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Deosan Launches a New Generation of Teat Disinfectants

A new generation of hygiene products from Deosan, developed to fulfil the needs of every modern dairy farm, has been launched to the market.

The Target range, which is Chlorhexidine based, offers pre and post dip options, offering superior cleaning properties for all management systems.


The active ingredient in the new range, Chlorhexidine, is an extremely effective disinfectant and has a strong affinity to skin, ensuring rapid bacterial uptake

The Deosan Target Pre-Post is designed as a pre and post milking product for all housed cattle and is also suitable as a base-line product for cows managed outside. It is available as a ready to use foam, dip or spray for pre-milking and as a dip or spray for post milking.  

It recognises that housed herds have unique challenges that need addressing, namely potentially dirtier teats which have a greater impact on milk hygiene results, more bacteria in the environment, greater bacteria loading on the teat and a higher risk of environmental mastitis

 “Weather does not present a significant issue in these conditions, so the skin conditioning system reflects the need for efficient rehydration after milking to ensure the teat skin remains soft and supple. The near neutral PH also increases active disinfection,” explains Alison Cox, global application specialist at Diversey, the manufacturers of the Deosan range of hygiene products.

Deosan Target Summer is a ready to use post-milking product available as a dip or spray and developed with specific outdoor challenges in mind. It considers the teat skin impact from weather extremes during grazing periods and the removal of moisture from the skin due to soil/mud contamination of the teats. Again, this product boasts near neutral pH with increased skin care ingredients, including a higher level of glycerol and the inclusion of Allantoin. 

“The active ingredient in the new range, Chlorhexidine, is an extremely effective disinfectant and has a strong affinity to skin, ensuring rapid bacterial uptake - an essential quality for both pre and post milking applications. Also, being less affected by organic material than some active ingredients, it gives better protection,” explains Alison.

“All the new products have also been subject to the most stringent efficacy testing and address the need for minimum dose, achieved by maximising the efficacy of quality ingredients,” she adds.

“As an industry we need to eliminate the obsession with how bright or how thick the product is – that really doesn’t tell you anything about the effectiveness of the product. More than ever, the quality of the product matters. You need to know that it does a good job for milk quality and cow welfare with limited residues.”

Like dairy farmers, Deosan have had to adapt to a new marketplace and develop new products that meet future demands.  “Throughout the development of this range, we have given serious consideration to the requirements needed from a teat disinfectant during the cow’s lactation,” she says. “It is important your choice of product reflects the specific challenges that housing, weatherand environment bring to managing udder hygiene and teat skin condition.

 “In addition, we have considered carbon efficiency, residue control, animal welfare and antibiotic reduction, whilst ensuring the product offers a return on the investment for the customer. The increasing pressure to meet all of these requirements needs a new approach to hygiene solutions, and this new range has been developed to fulfil future demands.” 


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