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Sprayer Booms Benefit from DistanceControl Plus

DistanceControl, the boom guidance system, can now be equipped with four sensors, two on each boom half.

In addition to this increased numbers of sensors, the regulating software has also been further developed to ensure optimum boom guidance even at higher forward speeds and reduced target heights.

DistanceControl, the boom guidance system

DistanceControl, the boom guidance system

These height sensors work in conjunction with a mixture of four other angle, height and tilt sensors and potentiometers which are fitted to the centre pendulum of the sprayer boom.

In most cases, with the aid of DistanceControl, it means that the boom follows the target surface at an optimum height and angle so that the correct distance between the nozzle and the target is maintained. Under particularly difficult conditions, however, two sensors are maybe not sufficient as, especially in heavily differing crop heights, such as beans or oil seed rape, or in areas with partially lodged corn, it can happen that the boom dips into the crop.

In this case equipping the boom with four sensors will help prevent this. By having four sensors on the boom a larger crop surface is scanned resulting in improved boom guidance along the crop surface, especially on undulating ground contours or in irregular height crops. The sensor nearest the crop takes priority and will react to a potential problem first.

Through DistanceControl plus, the changing conditions of today’s modern crop protection application have been taken into account and, with this development, AMAZONE has reacted to the trend of both travelling faster as well as the desire to reduce the target surface distance to below 50 cm to minimise drift.


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