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Claas Launch New Disco Max Cut Mower Range

Claas has launched a complete new range of 19 mounted and trailed Disco Contour Disc mowers, ranging in working width from 2.60m up to 9.10m, all of which incorporate the revolutionary new Claas Max Cut disc mower bed.

The new range of MAX CUT models covers a total of 19 models, ranging from the simplest 2.6m mounted mower up to advanced, ISOBUS compatible, high capacity triples with cutting widths as wide as 9.1m.

Claas Disco Max Cut in operation

Claas Disco Max Cut in operation

The new MAX CUT mower bed features a waved shape leading edge, which means the cutting discs can be mounted as close to the front of the bed as possible. In combination with the new, specially formed discs, this means there is a greater overlap between the blades, so creating an enlarged cutting area for optimum cutting quality and flow through the mower. The new MAX CUT mower bed is made from two pieces of pressed steel plate, which are bolted together instead of welded to achieve a high torsional strength. Using a bolted construction also reduces the potential of cracks developing as there are no heat stresses, which are caused during the welding process.

Claas MAX CUT mower bed

Claas MAX CUT mower bed

In order to achieve a clean cut and avoid soil contamination, extra-wide skids are fitted to the underside of the mower bed, which guide dirt and foreign material backwards. There are also additional wear skids and high cut skids available as an option.

The satellite drive train of the new MAX CUT is permanently lubricated and maintenance free, and designed so that in lighter crops it can be run at 850 rpm instead of 1000 rpm, which will help reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%. To fully protect the drive train, each mowing disc is mounted using a CLAAS SAFETY LINK module, which incorporates a pre-determined breaking point that will shear in the event of a collision, and is easy to replace.

Five model range

To clearly identify the range of model specifications, type of operation and control systems, the 19 new DISCO models have been divided into five variants: TREND, CONTOUR, BUSINESS, AUTOSWATHER and DUO.

The simpler TREND mower units are operated using the tractor spool valves without any electric control terminal, but if required can be incorporated into the tractor's headland management. The optional individual lifting function is operated using a hydraulic isolator valve, which makes it possible to pre-select the mowing units.

CONTOUR series mowers are again operated using the tractor's spool valves, but the pre-selection is made using the new OPERATOR control panel or an ISOBUS control terminal.

BUSINESS and DUO mower units utilise load sensing hydraulics and are controlled using either the new OPERATOR terminal or the ISOBUS-compatible COMMUNICATOR II terminal, which allows the various mower functions to be assigned to the function buttons on the tractor’s multi-function control lever. The AUTOSWATHER model series is also controlled using the ISOBUS COMMUNICATOR II control terminal.

High output triple mowers

A total of seven new high output DISCO triple mower and mower conditioners are now available, ranging from the 9.10m wide DISCO 9400 C DUO to the DISCO 8500 TREND, which has a working width of 8.10m. This is a new entry-level model that has a low power requirement and is simple to operate, making it ideal for medium-sized farms. The range also includes two CONTOUR specification models, the DISCO 8500 (8.10m) and the DISCO 9200 (8.90m) are also new additions.

On BUSINESS, AUTOSWATHER and reverse drive DUO ranges, the load sensing hydraulic system enables active control of the ground pressure directly via the ISOBUS control terminal. They also have a hydraulic non-stop break back system as standard, which enables the mower unit to swing back automatically without reversing.

Trailed and mounted mowers

A total of nine new mounted or trailed CONTOUR straight mower or mower conditioner versions are available, ranging from the DISCO 2800, which has a working width of 2.60m up to the 3.80m-wide DISCO 4000, providing a wide range of models for small and medium-sized farms.

New features, such as the optional hydraulic transport lock, now ensure that even the smaller models offer a high level of ease of use. There is also a new un-hitching option, which allows the mower to be un-hitched in the transport position safely and in a way which saves space.

In the trailed mower range two new models are available, the DISCO 3200 TC and the TC AS which has a conveyor system for swath grouping, both of which have working widths of 3.00m.

All the new CONTOUR models retain the hydro-pneumatic ACTIVE FLOAT suspension, which enables the ground pressure on the mower unit to be changed from the driver's seat when mowing and adjusted to the conditions in the field. They are also protected by a mechanical break back system which moves the mower unit backwards and up, so that it is raised above the obstacle. To continue driving, the machine must simply be reversed slightly until the mechanical break back system is locked again.

PROFIL front mowers

Completing the DISCO mower line-up are two front mowers, the DISCO 3200F and the DISCO 3200FC mower conditioner, both of which have a 3.00m cutting width.

To ensure optimum ground contour following, the mower units are fitted with the proven PROFIL kinematics. On the principle that it should be the ground that guides the mower, and not the tractor, the mower is suspended and pulled using a trailing linkage around a pivot point close to the ground. This allows the mower bed to swing both longitudinally and laterally, so accurately following the ground contours independent of the tractor front axle.

There is a choice of spring-based suspension or the hydropneumatic ACTIVE FLOAT suspension to allow the suspension to be adjusted to the current conditions at any time from the cab.

DISCO Type Width (m) Mower Mower conditioner
9400 C DUO Triple 9.10   MC
9200 C AUTOSWATHER Triple 8.90   MC
9200 C BUSINESS Triple 8.90   MC
9200 C CONTOUR Triple 8.90   MC
9200 CONTOUR Triple 8.90 M  
8500 C CONTOUR Triple 8.10   MC
8500 CONTOUR Triple 8.10 M  
8500 TREND Triple 8.10 M  
4000 CONTOUR Mounted 3.80 M  
3600 C CONTOUR Mounted 3.40   MC
3600 CONTOUR Mounted 3.40 M  
3200 C CONTOUR Mounted 3.00   MC
3200 CONTOUR Mounted 3.00 M  
2800 C CONTOUR Mounted 2.60   MC
2800 CONTOUR Mounted 2.60 M  
3200 TC AUTOSWATHER Trailed 3.00   MC
3200 TC Trailed 3.00   MC
3200FC PROFIL Front 3.00   MC
3200 F PROFIL Front 3.00 M MC


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