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IsoMatch Tellus Gets AEF ISOBUS Certification

Kverneland Group’s Universal Terminal the IsoMatch Tellus1 is the first Universal Terminal to obtain an AEF ISOBUS certification.

Being a leader in ISOBUS technology Kverneland Group has already certified the IsoMatch Tellus in the beginning of 2013 with DLG ISOBUS certification. Due to the launch of the AEF database the IsoMatch Tellus was tested again, this time for AEF certification and has passed the test for minimal conformance successfully.

IsoMatch Tellus

IsoMatch Tellus

Best compatibility in the market The IsoMatch Tellus has proven itself many times as extremely reliable both in quality and in compatibility to different machine brands. While other suppliers are claiming to be ISOBUS, but not having the ISOBUS certification, Kverneland Group has been focusing on compatibility from the early days of ISOBUS. Passing the AEF certification tests is another great achievement for IsoMatch Tellus ensuring compatibility for Kverneland Group customers.

ISOBUS – benefits for all
The benefits of ISOBUS are huge, ergonomics wise - one terminal to control all your machines and with one kind of connectors, cost wise - no need to purchase control units for every single machine, and technology wise - giving the farmer the option to choose between different brands.

AEF database
AEF has made a great step forwards, by introducing the AEF database, a website where farmers and dealers can easily see the compatibility between Universal Terminals, Machines, and other ISOBUS equipment.

This is a significant step to assure the farmer that the ISOBUS compatibility between his machine, tractor and Universal Terminal will be successful. No more hearsay statements about ISOBUS, the truth is just several clicks away. Kverneland Group machines and IsoMatch Tellus are present on the AEF database, assuring the compatibility.

IsoMatch Tellus – always something to look forward to
Since the introduction of IsoMatch Tellus, Kverneland Group has introduced numerous of new products and applications in the IsoMatch product range. Looking into the farmers needs Kverneland Group is committed to keep offering new solutions and applications, that make the work of the farmer easier and will reduce his costs.

The IsoMatch Tellus is available via Kverneland Group’s dealers worldwide, representing Kverneland or Vicon machinery.


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