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No Interest Whatsoever on Amazone Trailed Sprayers

Amazone trailed sprayers are synonymous with quality and performance and who says that size doesn’t matter? Now topping out at an impressive 12,000 litre capacity on the tandem axled UX11200, the UX range caters though for all farm sizes and budgets; even the UX3200 Special with boom widths up to 36m delivers 60 acres a fill at standard water rates, whereas the UX6200 Super, which in a 40m working width weighs in at just 4314 kg, can get over in excess of 110 acres!

The impressive UX boom ride comes from the ultra-lightweight aircraft wing construction technology.

Amazone trailed sprayer

But of course it is not just acres covered that counts, it is also filling speed and turnaround times that matter; the UX Super fills at 800 l/min and its 60 litre capacity induction bowl draws liquids and powders in around 225 l/min – now that’s performance.

Once filled and out in the field, here again performance takes over as, with the right nozzle specification, speeds of up to 20 km/h are perfectly achievable and no stress for the operator either as the Distance-Control automatic height system and GPS-Switch auto boom shut-off look after the operation of the machine once underway.

Axle steering systems, such as either UniTrail or TrailTron make sure the sprayer stays on both wheels, however steep the ground. The low down centre of gravity doesn’t change across banks even when turning coming downhill at the ends and so stability is ensured at all times. The only Rollover with Amazone is if you buy a lottery ticket.

Enjoy the best for less
On the run up to LAMMA 2013, all Amazone trailed sprayers come with 0% finance* so there never has been a more affordable time to make that decision.

Go posher for nothing
Until January18th 2012 you can order a UX trailed sprayer and receive up to £3000 worth of goodies for free! So, whereas for now you might like a few accessories but feel the budget won’t stretch that far, we will pick up the tab on those extra bits and bobs. For instance, you can upgrade to Distance-Control for nothing if you order a sprayer with Profi-fold or add on GPS-Switch automatic boom shut-off if you order a GPS-Ready sprayer. Talk to your local Amazone dealer to see just how much extra you can get for your money.

Need a demonstration?
No problem, just contact them and they will do the rest. They always say seeing is believing and you will not fail to be impressed by the boom ride of the Super-L boom. Remember that stability of the nozzle height above crop is what makes the most of the chemical in the tank; it’s expensive so make the most of it with an Amazone trailed sprayer. Things don’t get any better.

*Profile based on 30% deposit and 1+2 annuals at 0% APR, one on signing and two further annual payments. VAT on signing. Business users only, terms and conditions apply

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