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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 16 prime cattle, 14 OTM cattle, 3,846 prime lambs and 6,057 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 11th August 2016.


Light to 199.5p (199.5p)
Medium to 212.5p (210.5p)
Heavy to 210.5p (201.2p)

Light to 213.5p (213.5p)
Medium to 198.0p (198.0p)
Heavy to -------p (-------p)

Light to 184.0p (163.4p)
Standard to 234.0p (189.9p)
Medium to 229.0p (193.1p)
Heavy to 218.0p (190.6p)
Overweight to 200.0p (179.0p)

Light to £70.00 (£42.68)
Heavy to £145.00 (£73.72)

Cast Rams £152.00 (£82.18)

A shortage of prime cattle numbers meant buyers were left short of requirements, take advantage of a good live ring trade. The sale topped at 213.5p for an Angus heifer sold by PT Dayson, Whamtown. Bullocks peaked at 212.5p for Limousin’s sold by A & WJ Taylor, Dashwell Green.



Limousin 212.5p, 211.5p Dashwell Green, 210.5p Nether Onsett & Raeburnfoot, 209.5p Low Plains & Raeburnfoot, 208.5p Nether Onsett, 207.5p, 203.5p Dashwell Green.

British Blue 208.5p Low Plains.



Angus 213.5p Whamtown.

British Blue 198p Gillalees.

Longtown cattle ring

OTM: Overall sale average 112.4p. Gillalees 1st, The Ash 2nd

A reduced entry of mainly suckler cows were on offer to the usual company of buyers with new faces present looking for feeding cows. The top price of 198p was paid for a clean heifer from Mr Forster, Gillalees, cows sold to 129p from Tom Cowan, The Ash. The Lawson twins sold Blue cows to 125p, with Simmentals to 120p from Andrew Forster. Black and White’s sold to 105p for an aged cow from Chris Littleton. Top price per head was £1018.75 from New House. Demand continues to grow at ringside for all classes of cows and as autumn closes in, give the Thursday sale a go and you won’t be disappointed.

A much larger show of 3,846 prime lambs were forward to the usual full ring of buyers all keen for sheep. A tremendous show for quality was forward, with the best quality export lambs and heavyweight lambs in strong demand. Fewer lightweight lambs forward, owing to strong store trade. A very respectable average of 191p, up some 43ppk on the corresponding week last year. Sale topped at £110 and £109 for Texels from Kirkton and 234p for Beltex from The Throp.


Beltex 234p The Throp, 222p Bridgestone, 210p Sorbie, 208p The Throp.

Texel 229p Hallbankgate & Wallend, 226p Sowerby Wood, 222p High Greenhill, 219p Thornthwaite Close, 218p Kirkton, 217p Wallend, 215p Lower Ashtrees, 212p Waltonwoodhead, 211p Kirkbride.

Suffolk 206p Fenton, 200p Branxholm Braes, Machribeg & Sowerby Wood, 199p Shield Green, 198p Sowerby Wood & Priesthaugh, 197p Potterland, Fenton & Keil.

Greyface 195p Tangytavil, 192p Arnicle, 190p Wanwood Hill, 186p Albierigg, 185p Hill Brae, 182p Penpeugh.

Berrichon 195p Sceugh Dyke.

Cheviot 194p Sundhope, 181p Barnglies, 179p, 172p Sundhope.

Hampshire 189p Barnglies, 184p Haithwaite, 181p Barnglies.

Charollais 189p Wyseby Hill Cottage.

Cheviot Mule 182p Keil, 180p North House.

Oxford 177p, 173p Guards.

Blackface 175p Cowden, 174p Wanwood Hill, 173p Penpeugh & Clonrae, 166p Bankend, 161p Clonrae & Prospect House.


Texel £110, £109 Kirkton, £108 Old Wall, £106 High House, £104 Leaona Villa, £102 Middle Farm & Colinton Mains, £101 Carlenrigg, £100 Woodhead & Old Wall.

Suffolk £100 Kilnford Croft, £97 Oswie, £96 Tone Hall, £93 Upper Mains, £92 Sceugh Dyke, £91 Barnglies, £90 Clayock & Potterland.

Beltex £91 Bridgestone, £89 The Throp, £87 Bridgestone, £82 Sorbie, £81 The Throp, £80.50 Aldery Terrace.

Hampshire £87, £85 Barnglies.

Cheviot £87 Barnglies.

Greyface £86 Tangytavil, £82, £80 Albierigg, £78.50 Roachburn, £77 Dalbhraddan & Kirkton of Crawford, £76.50 Penpeugh, £76 Wanwood Hill, £75 Oswie.

Berrichon £84 Sceugh Dyke.

Oxford £72.50 Guards.

Cheviot Mule £72 North House.

Charollais £70 Wyseby Hill Cottage.

Blackface £70 Cowden, £69 Penpeugh, £66 Prospect House, £62 Redburn View, £60 Roughet Hill.

Longtown sheep ring

Another fantastic show of 6,057 cast ewes and rams were forward to the country’s largest ringside of weekly buyers, resulting in a flying trade from start to finish with all classes maintaining last week’s high rates. Heavy, fat ewes saw the biggest rise on the week and were short of buyer requirements. All others remained on par. Sale topped at £152 for Texel rams from Eastside and £145 for Texel ewes from Newbigging.


Texel £145 Newbigging, £140, £137 Kirkton, £136 Chaseside, £134 Beckfoot, Graceside & Eastside, £132 Haithwaite, £131 Chaseside, £130 Eastside.

Charollais £118, £106, £94 Chaseside, £94 Sowerby Wood, £86 Chaseside, £82 Hunderlee Pastoral.

Suffolk £112 Howford, £110 Maidencots & Newbigging, £108 Eastside & Graceside, £104 Clayock, £101 Beckfoot, £100 Chaseside, £98 Haithwaite, Maidencots, Braithwaite Hall & Eastside.

Leicester £94 Kirksteads, £90 Roachburn & Howford, £88 Dalbhraddan, £86 Roachburn & Eastside.

North Country Cheviot £92 Fenwick & Dunnabie, £86 Howman Grange, £78 Lynegar & North House, £76 Carlenrigg, £74 Dunnabie, £71 Commonside, £68 High Moat, £67 Lynegar.

Cheviot Mule £86 Haithwaite, £84 Skelfhill, £82 Upper Hunderlee, £78 North House, £75 Whiteside, £67 Upper Hunderlee, £66, £64 Greenwell Meadow, £64 Leanach.

Greyface £90 Lower Cults, £85 Awhirk & Eastside, £84 Westend, £83 Haithwaite, £82 Flathill, £81 High Aketon, £80 Third.

Oxford £79 Guards.

Zwartble £70 Beckfoot.

Romney £68 Marygate.


Easycare £70 Mitchelston, £61 Mossfennan.

Blackface £68 Keil, £66 Kinnelcutty, £64 Toft House Farm, £63 Whiteside, £62 Midlock, £61 Whiteside, £60 Eastside, £59 Harden & Gibblaston.

Cheviot £63 Carterton, £57 Laigh Crewburn, £55 Heip Hill House, £54 Carlenrigg, £53 Sundhope, £52 Carterton, £49 Whiteside, £46 Almagill & Ringliggate.

Lleyn £62 Guards, £61 Barwhinock, £48 The Challlenge, £46 Carterton, £45 Barwhinock.

Swaledale £58 Stonehall & Fell View, £56 Haithwaite & Maidencots, £52 Roachburn, £51 Morley Hill, £50 Maidencots.

Herdwick £50 Haithwaite.


Texel £152 Eastside, £150 Dashwell Green, £148 Marygate, £145 Beckfoot, £120 Newbigging, Low Lonning, Graceside & Beckfoot, £118 Kinnelcutty, Wydon Eals & Chaseside.

Charollais £140 Hunderlee Pastoral.

Berrichon £134 Peddar Hill.

Suffolk £132 Haithwaite, £128 Chaseside, £110 Skelfhill, £108 Eastside.

Oxford £128 Guards.

North Country Cheviot £122 Drumreach, £100, £95 Hownam Grange.

Lleyn £118 Eastside.

Leicester £114 Eastside.

Easycare £92 Mitchelston, £78 Marygate, £72 Mitchelston.

Blackface £90 Skelfhill, £84 Barsalloch, £83 Riskenhope, £76 Arnicle, £72 Harden.

Herdwick £81 Haithwaite.

Cheviot £88 Skelfhill, £80 Haithwaite.

Swaledale £72 Roachburn.

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