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Vicon Launches New Self-Loading Bale Wrapper

The Vicon BW 2250 is a new self-loading round bale wrapper, ideal for wrapping on the go. You can wrap the bale as you move it to the storage site. A new optional bale-on-end kit ensures that the bale can be stored on the flat side.

The satellite wrapper ensures high speed wrapping, increasing total working efficiency by reducing wrapping time of each bale. The BW 2250 utilises a simple and effective spur gear satellite drive, giving high speed wrapping, reduced wear and maximum reliability. The fully automated wrapping process makes things simple for the operator. The in-cab electronic control of all functions allows perfect and very simple handling in all conditions for maximum comfort.

Vicon BW 2250

Vicon BW 2250

Wrap While You Collect the Bales
The new Vicon BW 2250 has a self-loading mechanism to gently load and unload the bales. Pick up one bale and wrap it as you transport it to the storage site. During loading, the bale is lifted straight up, in order to prevent it from becoming contaminated by any earth, and when the bale is unloaded, it is gently lowered rather than being tipped off.

Hydraulic Bale-On-End Kit
The Vicon BW 2250 can be fitted with the newly designed bale-on-end kit. By placing the wrapped bale on the flat side, where the highest number of film layers is applied, the bale is better protected during storage.

The bale turner is mounted inside the wrapper, between the two rollers and operated hydraulically. When the bale is being lowered, the bale turner automatically pushes out, tipping the bale gently, without damaging the film wrap.

The BW 2250 is fitted with a scissor type film cutter with sharp knives that provide a clean cut across the full width of the stretch film. The wrapper is available with a handy semi-automatic joystick control for smooth and intuitive operation.


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