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Fliegl Muck Spreader wins DLG Approved Status

The quality mark DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft – German Agricultural Society) APPROVED is awarded for agricultural engineering products that have been tested by the DLG according to independent and recognized evaluation criteria.

Before the test, an accredited partner laboratory calibrated the weighing system, while the DLG checked the test stand regarding standards conformity. For the test, cattle manure from a neighbouring property was used. In order to determine the lateral distribution, collection receptacles were placed transversely to the direction of travel along the testing area. Each spreader drove the test track a total of three times. Then, the spreading quantities collected in the containers were weighed and calculated by area for determining the basic spreading pattern. To determine the longitudinal distribution, the mass flow was assessed by continuous measurement of the axle and drawbar loads in a stationary state during the complete emptying of a load. Two different spread rates were tested of two vehicles with the same settings: 10 t/ha and 30 t/ha.

Push-off manure spreader ADS

Push-off manure spreader ADS

Fliegl provided a push-off manure spreader ADS 120 with the spreading unit Profi VS and a push-off trailer ASW 271 with the spreading unit Profi V2 for testing. Both vehicles were tested in the equipment variants with electrical control of the push-off feed rate via potentiometer and automatic control with Fliegl VarioSens.

The spreading quantity of both vehicles is determined by the pushing movement of the push-off wall as well as the driving speed. For this, the gate valve for spreading must be fully open at all times. According to the standard equipment, the oil quantity is set by using a mechanical control valve on the spreading vehicle. For this purpose, a basic setting has to be chosen before starting work. While driving, the push-off feed rate can be adjusted via the tractor’s hydraulic. An electrical control for the control valve via a potentiometer is optionally available which allows controlling the push-off speed from the cab during the unloading process. A third possibility is the optional equipment version "VarioSens" with which the push-off speed is regulated via the torque. The lateral distribution is set via the PTO speed, i.e. the circulation speed of the beaters with the spreading discs.

When testing the Fliegl push-off manure spreader ADS 120, excellent spreading qualities were obtained for both, the spreading of 10 t/ha as well as the spreading of 30 t/ha manure. The calculated coefficients of variation are below 15%, in both the lateral and the longitudinal distribution. The extension within the tolerance zone at around 67% is at a high level with manual control via the potentiometer, however, can be increased to almost 90% by the automatic control with Fliegl VarioSens.

Spreading material



Working width

12 m


Spread target rate

10 t/ha

30 t/ha


Driving speed

7,5 km/h

2,5 km/h


Lateral distribution


-   Variation Coefficient VC*

12,7 %


-   Actual spread rate

10,1 t/ha

30,0 t/ha


Longitudinal distribution (manual control)


-  Variation Coefficient VC*

8,0 %


-  Extension within tolerance zone

67,1 %


Longitudinal distribution (Fliegl VarioSens)


-  Variation Coefficient VC*

9,7 %


-  Extension within tolerance zone

89,9 %


Table: Parameters of distribution quality of manure ADS

In addition, the DLG tested the push-off trailer ASW 271. When applying 10 t/ha, good distribution qualities were obtained and when applying 30 t/ha even very good distribution qualities were achieved in transverse direction. In longitudinal direction, the calculated variation coefficients at values close to 10 % are in a very good range. The extension within the tolerance zone with almost 70% is at a high level for both equipment versions and spread rates.


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