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New Variable-Chamber Round Balers Announced by Case IH

Significant increases in capacity, bale density, output and reliability are the key benefits of two new RB 5 Series variable-chamber round balers launched by Case IH at Cereals 2013.

Featuring class-leading styling the RB455 and RB465, which produce bales of up to 1.5m and 1.8m in diameter, incorporate a raft of new and improved features compared with the previous RB 4 Series machines, which they replace.

Case RB465 Baler

Case RB465 Baler

Available in Standard, Rotor or Rotor Cutter feeder versions, they include improved four-bar and new five-bar pickup reels incorporating larger, stronger components, a new net wrap system, more accurate twine wrap system, durable endless bale chamber belts, together with an improved density control system. The specification also includes a new in-cab control display with the option of an ISOBUS system.

By fitting a 10% larger infeed auger, now 220mm in diameter, Case IH have increased the machines’ capacity, improved feeding and reduced crop wrapping. A higher throat opening significantly reduces crop pinching, while the auger has been repositioned to increase output.

New pickups feature a simplified drive system, a larger, more durable drive chain and bigger springs to improve flotation. Rotor Feeder and Rotor Cutter models offer the option of a front-pivoting, drop-floor for the rotor, which enables the operator to clear plugs without leaving the cab, simply by lowering the bale chamber floor hydraulically. Pivoting wheels reduce the need to raise the pickup when turning, while flip-up castoring wheels make it easy to switch between Transport and Field positions, whilst limiting pickup width for transport to under 2.55m.

Optional on 1.8m and 2.0m pickups, the new five-bar reel provides signiciant advantages over a standard four-bar design. Featuring larger, stronger components for increased durability, it gives more consistent feeding because each row of tines has to move a smaller section of crop from the windrow, resulting in more positive, efficient movement to the feeder. The 2.0m-wide, 315mm-diameter pickup reel features 160 6mm-diameter heavy-duty rubber tines which, compared with the standard four-bar 128-tine pickup, lift crop more cleanly. The 1.8m five-bar pickup incorporates140 rubber tines, compared with 112 steel tines on a four-bar unit.

A new Top Assist Roller, optional on 1.8m and 2.0m rotor pickups, helps to feed crop into the rotor more efficiently to increase capacity, while centre paddles move it more positively to the rotor and longer auger flights distribute it more evenly. Two undershot augers work in conjunction with overshot infeed augers to keep the crop moving towards the centre of the auger, the speed difference between them preventing wrapping.

RB455 and RB465 models incorporate four 273mm-wide endless belts which significantly improve performance and durability. Featuring a unique carcass construction and sealed edges to reduce fray, the belts are closely-spaced to minimise crop accumulation and losses, especially in short grass, while a new back wrap roll increases belt drive force by 35% and reduces slippage. Rotor models offer the option of a Dual Hydraulic Density System, which uses two hydraulic cylinders to increase bale density by 5% compared with a single-cylinder system.

The improved wrapping arrangement features a new electrical control system, separate motors for the duckbill and net knife operation, together with a lower current draw, allowing the electrical harness to be conncted directly to a 12V, 25A cab socket. A raft of changes reduce the number of adjustments required and the overall sensitivity of the wrapping system, while new centre-pivot, dual twine tubes improve twine placement on the bale.

Featuring new electrical systems for wrapping control, the RB455 and RB465 can be supplied with a choice of in cab monitors, from a new standard Black&White monitor to the AFS PRO 300 with ISOBUS. The new, easier-to-use monitor has a 10% larger screen, the ISOBUS version features a new CAN (Control Area Network) electrical system which makes it easier to add future revisions and the solid-state H-Bridge controlling power to the motors is more durable than the mechanical relays used previously.

Case IH is offering an optional AFS PRO300 touch-screen colour monitor which incorporates improved graphics, easier navigation and the ability to control functions and settings from the main screen. Customers can, however, use the new ISOBUS-compatible RB455 and RB465 balers with an existing virtual terminal on any ISOBUS-equipped tractor.
Setting new standards in design, the new Case IH RB5 Series balers have a sleek, modern look which offers practical benefits, including excellent serviceability, while large 500/55-20 tyres increase flotation and deliver a smooth ride.

Announcing the new products at Cereals 2013, Paul Freeman, Product Specialist for Case IH, stated:
“Improving performance while controlling costs is always a factor when customers are considering any new machinery purchase. The new RB 5 Series balers provide significant improvements over previous-generation models. We have rigorously tested them against competitor machines under a range of different field conditions, in different crops, with the focus on bale density and machine capacity. Compared with these machines we recorded increases in capacity of up to 20% and 14% in bale density.”

Case IH

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