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Krone Introduces the New RX Forage Wagon

The new Krone RX range makes its debut at the ZLF central agricultural festival in Germany.

Replacing the ZX 400 GL/GD and ZX 450 GL models, the new RX range will line up the following 36-43m3 models: RX 360 GL/GD (vertical headboard, short tailgate), RX 400 GL / GD (pivoting headboard, short tailgate) and RX 430 GL (pivoting headboard, long tailgate for large volumes of crop).

Krone RX

Krone RX 430 GL

All Krone RX models are based on identical frames and share the 2015mm EasyFlow pick-up and 8-row rotor cutter.

Maximizing the machine’s intake capacity, the wide EasyFlow unit picks up the crop in a clean and smooth operation and at high ground speeds. As another detail on the new RX models, the double tines are arranged in a patented “W” pattern which guarantees a consistent crop flow and an equally consistent and full-width supply of material to the cutting and feeding assembly, leading to exemplary cuts and boosting the machines’ intake capacities.

The 8-row and 880mm diameter rotor cutter is powered by an oil-immersed gearbox on its end. Equipped with hardox plated and outward facing tines in a helical arrangement, this rotor feeds the crop at a width of 1,760mm whilst offering exceptionally quiet running and superb longevity.

The cutting system, too, is designed to deliver: 46 knives cut the material to nominal 37mm chops. The chop length is conveniently set by selecting 0, 23 or 46 knives from a central control. Operators will appreciate the fact that the knife bank swings out to the side for convenient and ergonomic knife changes from alongside the machine.

As for the structure, the RX generation features the well-proven solid steel body and sloping floor. Narrowly spaced stanchions give great stability while galvanized and powder-coated trapezoidal sheet plates ensure maximum longevity. The slotted headboard provides an excellent view of the load area. Another standard specification is the large door on the left machine side which gives operators convenient access to the load area.

RX 400 GL/GD and RX 430 GL stand out for their movable headboards which tilt to increase capacity by about 4m3 and assist in unloading the wagon more efficiently. The headboard is tilted to its mid-way position when the machine is gathering material and moves into its vertical position when the wagon is filled to capacity, providing extra filling space.

When the machine starts to unload, the headboard tilts again to the rear, supporting the chain-and-slat floor in emptying the load area. Finally the board starts tilting back and forth, assisting in emptying the machine effectively from all material remaining in this area.

The new RX models are available in caster-steer or force-steer configuration. Force steering offers the following benefits: Force-steered wheels will counter steer when the machine is drifting on the slope. They also steer during reversing and need not be locked manually.

The hydraulic axle assembly warrants great roll stability, distributing the weight evenly on the right and left side and minimizing vertical travel for maximum road safety and operator comfort. The system effectively reduces the risk of roll, shifting of weight and overturn. The hydraulic axle assembly is standard specification on all Krone RX forage wagons. In addition, the slim drawbar makes for tightest turns and great manoeuvrability.

Attachment to the tractor is also absolutely practical, because all RX dual-purpose forage wagons have bottom-mount drawbars which make for tongue loads of up to 4,000 kg if used with ball hitch systems. Massive hydraulic rams raise the machine dependably and the standard drawbar suspension warrants convenient rides on public roads as well as in the field.

Those seeking a higher level of comfort can opt for such features as the PowerLoad automatic loading system, the auto 'PowerLoad' feature for the chain-and-slat floor, LED work lights, auto articulated drawbar, crop covers, and a weighing system.


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