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Genus ABS Launches New Cross Breeding Solution

Genus ABS, the world leader in bovine genetics, have announced the launch of a unique crossbreeding solution for UK dairy farmers called HYVIG™.

The launch follows an exclusive agreement between Genus ABS and Geno, the world-leading supplier of Norwegian Red (NR) genetics, and precedes the launch of HYVIG™ across several other countries this autumn.



Speaking on behalf of Genus ABS, Andrew Thompson EMEA Director stated,
“We have seen the popularity of crossbreeding increase year on year as some customers are now seeking an alternative breeding strategy to purebred breeding. These producers are looking for robust, easy to manage cows with superb fertility and health traits; and that is exactly what HYVIG™ delivers".

HYVIG™ is a unique dairy crossbreeding system which will help producers create a herd of problem-free cows and will fit any system perfectly. It combines the unique genetics of the Norwegian Red breed including its proven fertility, health and feed efficiency, with Genus ABS TransitionRight™ Holstein genetics, whose daughters carry condition, are strong, not too tall, and are well above breed average for SCC, fertility and lifespan.

In addition customers will also benefit from the unique phenomenon of Hybrid Vigour which stems from two breeds being crossed. The benefits of Hybrid Vigour can equate to a lift of 5% for milk production and around 10% for fertility, health and survival (over parent average), often resulting in a positive impact on profit. Data from the US confirms that crossbreeding with Norwegian Red both reduces costs and increases profit, with the most recent data demonstrating an increase in net profit of £115 per cow per annum when compared to using an average pure bred Holstein bull.

Mr. Thompson concludes “Crossbreeding is a strategy which has driven the porcine and poultry industries for decades. Whilst we accept this breeding strategy won’t suit all producers, we recognise there is a real demand for a proven cross breeding concept which will help our customers profit from genetic progress. HYVIG™ is a great addition to the Genus ABS customer solution toolbox".


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