11th November saw a healthy top price of 6500gns paid for Rahoney Albert.
Heavy-weight win for NFU livestock board 15/11/06
As part of the livestock board’s on-going commitment to improving the terms and conditions of trade for the red meat sector, the NFU has scored a big win after Defra agreed to stop the traditional practice of ‘rounding down’ when weighing carcasses.
Limousin Bulls Reach 4700gns at Brecon 15/11/06
Leading mid-Wales Limousin breeder Michael Gray topped the British Limousin Cattle Society’s show and sale at Brecon at 4700gns on Saturday 11th November 2006.
Harbro Boost Sales Team as New Feed Mill Comes On Stream 15/11/06
Harbro aims to capture a larger share of the market as the company’s new state-of-the-art feed mill at Birkhill, Lesmahagow, comes on stream.

NI Charolais Breeder to Judge Carlisle bulls 15/11/06
County Fermanagh Charolais enthusiast, Stuart Bothwell will face the challenge of judging a line up of 80 bulls in Carlisle, on Thursday 23 November.
Kuhn Makes Innovative Entry To Manure Spreader Market 14/11/06
An innovative and patented twin-auger design is key to the versatility and high output capacity of Kuhn Farm Machinery’s new Pro-Twin Slinger side exit manure spreader.
Free Nutrient Management Workshops for Farmers 14/11/06
Farmers and their advisers in England can make sure they are up to speed with the nutrient planning software PLANET by attending one of the free PLANET Workshops being organised by ADAS.
Consumers, Climate and Challenge 14/11/06
Challenges facing the meat industry, including climate change, emerging consumer trends and changes in EU regulations, will be highlighted at the 2007 Meat and Livestock Commission (MLC) Outlook conference.
Young Farmers Get "The Knowledge" 13/11/06
A new booklet aimed at helping Young Farmers judge livestock competitions has been launched by EBLEX.
Must Be Return Ticket for Parish TB Testing Status 13/11/06
The National Beef Association has asked Defra to set up a system that allows farms in parishes caught up with 1-2 year TB testing to return to 3-4 year testing status if low TB levels confirm 1-2 year testing is no longer justified.
Welshpool Charolais in strong demand peaking at 4,100gns 13/11/06
Charolais bulls met a strong demand throughout, selling to a top of 4,100gns in Welshpool and achieving 80% clearance,at the breed society’s official autumn show and sale.
Good British Breeding Shows Through! 13/11/06
BRITISH breeding stock has been going down a storm at central Europe's biggest food and farming show in Romania.
Check costs before opting for used milking parlour
DAIRY farmers could actually end up spending the same or more than the cost of a brand new parlour if they don’t do cost comparisons fully.
New CLAAS AXION tractor rolls onto Europe’s fields
The new AXION tractor series from CLAAS offers between 163 and 225 hp rated power output.
Beef and Lamb Prices Rise as Exports Boom 09/11/06
RISING foreign demand for beef and lamb has resulted in higher livestock prices at home according to the latest Market Outlooks from MLC Economics.
Genetic 'Noah's Ark' strategy launched for the country's farm animals 09/11/06
A plan to conserve the genetic material of the country's farmed animals was launched this week.
Bon Lea Bonanza at Skipton Aberdeen-Angus Calf Show 09/11/06
With a powerful line-up of progeny from prolific sire Hurdcott Estimator, the Bon Lea Angus herd landed two of the four big championship classes at the annual North of England Aberdeen-Angus Calf Show at Skipton Auction Mart.
Williamsgill Pedigree Suffolk Flock Open Day 08/11/06
Mother and daughter Glynis and Jane Soulsby are celebrating having the top pedigree Suffolk flock in the north of England with an on-farm open day at Williamsgill, Temple Sowerby, near Penrith.
Tremendous Trade For Limousin Weaned Calves 08/11/06
Strong demand for Limousin youngstock underpinned a buoyant trade at the Annual Limousin Weaned Calf Sale held at Carlisle.
Crosemanor Suffolk Sheep Under Gavel 08/11/06
A rare opportunity to buy into one of the oldest and most successful pedigree Suffolk flocks in the country is in the offing.
Limousin Red Ladies Derby Hits 8,000gns 07/11/06
The Red Ladies Derby saw the demand for quality Limousin females continue with the keen interest resulting in a high clearance rate and strong averages for all classes of females.
Dungannon Charolais peak at 8,400gns 07/11/06
Charolais met a flying trade at the NI Charolais Club’s official autumn show and sale in Dungannon, on Friday 3 November with bulls peaking at 8,400gns and females selling to 8,000gns.
Young breeder scoops Suffolk sheep top accolade 07/11/06
A schoolboy’s dream recently became reality when he won the Suffolk Sheep Society National flock championship, the Bristol Gold Cup.
NSA North Sheep 2007 announces sponsor 07/11/06
NSA North Sheep 2007, the National Sheep Association northern region’s biennial one day event has announced its major sponsor, George F. White, the North East-based rural property specialist.
Landini expands field team 07/11/06
Helping agricultural machinery retailers give their customers effective after-sales service and good advice on product choice will be the focus of three new members of an expanded Landini tractor team in Britain.
Free Sward Sticks On Stackyard 07/11/06
Abundant grass growth throughout a relatively mild early autumn will have been welcomed by farms short of forage, but the key issue over the winter months is to manage sward cover carefully to ensure optimum yields and quality at turnout.
Whitebred Shorthorn Autumn Show & Sale 03/11/06
On Friday 3rd November 2006, The Whitebred Shorthorn Association held their annual autumn sale of Whitebred Shorthorn Cattle at Borderway Mart, Carlisle, with a small select entry of 5 bulls and 1 female forward.
Best Selling Crop Spraying Books Now Even Better 03/11/06
BCPC (British Crop Production Council) has revised and fully updated its best selling sprayer operator books.
New NMR Simple Hassle-Free Disease Screening Service 03/11/06
NMR has introduced a national disease testing service, Healthcheck, for IBR, BVD and Leptospirosis using bulk milk samples.
David Black Award Winner has Upbeat View of Pig Industry 02/11/06
Supermarkets are not necessarily the ogres they are always painted says this year’s David Black Award winner Philip Richardson.
Royal Boost For British Beef 02/11/06
TOP restaurateurs, meat buyers and supermarket heads from the seven major markets for British beef across Europe will be guests at a special dinner on Monday (Nov 6) at Clarence House hosted by The Prince of Wales.
Farmers Can Help Fight Climate Change Says Union 02/11/06
The recently published Stern Report has highlighted the fact that climate change raises a number of challenges for every industry, not least the farming industry.
The 24th Northern Expo Holstein Show 02/11/06
Harrison & Hetherington’s Borderway Mart was the venue for the 24th Northern Expo Holstein Show which, without a doubt, maintained its reputation as being one of the top Holstein shows in the UK.
Pedigree Boost for British Lamb 01/11/06
SPECIALIST producer Richard Vaughan has thrown his weight behind moves to boost British meat exports.
Otley Mart Painting Worth the Wait 01/11/06
The paint has finally dried on a canvas by Dales artist Diana Rosemary Lodge of former Wharfedale Farmers Auction Mart manager Ben Atkinson – five years after it was first commissioned.
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