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Dairymaster Exhibits at National Ploughing Championships

The Minister for Ag, Michael Creed TD visited the Dairymaster stand to congratulate them on winning two prestigious awards this month in Britain.

Dairymaster technical and sales people were available on their busy stand during National Ploughing Championship to advise dairy farmers on award winning and cost effective milking, cooling, feeding, cleaning and herd health monitoring systems.

Pictured discussing the prestigious Cream and the Innovation awards the won recently in Britain are  Dr Edmond Harty CEO & Ned Harty founder of Dairymaster.

Pictured discussing the prestigious Cream and the Innovation awards the won recently in Britain are Dr Edmond Harty CEO & Ned Harty founder of Dairymaster.

Aside from Irish milk producers who came from all over the island there were also many international visitors from the likes of Australia, China and New Zealand and many others.

Dairy farmers looking to reduce costs and improve farm incomes in these challenging times could discuss future options with experts on milking plants, hi tech dairy equipment, herd health & fertility and feeding systems.

Dairymaster personnel available included Dr. Edmond Harty, CEO, Ned Harty, Founder, Dr John Daly, R & D Manager, Pat Ryan (Business Development Manager), Edward Bourke (MooMonitor+ specialist), Jiska Healy, Veterinarian and Lisa Herlihy Marketing Manager amongst others.

The equipment on display included the award winning Swiftflo Swing parlour and Swiftflo Revolver rotary parlour, the New SwiftCool Duo heat recovery unit and the environmentally friendly, energy efficient SwiftCool bulk milk tank.

The Swiftflo Commander which recently won the Farm Business Cream Award for best new innovation and the Best Product at the Ploughing Innovation Arena last year was a big focus point on the stand.

It displays important information such as milk yield, milking time, somatic cell count data on each cow and much more.

One touch allows you to control feed effortlessly at each milking unit. It can also display if cow is in heat and draft her with a single touch for AI or inspection. It also allows colostrum to be diverted and uses speech technology to inform farmers at a time when they can react to it.

Other products and equipment on display included ClusterCleanse, Swiftflo Fast Exit with Milk Manager, Autowasher, FeedRite in Parlour Feeders, CleanSweep Manure Scrapers, Drafting Gate and the multiple award winning MooMonitor+.

According to Dr. Edmond Harty, CEO with Dairymaster “milk cooling can amount to 40% of farms’ energy requirements and with energy costs increasing dramatically, Dairymaster have designed and engineered an energy efficient and reliable milk cooling tank.

The SwiftCool milk tanks have a thicker insulation and thicker steel as standard, resulting in less heat loss.

In fact there is the potential to save over €1000 if using over 300 litres /day. The SwiftCool Cool system also allows you to communicate directly with your tank wherever you are via SMS messaging.”

New Product Launches on Dairymaster Stand

New products included the BoviBrush which is made of high quality, long lasting robust material, while the brush itself is hard wearing and easy to clean.

It is switched on by a simple nudge from the cow and rotates according to a predefined speed, allowing her to scratch her entire body. It is hard wearing and easy to clean.

With a bluetooth connection to your BoviBrush App the dairy farmer is always up to date about the usage levels.

After using the BoviBrush cows are cleaner resulting in improved udder health, have a reduced risk of disease, are happier, more relaxed, suffer less stress and animal welfare is improved.

Another very popular new product was the hygiene station which is a new automatic calf feeder which feeds up to 32 calves automatically dispensing milk to the calves at set times during the day with a given quantity per feed which can be automatically stepped up as the calf grows older.

It has an excellent recording and alarm system in place to monitor calves that are not taking their feed.


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