Strutt & Parker Comments on Glyphosate

Ahead of the meeting on 9 November considering the relicensing of glyphosate for a five-year period, Strutt & Parker gives us their comments.

Ed Trotter, farming consultant and agronomist, said:
“It is hugely disappointing that we are still battling to get reauthorisation beyond 15 December 2017 when there is now overwhelming scientific evidence to back the safety of this key product.


“We are, of course, hoping that the decision will be positive and would welcome that. However, we remain concerned that even if glyphosate is relicensed for five years it will feel somewhat of a hollow victory for the farming industry, given there appears to be no compelling reason not to relicense it for the customary 15-year period.

“Much of the opposition to glyphosate seems to be based on an ideology, rather than sound science.

“Campaigners for a ban seem to be in denial about the implications of their actions. Losing glyphosate would completely change the way we farm and have huge implications – for farmers, food production and the environment.

“Some of the arguments against relicensing seem to be driven by a desire to hit out at Monsanto, which markets glyphosate under the Roundup label. The company has long been a target for environmentalists because of its work with GM crops.

"Other people are making the argument that glyphosate should be banned for environmental reasons – but any ban would come with a high environmental cost because of the increased number of cultivations that would be required to tackle weed control.

“It is in no one’s interest to restrict the use of a product that underpins our ability to produce safe and affordable food in a sustainable way.”

(With more than 40 consultants in 12 offices, Strutt & Parker’s Farming Department is one of the largest specialist farming consultancies in the UK. The firm’s agronomy service covers more than 130,000 acres, making Strutt & Parker one of the biggest corporate members of the Association of Independent Crop Consultants (AICC).)

Strutt & Parker

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