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JD Combines and Headers 2017 Updates

John Deere’s new combine and header updates for 2017 reflect the continued investment the company has made to deliver higher levels of machine performance and uptime while reducing operating costs.

W-Series combines (W330 & W440)
From 2017, the existing 300R cutting platforms will be replaced by 600R headers on all W400 Series combines. Due to the larger diameter of the intake auger and the stainless steel feed plates, the 600R Series header provides the W440 model with a better feeding capacity.

John Deere 640PF Premium Flow header

John Deere 640PF Premium Flow header

In addition, the W330 combine will feature two new options for 2017. A distance height control system allows the operator to save a headland setting and a field cutting height position, which can be quickly resumed after turning at the headland.

Alongside this, automatic header control ensures that the cutting platform height follows ground contours and cutting height is more consistent. Both options are designed to enhance operator comfort and benefit overall combine productivity.

New features on S-Series combines
All John Deere S-Series combines for 2017 will feature the new DynaFlo Plus cleaning shoe, which increases combine productivity by five per cent in conditions where the shoe sets the productivity limit. The length of this innovative, lightweight aluminum cleaning shoe has been increased by 12 per cent, making it one of the largest on the market.

As a result of the new airflow concept and redesigned fan, the shoe is less sensitive and easier to adjust. Tailing volumes have therefore been reduced by 15 per cent for barley, wheat, oilseed rape and other small grains and by up to 28 per cent for maize, sunflower, soybeans and other coarse grains, resulting in a cleaner grain sample.

The new active terrain adjustment (ATA) option adjusts the cleaning shoe chaffer, sieve and fan in rolling terrain, so up to 30 per cent more productivity can be achieved on slopes of up to 10 degrees. When travelling uphill the chaffer and sieves open, while fan speed slows down. When travelling downhill, the fan speed increases while the chaffer and sieves close. This helps to reduce tailings volume by up to 50 per cent.

Exclusively on John Deere combines, the ATA system takes into account the type of grain being harvested and changes fan and chaffer settings accordingly. In rapeseed, which is sensitive to fan speed changes, the chaffer and sieve settings are changed first, while in maize fan speed has priority.

The hydraulically adjustable feederhouse on the new S-Series combines enables the driver to tilt the cutting platform hydraulically from the cab and to change cutting height on the go. Tilt angles and cutting heights can also be saved in the 1/2/3 buttons on the cab’s multi-function hydro lever, so the driver can easily adapt to standing or laid crop conditions, where this can increase harvesting speed by up to 20 per cent. This option is available on all level-land S-Series combines for 2017.

In order to reduce transport times and save fuel, an optional 40kph transport speed and engine speed management will now be available on the S680, S685 and S690 combines in addition to the S670, T560 to T670 and W660 models. For improved daily maintenance, a new air compressor and toolbox compartment options have also been introduced for the S-Series combines.

New 640PF Premium Flow header
The 640PF Premium Flow header has been developed as a premium product to match all types of harvesting conditions, without restriction.

Its large 76cm auger accurately feeds even green and tall oilseed rape into the combine. In addition, belt speeds are hydraulically adjustable to maintain a consistent feed of standing or laid crops across the full 12.2m cutting width. In order to adapt to uneven ground and protect the cutterbar from damage, the header can move up or down by 100mm.

A split auger and reel as well as a synchronised dual-knife system are now standard on the new 600X Series standard header.

GoHarvest premium combine simulator
John Deere’s GoHarvest premium combine simulator was awarded a silver medal at Agritechnica 2015 as a unique operator training tool, and is now available for use by dealers and customers. Sessions can be held in a safe, almost real-life environment as well as during the off season, which significantly reduces the cost of training.

The GoHarvest simulator is the only training tool on the market which features true operator controls in combination with a virtual operator environment. The simulator features seven lessons including combine relocation, connecting the header, harvesting small grains or maize, unloading on the go or on the headland, changing crop settings, use of AutoTrac automatic steering and optimising the combine with the support of interactive combine adjustment (ICA).

GoHarvest can provide refresher training for experienced staff or serve as a quick training tool for inexperienced operators, and is available in multiple languages.

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