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Flagship CASE IH Magnum 370 CVX launched at Cereals 2013

The most powerful model in the Case IH range of conventional, rigid-chassis tractors, the 404 hp Magnum 370 CVX, made its UK debut at CEREALS 2013.

Flagship of the Magnum range, the 370 CVX incorporates a Continuously Variable Transmission which allows forward speed to be infinitely adjusted from 0 kph to 50 kph, which is achieved at an engine speed of just 1750erpm. Built in-house at Case IH’s factory in Racine, Wisconsin, where the Magnum is manufactured, the four-range CVT transmission incorporates a robust double planetary system with two input and two outputs, together with four wet clutches.

CASE IH Magnum 370 CVX

Case IH Magnum 370 CVX

With fewer parts and a simple Operator Control Interface, this efficient, responsive transmission enables the tractor to move seamlessly from a standstill to its maximum speed without the operator having to shift or change modes. An ‘Active Stop’ function provides additional control and enables hillside stops without the use of brakes.

The MultiController armrest makes the CVT transmission even easier to control, its design being similar to that found on Maxxum and Puma models. The operator interface for the CVT controls now includes the split throttle design and speed control wheel on the multi-function handle. The transmission is combined with Automatic Productivity Management (APM), which allows the tractor to optimally match engine speed and transmission outputs to different and changing working conditions.

The Magnum 370 CVX is powered by a highly-efficient 8.7 litre Case IH FPT engine which incorporates an electronic variable geometry turbocharger and produces 367hp at rated speed of 2000 rpm. Electronic Power Management delivers a 10% increase in maximum power output to 404hp at 1800 erpm, peak power boost output is 419hp, while the engine’s peak torque, 1806Nm, is delivered from 1400-1600 rpm. An optional engine brake feature is available to benefit heavy transport application.

This new flagship model also features a new 5" Heavy Duty Rear Axle, which has been introduced to manage the torque produced by the more powerful engine. Adding 100mm to the tractor’s wheelbase, which increases from 3055mm to 3155mm, the new axle also enhances the benefit of using larger-diameter front and rear tyres, improving both area of contact in the field and road speed efficiency.

A new Case IH front axle brings improved suspended load capacity, improved ride and handling, together with improved traction in the field. In line with the increased power the Magnum 370 CVX is also equipped with a Cat4N/3 rear hitch as standard.

“Case IH has more than a decade of experience in Continuously Variable Transmissions, which are well-proven, reliable and help farming businesses to operate even more efficiently. The Magnum 370 CVX takes the concept a stage further by meeting the increasing demand from farmers for greater versatility in high horsepower conventional tractors. We will also be offering the CVT option on the five other Magnum models from 260hp to 340hp,” states Paul Freeman, Product Specialist for Case IH UK.

Case IH

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