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Companies Link to Offer Dairy Farmers a New Solution

Two key companies have joined forces to promote a unique new product to dairy farmers, offering a solution to the negative energy balance often associated with high yielding cows.

Bio-Energy Ingredients Ltd (BEI) and Advanced Ruminant Nutrition Ltd (ARN) plan to work together to promote Glycal Forte to dairy farmers across the UK.

Dairy Cattle

Developed by BEI, Glycal Forte is a feed material produced by a unique, patent-protected process. It supplies by-pass glycerol, acts as a rumen pH regulator, and is a source of bio-available calcium.

“The very high effective energy of Glycal Forte can dramatically reduce the negative energy balance often seen post calving,” says Hans Jansema, BEI. “This negative energy balance can predispose cows to several metabolic disorders: ketosis, milk fever, retained foetal membranes, metritis, displaced abomasa and increased susceptibility to mastitis, for example.

“Perhaps, most importantly, the negative energy balance can negatively impact reproduction, with a significant association between the extent of body condition loss and decreased fertility. The high effective energy of Glycal Forte ensures that this negative energy balance is reduced, leading to improvements in fertility and profitability that are being seen on farm.”

ARN is an independent, forward thinking company delivering nutritional and management solutions to farmers. “Glycal Forte is unique,” says Bryn Davies, ARN. “Poor fertility can be a huge drain on profitability. By addressing the negative energy balance, and reducing risks of ketosis and weight loss, we’re seeing improved pregnancy rates in herds feeding Glycal Forte.”

Bio-Energy Ingredients Ltd

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