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New Calf Health Product – Kryptic Pack

A leading agricultural company has launched a new product, designed to reduce antibiotic usage for calves.

Kryptic Pack, from Preston, Lancashire-based G Shepherd Animal Health, promotes calf health, by increasing the animal’s resistance to harmful organisms, improving digestion and reducing disease challenge.

Kryptic Pro Pack

Kryptic Pro Pack

Kryptic Pack is a combination of three products, sold together. The first is the Perfect Udder colostrum management system, which uses specially designed bags to contain and store fresh or frozen colostrum. The colostrum can be thawed and warmed in the bag and fed to calves via a nipple attachment, or by esophageal tube. An electrical thawing element is also available.

The pack also contains Kryptic Pro, a product which is added to the milk for the first 14 days, to improve milk clotting and enhance digestion, thereby promoting disease resistance. The third item is TK Swordsman Disinfectant, which is primarily used to disinfect feeding equipment following each session and can also be used to disinfect calf pens at changeover. When purchased together, the contents of the Kryptic Pack work out at approximately £10.50 per calf.

G Shepherd Animal Health chief executive, Dr. Graham Shepherd said:
“The aim of every producer is to rear healthy calves, which avoid growth setbacks and which develop into strong cattle. Kryptic Pack can help to reduce the incidence of scour, which is the main cause of calf death in the UK. The disease can be caused by nutritional problems linked to milk or ration quantity and quality, as well as poor feeding management practices.

“A recipe to create nutritional scour would be to take a cheap calf milk replacer designed for older veal calves, feed it from troughs on the floor in large quantities, in varying quantities, at varying temperatures and at irregular times of day. So, please check whether you may be committing any of these deadly sins!

“Diarrhoea can also be caused by viral infections, including Rotavirus, Coronavirus; Cryptosporidium and Coccidiosis; as well as bacteria, such as certain E.coli and Salmonella,” he added. “However, the risk of calves succumbing to infectious scour is greatly reduced through the use of appropriate disinfection.”

Shepherd Animal Health

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