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At Last! Full Farm Payments Promise By RPA 31/01/06
The Government, acting on advice from the RPA, have promised to get full payments out to the bulk of farmers and land managers by the end of March 2006.

Full CAP payments to farmers will begin in February 31/01/06
English farmers will start receiving full payments in February under the Single Payment Scheme, Farming Minister Lord Bach confirmed today.
Beef and Lamb Imports Drop 30/01/06
IMPORTS of both beef and lamb showed a marked drop last year as home production showed a sharp increase - of up to 18 per cent in the case of beef.
€23 Million Project to Harness Animal Genetics 30/01/06
More than 30 leading animal breeding research groups and businesses are joining forces to develop more economically and environmentally sustainable production systems for cattle, pigs and chickens.
BPEX Challenge To Pig Industry 30/01/06
THE gauntlet has been thrown down to the British pig industry to make real improvements in productivity and in turn improve cost pf production.
Flocks Must Abide by New Identification Rules 28/01/06
English sheep producers that do not conform to the new EU rules for animal identification and movement recording risk the penalty of having stock excluded from the food chain as well as losing subsidy payments.
EBLEX Targets French Meat Lovers 28/01/06
EBLEX will have a stand at a giant Paris food and agriculture show to attract new customers.
New Cumbrian County Chairman For NFU 28/01/06
THE NFU in Cumbria has a new entrepreneurial county chairman who is determined to see the industry he loves revolutionised.
Steele Addison 27/01/06
Countryman, conservationist, farmer, local politician are only a few of the words which sum up the work and life of Steele Addison who died on Saturday (January 21), aged 74.
Making Kids Part Of The Landscape Of Our Countryside 27/01/06
Giving young people access to outdoor educational opportunities helps them to experience and understand the sense of freedom, inspiration and enjoyment the countryside brings.
Four Compete In Young Achiever Excellence Award Final 26/01/06
The NFU Scotland Young Achiever Award, which is sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland, was established six years ago.
The Return of Over Thirty Month Cattle to the Beef Market 26/01/06
The industry is now facing a critical period as the OTMS ended on 22 January and all cows born after July 1996 must be sold into the food chain.
No Benefit To Farmers Of Increased Retail Milk Price Rise 26/01/06
Farmers are yet again witnessing consumers being asked to pay more for their milk but seeing no benefit at the farmgate.
McCormick joins select ‘top four’ in UK tractor market 25/01/06
Figures released by the AEA, the trade association for UK agricultural machinery companies, show that in 2004, McCormick tractors became the fourth most popular in Britain.
Welcome award for Herefordshire agricultural engineering business 25/01/06
The award – Southern Dealer of the Year 2005 – was presented by Italian tractor maker Landini to Richard Tooby Farm Services.
CLA Slams Rural Payments Agency 25/01/06
The CLA has been shocked and disappointed at the over-confidence, bordering on arrogance, shown by the RPA in the implementation of the Single Farm Payment Scheme.
Badger culling "unlikely to be an effective control measure" 25/01/06
The Badger Trust has welcomed advice from Defra's Science Advisory Council (SAC) which states that badger culling is "unlikely to be an effective control measure" for bovine TB[1].
Get That Friday Feeling - Any Day 25/01/06
Who cares what day of the week it is, let's get that Friday feeling with a new collection of easy pork recipes for midweek meals from the British Pig Executive (BPEX).
UK farmers to trade in farming rights 25/01/06
New EU rules will create an active market for the rights to farmland subsidies, says RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors).
McCormick appoints new dealer in Lincolnshire 24/01/06
Stamford Tractors & Farm Services have been appointed McCormick Tractor dealers for South Lincolnshire.
Pig Industry Training Gathers Steam 24/01/06
MOVES to implement a comprehensive training strategy for the British pig industry have taken a major step forward.
Do breeders know their real calving percentage? 24/01/06
Too few suckled calf breeders know their true calving percentage and in an effort to raise awareness of the problem the National Beef Association is to distribute a simple calculation formula to its members.
RPA Bungling Sees Farmers And Taxpayers Lose Out 24/01/06
The NFU today backed a report which condemns the government for leaving farmers exposed to extra cost as a result of the bungled administration of farm payments.
Partnership on TB is not being taken seriously says NFU 24/01/06
Pre-movement testing for Bovine Tuberculosis, proposed by Defra, can only happen if it does not add any further cost burden to the industry.
Milk advertising back on the small screen 24/01/06
Five of Scotland’s leading dairies, in conjunction with the Milk Development Council have come together to bring milk advertising in Scotland back to the small screen after a 13 year absence.
Check EBLEX for new OTM info 23/01/06
NEW advice and information designed to help producers with changes in over thirty month cattle rules has been added to the English Beef and Lamb Executive (EBLEX) web site.
National Suckled Calf Show At Beef Expo 2006 23/01/06
A National Suckled Calf Show with a prize fund of £4000 will be a major feature of the UK’s national beef event, Beef Expo 2006, to be held at Carlisle on Friday, June 2.
Major Export Push For Livestock 23/01/06
British meat and livestock producers will be launching a concentrated effort to open new markets and regain old ones across Europe this year as restrictions on British beef exports are due to be lifted.
£5.5 Million Boost For Beef 23/01/06
NEW opportunities for beef presented by the end of a ban on animals aged over 30 months are to be met with a £5.5 million campaign from the English Beef and Lamb Executive.
Dry rot reduction starts now, says BPC 22/01/06
Potato growers need to assess the risk of dry rot to their crop and seed producers should be on the look-out now for signs of the disease as they grade-out stocks, is the advice from the British Potato Council.
Taking the guesswork out of beef breeding 21/01/06
Gene markers which influence traits like meat tenderness and carcase quality are set to become a main stream breeding tool, north pedigree and commercial beef farmers were told at a meeting in Carlisle.
BPEX Complaint Over Bacon Advert 20/01/06
A COMPLAINT has been lodged with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) by the British Pig Executive (BPEX) over an advertisement by the Vion Group, owners of Key Country Foods.
'Green' Farmer Brews Up New Attraction For Northumberland 20/01/06
Farmer and brewery founder Steven Urwin and his wife Sally are hoping to make their mark on the Hadrian's Wall tourist trail with the help of Defra's Rural Enterprise Scheme (RES).
New 'Powershuttle HiLo' transmission adds to Landini Powerfarm versatility 20/01/06
A new transmission option for Landini’s most popular tractor will further increase the appeal of the popular Powerfarm range.
Four Compete In Innovation Excellence Award Final 19/01/06
The NFU Scotland Innovation Award aims to encourage, recognise and reward those who have improved, changed or diversified their businesses through innovation or invention.
Guard Against Wet Straw In Lambing Sheds 19/01/06
Shepherds gearing up for lambing this season must counter the potential hygiene threat from damp straw bedding.. .
Bird flu virus could spill over to Africa and Europe in springtime 19/01/06
Fighting the disease in animals is crucial to win the battle against the virus, says the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.
Young Cumbrian farmers to quiz NFU president 19/01/06
A DOZEN young farmers, representing all aspects of farming in Cumbria, will get to question the NFU President Tim Bennett.
NFU Scotland Seeks Views On Diffuse Water Pollution 18/01/06
NFU Scotland plans to tell the Scottish Executive that new rules to avoid diffuse water pollution are unnecessary.
Five Compete In Biodiversity Excellence Award Final 18/01/06
The NFU Scotland Farmland Biodiversity Award, sponsored by RSPB Scotland, was established six years ago.
Rural Payments Agency 'no confidence' vote 18/01/06
The NFU has agreed on a 'vote of no confidence' in the Rural Payments Agency to deliver CAP Reform.
Marketing Opportunities for Aberdeen-Angus as Registrations Hit New Peak 18/01/06
Aberdeen-Angus breeders are looking at “very positive” marketing opportunities in 2006 as beef consumption continues to grow and export markets re-open.
Delicious, Nutritious And Good For Local Businesses 18/01/06
As the country gets ready to celebrate Farmhouse Breakfast Week, one Defra funded guesthouse near Bolton is already renowned for serving the best food the region has to offer.
CLAAS raises its stake in Renault Agriculture 17/01/06
CLAAS, the leading European manufacturer of agricultural machinery, has raised its stake in French Renault Agriculture SAS.
New Nitrate Rules Could Wreck Industry 17/01/06
The Tenant Farmers Association will be using it's presence at the LAMMA 25th Exhibition to highlight its concerns over new restrictions on producers in Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZs).
Environment Secretary visits award-winning Sussex vineyards 17/01/06
Environment Secretary, Margaret Beckett today (Tuesday 17 January) opened a new Defra and EU funded winery when she visited the award-winning Bookers Vineyard on the Bolney Wine Estate, in the heart of rural West Sussex.
Countdown begins to English National Sheepdog Trials 17/01/06
The countdown has begun to the 2006 English National Sheepdog Trials, now a high profile three-day showpiece in the summer events calendar.
Cumbrian Farmers Back the Future 16/01/06
Farmers have given a resounding backing to a new company which will help them meet change and secure their own futures as well as that of rural Cumbria.
Hogget Producers Should Learn Lessons of 2005 16/01/06
English hogget producers are advised to learn the lessons of last year and sell their old season lambs as soon as they reach the right level of finish for the market rather than being tempted to hold on to them too long in search of better prices.
Abattoir moves to pull down prime cattle prices 16/01/06
Abattoirs across the UK are using the ending of the OTMS at close of business this Friday (January 20th ) as an excuse to pull down prime cattle prices.
Is There Life After CAP Reform? 16/01/06
A PROGRAMME of events designed to help livestock farmers in the South West of England keep their businesses profitable after CAP reform is being held during February.
JCB 2140 Fastrac Achieves World Spraying Record 15/01/06
A JCB 2140 Fastrac fitted with a 28 metre demount sprayer covered 104 hectares (257 acres) in one hour – a new world record.
Woodland managers plan for climate change 13/01/06
As the threat of climate change becomes a reality, new advice published today advises woodland owners and managers to start taking steps now, to protect our woods and forests for future generations.
John Deere Universal AutoTrac - Automatic steering for all 13/01/06
John Deere has launched Universal AutoTrac, the company’s first aftermarket automatic guidance system for tractors and other self-propelled equipment, including combines and foragers.
New Dawn For British Pig Industry 13/01/06
Health, cost, competitiveness and value are the priorities for a profitable and sustainable pig industry in England and Wales according to the new strategy just published by the British Pig Executive (BPEX).

Upgrade Existing Coastal Access 13/01/06
The best way to improve access to the coastline of Wales is to upgrade the existing extensive facilities, according to CLA Wales.

Costs Hit Cereal Farmers Hard As Production Falls Again 12/01/06
Government figures for Scotland's cereal production confirm that the amount of land in Scotland under cereal production is at a 30-year low.
FAO warns bird flu virus could become endemic in Turkey 11/01/06
Centrally coordinated control campaign crucial to battle the virus - neighbouring countries at risk.
Farmers Encouraged to Report Cattle Clipping Accidents 11/01/06
Reports are often received from NFUS members that they have received injuries whilst clipping cattle in preparation for going for slaughter.
New Regional Office For CLA North 11/01/06
The CLA has relocated its North Regional Office in a move which it says demonstrates the organisation's support for the agricultural industry.
Lean Pork - The Healthy Option 10/01/06
AN advertising campaign promoting 96% fat free pork as the healthy option is being run by the British Pig Executive (BPEX) in a series of magazines over the next couple of months.
Genetic fingerprints enhancing beef production 10/01/06
Leading animal health specialist Merial is hosting an evening to present new technologies that will significantly improve on-farm beef cattle management and selection.
British farm assured turkey sales soar 10/01/06
Pioneer Foodservice, of Carlisle, has had record sales of turkey meat this Christmas and New Year.
Premium Meat Market Grows Fast 10/06/05
THE premium end of the fresh meat market is driving the overall growth according to research commissioned by the Meat and Livestock Commission (MLC).
Three To Stand For NFUS Vice President Posts 09/01/06
NFU Scotland has received three nominations for election to the two posts of Vice President.
Major Challenge for Fledgling Cull Cow Market 09/01/06
The fledgling cull cow market has been establishing itself encouragingly across the country since the November OTM rule change with little of the feared disruption to prime cattle prices.
Rare Breeds ‘Watchlist’: Good News And Bad 09/01/06
Three breeds taken off, one added, plus ‘serious concern’ for Dales ponies and North Ronaldsay sheep.
Industry campaign to control BVD launched 06/01/06
An industry led campaign to control and eradicate Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) throughout Britain has been launched.
Wiseman Milk Price Move Must Stop The Rot 06/01/06
The decision by Robert Wiseman Dairies to maintain its farmgate milk in January must mark the end of the tit-for-tat price cuts inflicted on dairy farms towards the end of 2005, according to NFU Scotland.
Westminster Spring Malting Barley Puts Growers Back In Profit 06/01/06
An exciting new spring malting barley variety with excellent disease resistance is set to help growers get back into profit this spring.
Export Advice For Cattle Breeders 05/01/06
EXPERT help and advice on how to get back into an export market which has been closed to British cattle breeders for 17 years will be on hand at a conference later this month.
New fungicide being developed to meet the needs of UK cereal growers 05/01/06
A NEW cereal fungicide designed to help UK farmers fight back against growing disease resistance problems.
RMIF Farm Business Clubs can make a real difference 05/01/06
RED Meat Industry Forum Farm Business Clubs can make a real difference to farmers' bottom lines...
Holstein Winner Selects Sires For Production And Longevity 05/01/06
Warwickshire dairy farmer Tony Reed’s long term aim of increasing the value of his pedigree Withycombe Holstein herd received an unexpected boost when he won £1000 worth of semen...
Top Aberdeen-Angus Award for Cardona Herd 05/01/06
The Cardona Aberdeen-Angus herd of Robbie Galloway at Cardona, Doune, Perthshire, is the winner of the Walkers Shortbread Aberdeen-Angus Show Herd of the Year award for 2005 for the second time.
Get ready for SFP entitlement transfers 04/01/06
Farmers and landowners need to manage their entitlements to the new Single Farm Payment carefully to ensure they bring maximum benefit to their farming businesses.
Carbon monoxide essential to TB cull armoury 03/01/06
The NBA has told Defra that carbon monoxide gas must be included in a badger culling tool box and urgent government approval for it is essential.
Effective badger cull will have all round beneficial results 03/01/06
An effective badger cull will reduce the number of TB reactors, currently 30,000 a year and rising, and will also cut the number of parishes subject to one and two year TB testing.
Cull cows will be wasted unless they are finished for export 03/01/06
Cull cow prices will hold up if as many farmers as possible make moves to reduce the leap in the number of animals coming forward after the OTMS ends on January 23rd.
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