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TK Everyday Footbath Chemical Launch

A new disinfectant, designed for routine use in cattle footbaths, is being officially launched by G Shepherd Animal Health (GSAH) at the Livestock Event, which is to be held on 8-9 July 2015 in Birmingham.

The formalin alternative, TK Everyday, contains a unique blend of disinfectants which is effective for treating foot disease, as well as being safe for use by the operator, once diluted. It is also cheaper than many other products on the market.

TK Everyday foot-bathing proves effective

TK Everyday foot-bathing proves effective

GSAH director Dr Graham Shepherd, who is a vet, explains that regular footbathing, combined with skilled foot trimming, will help to protect cattle against diseases like digital dermatitis.

“Just like mastitis, digital dermatitis is a bacterial infection and as every teat should be dipped after milking, the same is true of footbathing,” says Mr Shepherd. “Every hoof should be disinfected as regularly as possible, in order to reduce infection levels within the herd.

“TK Everyday contains a synergistic blend of organic acids, which act as powerful disinfectants. It also has a surfactant, which helps to increase the cleansing effect and promotes penetration of chemicals into the hoof, skin and dirt. Tea tree oil is included as an antiseptic.

“Our formulation does not include formalin, copper or quaternary ammonium salts, all of which can be undesirable. Formalin is proven to cause cancer, while copper is a potential land pollutant. Quaternary ammonium salts have been banned by some milk buyers, as the residues are thought to persist in milk.”

Producers who use the TK Everyday Footbath should renew the footbath contents after one cow pass for every one litre of solution. For example, a footbath containing 300 litres of solution should be changed after 300 cows have passed through. The solution concentrate is priced competitively, with 200 litres and 1,000 litres costing £500 and £1950 respectively. It is intended for use at a dilution of 2% for the first week and 1% thereafter. The cost per cow is similar to formalin.

While not carcinogenic like formalin, or asthma-inducing like glutaldehyde, TK Everyday is corrosive and users should wear eye and face protection when handling the product.

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