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Kuhn Unveils New Additions to Range at SIMA 2011

Drilling and cultivation equipment, two sprayers, a baler-wrapper combination and a triple gang disc mower were the previously unseen highlights for UK visitors to Kuhn Farm Machinery’s SIMA 2011 display.


Kuhn CSC 6000 with TF 1500

Kuhn CSC 6000 with TF 1500
High output power harrow / drill combination

Previously seen only in the UK in prototype format, Kuhn’s new CSC 6000 power harrow and drill combination, with TF 1500 front hopper, offers larger arable farmers and contractors a flexible high work rate pneumatic seeding option.

This 6 metre model, which incorporates the HR 6004 DR folding power harrow and Venta pneumatic seeding facility, is suitable for operating on min-tilled or tilled land. Kuhn has included its new Seedflex coulter bar, which is fitted with offset double discs on a parallelogram and large diameter press wheels, and is capable of a coulter pressure of up to 45 kg per unit to ensure consistent seeding depth at high speeds.

The new TF 1500 front hopper has a maximum capacity of 2,000 litres yet has a low filling height and ensures good visibility in work. This front hopper can be used on Kuhn drills from 3 – 6m and can also be used for fertiliser with precision drills.

Electronic control for the CSC 6000 is provided by the Quantron S control box and an electrically driven metering unit. This equipment makes it possible for the user to adjust the application rate, to anticipate the rotation of the metering unit at the beginning of the field, to store up to 200 sets of data including the variety sown, the application rate, the seeding date, etc.


Kuhn Sitera

Kuhn Sitera
Sitera mechanical seed drill

Kuhn has extended its range of mechanical seed drills with the addition of the Sitera. Available in 3 metre format, the mechanical drill can be used in combination with Kuhn’s HRB 303, HR 100 or HR 1000 series power harrows.

Seeding depth is governed by the packer roller, which is advantageous when drilling in stony conditions and eliminates the need to make adjustments when altering the cultivation depth.

As with new Venta NC and LC pneumatic drills, Moduliner and CSC 6000 drills (see above) the Sitera has Kuhn’s Seedflex coulter bar, with double discs at a 12.5 cm or 15 cm spacing and integral depth control and press wheels. The Sitera is therefore suitable for conventional or min-till drilling.


Kuhn Optis

Kuhn Optis
Economical mounted sprayer

Kuhn has added the simple and robust Optis to its mounted sprayer range. With capacities ranging from 300 to 1,200 litres, Optis models feature numerous components already tried and tested in Kuhn’s mounted sprayer range.

The Optis can be fitted with one of three control options: constant pressure for the most simple demands; manual DPM control (output proportional to the engine speed); and finally DPM electric control, with a new in-cab control box, the DPF.

A light weight but robust manual boom (RPL), with stainless steel line and protected jets, is available in widths of 9, 10 and 12m.


Extension to trailed sprayer range

Kuhn will extend its range of trailed sprayers in 2011 with the introduction of the Metris.

With a tank capacity of 4,100 litres and boom widths of 18 to 36 metres, the Metris positions itself between the Atlantique / Grand Large ranges and the Oceanis.

The Metris maintains all the main features now synonymous with Kuhn’s trailed sprayers, including:

  • Injected polyester tank. A perfectly smooth inner structure facilitates cleaning procedures. Anti-roll walls limit product movement to preserve it and improve the machine balance.
  • Rinsing tank in rear central position with a capacity of 450 litres. This position improves the load distribution and provides the main tank with a pronounced sump to reduce volumes at the end of the treatment.
  • Machine compactness with a ring-axle length of 4.35 metres to ensure manoeuvrability and limited damage to crops.
  • Aluminium booms from 18 to 36 metres.
  • Three dimensional boom suspension.
  • The design of the Metris specifically includes:
  • A new valve panel for easier operation.
  • Booms within machine dimensions for all models that allow it easier road travel (booms of up to 24 metres in 2 arms and up to 36 metres in 3 arms).
  • Total machine suspension (drawbar + undercarriage) for improved absorption of shocks and increased product service life.
  • Reversible drawbar to adapt to the various attachments.


Kuhn i-Bio baler wrapper combination

Kuhn i-Bio baler wrapper combination
New baler-wrapper combination

The i-Bio baler-wrapper combination is the latest addition to Kuhn’s grass harvesting range. With a pick-up width of 2.3 metres, the i-Bio has an integral rotor with the option of a 14-knife or 23-knife cutting unit and hydraulically operated drop-floor.

Eighteen ribbed rollers ensure good bale formation and a fast wrapping cycle (6 layers in 20 seconds) which is facilitated by two pre-stretching systems. The Focus control box on the i-Bio provides a monitoring function and automatic or manual modification of settings. The Intelliwrap system ensures economical use of wrap by allowing the number of layers applied (3 – 8) to be flexibly managed.


Kuhn GMD 8730

Kuhn GMD 8730
Triple gang disc mower

Kuhn has extended its straight disc mower range with the launch of the GMD 8730, a triple combination with a working width up to 8.75 metres.

Combining one front mounted 3.1 metre unit and two rear mounted units, the combination operates with Kuhn’s Lift-Control hydro-pneumatic suspension system for excellent ground following and has non-stop safety whereby the mowing units pivot to the rear on contact with an obstacle before automatically returning to work.

The GMD 8730 also has Kuhn’s Optidisc cutter bar design (for enhanced cutting quality and rapid crop evacuation) and the Protectadrive gear train protection system. The model is also fitted as standard with fast fit blades.

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