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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 43 prime cattle, bulls and OTM, 3,367 prime lambs and 5,461 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 1st September 2016.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to -------p (-------p)
Heavy to 199.5p (199.5p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to -------p (-------p)
Heavy to -------p (-------p)

Young bulls 176.0p (159.0p)

Light to 186.0p (169.1p)
Standard to 213.0p (180.3p)
Medium to 237.0p (188.6p)
Heavy to 213.0p (189.5p)
Overweight to 198.0p (163.5p)

Light to £68.00 (£43.64)
Heavy to £136.00 (£71.63)

Cast Rams £150.00 (£73.79)

The company held the weekly sale of prime cattle where 43 cows, bulls and clean were forward. A full ring of buyers with two new faces present bid freely for all cattle and an excellent trade was achieved for everything.

OTM’s: Jimmy Thompson’s wagon load dominated the sale.

Another excellent entry of over 30 cows met a fast trade for everything. Jimmy Thompson’s wagon of working cows topped the sale at 141p for a dairy bred Blue. Limousin’s from Andrew Ewing sold at 128p. Simmental x sold to 125p from Waterhead of Dryfe. The fluorescent scarlet coated lady from Laverhay sold a hillbred Blue to 135p. Native breeds were a good entry selling to 121p from Jimmy Thompson. Beef Shorthorn to 120p from Waterhead of Dryfe. Kerr Hislop sold his Beltie cow to 119p. Dairy cows consisted of hard worked, parlour animals which sold to 105p from Ronnie Jackson, and an aged Whitebred Shorthorn bull sold to 97p.

Longtown cattle ring

Bulls and Clean: a similar entry due to six day standstills. Sale topped at 199.5p for a heavyweight steer from Richard Nixon, handyweight bulls created great interest selling to 176p for dairy bred types. As ever more cattle are needed.

A larger show of 3,367 prime lambs were forward to the usual full ring of buyers, all keen for sheep. Trade rose all day and many purchasers were left short of requirements, especially for best quality export lambs and heavyweight lambs over 45kg. Many more could be sold to advantage; lightweight lambs were also easily sold with very few around. Best quality lambs met an excellent premium and many more required on a weekly basis. Sale topped at 237p for Texels from Crawthat and £107 for Texels from Buteland and Kirkbride. Overall average of 185.6ppk.


Texel 237p Crawthat, 236p Thornthwaite Close, 225p Brisco Meadows, 222p High Greenhill, 219p Thornthwaite Close, 218p Kilnhill, 215p Carran, 213p Kirranrae & Sowerby Wood.

Beltex 232p High Greenhill, 224p Walton Woodhead, 210p, 202p Shankcastle.

Suffolk 204p Hallburn, 203p Raby Grange, 198p, 196p Oswie, 194p Auchengray, 191p Borthwickshiels, 190p Whins & Hallburn, 189p Albierigg & Hallburn.

Cheviot 198p Bayldon, 186p Priesthaugh, 184p Little Gill.

Greyface 193p Peela Hill, 181p Edges Green, 180p Albierigg, 179p Nunscleugh, 178p The Nook, 177p Westend, 176p Edges Green.

Bleu du Maine 188p Borthwickshiels.

Charollais 187p, 180p Greenburn, 178p Lanehead, 172p Kimmiter Green.

Hampshire 187p Barnglies.

Berrichon 183p Sceugh Dyke.

Cheviot Mule 179p Borthwickshiels, 176p Brockhouse.

Blackface 177p Hareshaw, 176p D’Mainholm, 171p Allensgreen, 168p Baitlaws.

Romney 172p Kirkland.


Texel £107 Buteland & Kirkbride, £106 Oswie & Buteland, £104 Oswie, £103 Albierigg, £100 Carran & Kirkbride.

Suffolk £103 Oswie, £96 Hallburn, £94 Oswie, £91 Auchengray & Hallburn, £89 Sceugh Dyke, £88 Hallees, £87.50 Whins, £87 Hallburn, £86 Barnglies.

Beltex £97 Shankcastle, £95 High Greenhill, £94 Waltonwoodhead.

Charollais £90. £85, £80.50 Greenburn, £80 Lanehead.

Greyface £85 Peela Hill, £82 The Nook, £81 Albierigg, £80 Woodhouse, £78 Westend, £76.50 D’Mainholm, £76 Edges Green, £75 Whiteside, Woodhouse & Nunscleugh.

Cheviot £85 Bayldon, £72.50 Priesthaugh, £68 Littlegill.

Hampshire £84 Barnglies.

Berrichon £84 Sceugh Dyke.

Cheviot Mule £76 Brockhouse, £75 Borthwickshiels.

Blackface £74 D’Mainholm, £72 Allensgreen, £69 Hareshaw, £64 Allensgreen.

Longtown sheep ring

Another large show of 5,461 ewes were forward to the usual full ring of buyers, all eager for sheep with trade much sharper than previous weeks especially for heavyweight ewes, and most notable mules. Strong hill ewes firmer, with plainer feeding sorts looking a good trade. Sale topped at £150 for Texel rams from Chaseside and Texel ewes to £136 from Newbiggin.


Texel £136 Newbiggin, £130 Yatesfield & Beckfoot, £127 Howgillside, £126 Swallowdene, £122 Chaseside, £120 Leithanhall, Harley Croft, Mossband Hall & Heatherglen.

Suffolk £104 Meikle Richorn, £102 Newbiggin, £98 North House, £97 Beckfoot, £96 Marygate, £94 Chaseside, £93 Newbiggin, £91 High Wreay & Mossband Hall.

Blue Texel £102 Marygate.

Charollais £96 Heatherglen, £94 Beckfoot, £88 Port o Spittal, Ringliggate & Chaseside, £83 Blackhills.

Beltex £92 Castlehill, £87 Graceside & Newbiggin.

Greyface £89 Oswie & Graceside, £81 Slealands, £79 Marygate & Buteland, £78 Marygate & Newbiggin, £77 Fallowfield, £76 Milkieston.

North Country Cheviot £85 Catslackburn, £83, £77 Swinside Townfoot, £76 Chaseside, £75 Marchbank.

Leicester £84 Newbiggin, £84 Terrona, £81 Softley, £80 Westend & Swinside Townfoot.

Goat £83, £68 Marygate, £68 Boldron.

Cheviot Mule £79 Nettling Flatt, £78 Priesthaugh, £77 North House, £76 Springwells, Heatherglen & Northfield, £75 Tushielaw.

Bleu du Maine £70 Graceside.

Border Leicester £65 Westend.


Blackface £68 Lanehead, £63 Kirkland, £62 Yatesfield, £61 Haliburton, £60 Bush of Ewes & Newbiggin.

Cheviot £65 Potholm, £62 East Murton, £59 Priesthaugh, £58 Mount Benger, £56 Potholm, £54 East Murton.

Easycare £60 Powheads, £56 Boldron, £55, £53 East Fortissat.

Kendal Rough £60 Borrow Bridge House.

Lleyn £60 Port o Spittal, £51 Bank House, £46 Harper Hill.

Swaledale £47 Woodhouse, £45 Softley, £41 Archerbeck.


Texel £150 Chaseside, £136 Heatherglen, £118 Beckfoot, £113 Whitehall, £110 Newbiggin.

Suffolk £116 Fenton, £108 Maidencots, £100 Beckfoot.

Charollais £112 Chaseside.

Dorset £112 Chaseside.

Cheviot £98 Blackhaugh, £90 Bank House.

North Country Cheviot £88 Blackhaugh.

Lleyn £80 Meikle Richorn.

Beltex £80 Newbiggin.

Blackface £74 Hareshaw.

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