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Kuhn Demonstrates at Grass & Muck Event

KUHN Center Ireland recently attended the FTMTA Grass and Muck event held in Gurteen, Co Tipperary where they demonstrated a wide range of Grass and Hay machinery.

This bi annual event has an attendance over 10,000 people and was well attended by farmers and contractors this year due to the mixed weather Ireland is experiencing.

FC 3125 DF FF Front Mounted Mower Conditioner

FC 3125 DF FF Front Mounted Mower Conditioner

Some new machines were demonstrated for the first time to include the new FC 3125 DF FF Front Mounted Mower Conditioner.

KUHN’s new front-mounted disc mower conditioner – the FC 3125 DF-FF – has a 3.10m working width and features improved terrain-following capabilities and variable conditioning speeds, making it ideal for use as part of a high power, high output, triple-gang setup.

The FC 3125 DF-FF uses a re-designed twin-linkage headstock and shark fin inspired design which houses an innovative suspension set-up enabling the mower to oscillate at angles of up to 30 degrees. This improved ground contouring capability prevents crop contamination and preserves the quality of the remaining grass sward.

The mower’s suspension is controlled by KUHN’s hydro-pneumatic ground pressure system which minimises crop damage and reduces wear and tear of the cutter bar by allowing the mowing unit to travel by up to 0.75m. Two large pivoting connecting rods provide additional structural strength and stability.

The conditioning unit is fitted with KUHN’s pivoting steel fingers which adapt easily to different types of forage. Conditioning intensity is controlled by a single gear lever which selects one of two speeds: 1000 min-1 for most forage grasses or 755 min-1 for more delicate crops.

The FC 3125 DF-FF uses KUHN’s reliable OPTIDISC cutter bar and PROTECTADRIVE safety system and is fitted with FAST-FIT knives.

When used in combination with a rear mounted twin mower conditioner – either the FC 8830 D or FC 9530 D – a total working width of 8.73 to 9.53 metres is possible.


The latest version of Kuhn’s fixed chamber round baler-wrapper combination – the FBP 3135 BalePack machine – delivers high output productivity in conjunction with consistent bale formation and a reliable wrapping mechanism.

The FBP 3135 is available with two different intake rotors – the OptiCut 14 or OptiCut 23 – both with Hardox tines. Each version shares the same 2.30m pick-up which features cam-track technology to enable improved contour following for cleaner, more efficient grass collection.

The OptiCut 14 is fitted with 14 knives to provide a minimum cutting length of 70mm. Group selection enables the knives to be used in five formations (0, 4, 7, 7 or 14) to produce the desired chop length. The OptiCut 23 offers a minimum cutting length of 45mm, with its 23 knives used in a 0, 7, 11, 12 or 23 arrangement. Each knife is individually spring-protected against damage from foreign objects. A drop-floor intake system enables blockages to be cleared easily and quickly by hydraulically lowering the floor and knives from the comfort of the tractor cab. After the blockage is cleared they can easily be moved back into their working position.

The FBP’s baling chamber consists of 18 PowerTrack rollers which produce round bales 1.25m in diameter and 1.22m in width. The 18 rollers have symmetrical profiles which generate exceptionally high density and reliable bale rotation in all crop conditions. Net binding is available as standard, with twine binding available as an option.

The FBP uses KUHN’s IntelliWrap system which uses vertically mounted film pre-stretchers to prevent grass being deposited between layers of film for a tighter, better sealed and more consistent finish. The wrapping unit is also fitted as standard with KUHN’s film break sensor, and can be specified with the company’s 3D wrapping system for perfectly sealed bales which maintain their shape well and are better protected compared to conventionally wrapped bales.

Overall dimensions for the FBP 3135 are 6.25m (length), 2.70m (height) and 2.99m (width). The machine’s net weight is from 5,400kg depending on options selected.

Also demonstrated this year was the FB 3130 , the latest version of its round baler.The MkII FB range of fixed chamber balers includes a number of new features which improve baling speed, quality and efficiency.

The latest FB balers are available with two different intake rotors – KUHN’s OPTIFEED or OPTICUT 14 systems – both of which share the same 2.30m pick-up width for maximum productivity.

The OPTIFEED rotor uses double feeding tines and integrated augers to provide an even and consistent flow of crop into the bale chamber for improved bale consistency. The OPTICUT 14 rotor is fitted with 14 knives which provide a cutting length of 70mm and which even out the swath by force-feeding the crop into the baler for maximum throughput.

The new FB uses Kuhn’s PENDULUM pick-up to gather the densest of swaths at high forward speeds and uses height adjustable guide wheels for accurately carrying the pick-up over every ground contour.

The FB is also equipped with KUHN’s POWERTRACK system which uses 18 asymmetrical, ribbed steel rollers to rotate and tightly compress bales as they are being produced.

The FB MkII range also features Kuhn’s hydraulic POWERLOCK rear door cylinders which work in combination with a hydraulic lock valve to produce maximum bale density. Fast door opening and closing means more bales per hour and improved efficiency.

The FC 3160 TLD was also demonstrated this year. With three seasons done since it was first launched in Ireland this trailed mower is selling very well.

This New generation trailed mower conditioner perfectly combines high work output, flexibility and operating comfort. A combination of clean cut mowing of heavy grasses and delicate forage crops, with effective conditioning for quick dry-down.

You can improve your productivity with confidence thanks to the reliable OPTIDISC cutter bar and the PROTECTADRIVE safety system.

Wide choice of conditioners for optimal adaptation to forage type:
- DIGIDRY pivoting fingers in steel for grasses and natural meadows.
- SQUAREFLEX large diameter, exclusive profile rollers for efficient stem conditioning and careful treatment of leaves and other thick-stemmed forage crops
- Steel rollers, ideal for intensive operations.
Conditioner drive protected by the exclusive POSIGUARD system.

Wide delivery, one swath delivery or two swath grouping. With or without swath boards; it’s your choice, for optimum adaptation of forage crop delivery to operating conditions.

The extra-large wheels apply low pressure only, so plant cover is preserved and soil compaction avoided.

Easy and comfortable to use:
- FAST-FIT knives, 100% failsafe.
- centralized cutting height adjustment.
- conditioning intensity adjustment in just a few seconds for optimal adaptation to the type of forage crop.
-Exclusive GYRODINE headstock for 90° turns made simple.


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