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NSA teams up with British Wool Bedding

To celebrate the wonder that is British wool, NSA is very excited to have teamed up with the Wool Room to give away five luxury bedding sets.

Adding value to the whole supply chain is a key interest for NSA, and the success of the Wool Room’s British wool bedding range is an excellent example of achieving this with responsible sourcing and prime branding.


NSA Chief Executive Phil Stocker says:
“It is really great that NSA is able to offer this fantastic prize, which is very appropriate given that everything within the bedding set is created using British wool. It’s great for us to team up with a British retailer and manufacturer that is utilising our members’ wool in such a positive way.”

The Wool Room’s development of its unique product range places it as the only brand using natural sheep products that are machine washable and carry the Allergy UK seal of approval. Chris Tattersall, the Wool Room Managing Director, explains:
“Why wool? Because it’s cool when it’s hot and warm when it's not. Wool fibre helps to keep your body at the optimal temperature zone for comfort and rest. It has this amazing ability to absorb and desorb excess heat and humidity whilst providing the healthiest of sleeping environments.”

The first of the five luxury sets was given away on Friday 5th February at the NSA Eastern Region Winter Fair. The lucky winner from all the sheep farmers and visitors to the event at Melton Mowbray Livestock Market was Stephen Matthews, a NSA member from Staffordshire. Stephan and his partner run two small pedigree flocks of Suffolks and Southdowns, as well as 80 commercial breeding ewes. Aside from the sheep enterprise, Stephan also does contract shepherding, relief milking, as well as garden maintenance work.

Another three sets will be won by visitors to NSA Scot Sheep on Wednesday 1st June, NSA South Sheep on Tuesday 7th June and the NSA Sheep Event on Wednesday 27th July. For those unable to attend any of these events on the day, there is also the chance to enter at other shows NSA attends through the year and also on the NSA website.

Mr Stocker continues: “The NSA Eastern Region Winter Fair on Friday was a tremendous start for the NSA sheep events in 2016 – and we’re delighted that the first luxury bedding set has gone to a good home. There is so much to see and do at all of our NSA events that we cannot wait for the other events through the year. If you are not already an NSA member, it’s worth considering that entry to our events for is free or heavily discounted if you sign up for a membership card.”


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