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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 13 OTM cattle, 4,758 prime lambs and 3,173 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 17th December 2015.


Light to 229.0p (150.1p)
Standard to 211.0p (162.3p)
Medium to 244.0p (172.3p)
Heavy to 202.0p (169.2p)
O/weight 177.0p (153.2p)

Light to £70.00 (£46.02)
Heavy to £149.00 (£76.17)

Cast Rams £106.00 (£67.78)

OTM CATTLE – 8 buyer’s operating

A similar entry of cows were on offer to an increased company of buyers including several feeders. Trade continues to be difficult with meated cows a lot sharper on the week, while small out of parlour sorts were similar or dearer on the week.

Suckler cows sold to a top of 108p for a Simmental from Fozzy & Diane Forster. Aged hill Galloway cows to 82p from Robin Elliot. Dairy cows a mixed entry selling to 83p for a Black & White from Riggfoot, top price per head for dairy types was £564.85 from Woodslee.

Special mention must be made of an aged Beef Shorthorn cow shown by the young dandy of Hethersgill Stuart Lake. The cow which has played a large part of Stuart’s life sold for 83p, we only hope that Jess can fill the gap left.

Longtown cattle ring

A similar show of 4,758 prime lambs were forward to the usual full ring of buyers looking for sheep. All classes met a flying trade, especially heavyweight lambs. Export lambs easily cashed and many more sheep could have been sold to advantage. Overall average of 165.8p per kilo (SQQ 166.1p).

Top price of 244p per kilo for Beltex from Messrs Gribbon, Waterside with a top per head of £100 for Beltex from Waterside and for Texels from Messrs Bell, Kirkton and Drimsynie Estate. Many more best quality Beltex and Texel lambs could be sold to advantage.


Beltex 244p Waterside, 229p Drummuie, 221p Waltonwoodhead, 220p Waterside, 211p Drummuie.

Texel 213p Old Wall, 211p Newbiggin, 210p Conon Brae, 206p Newington, 205p Smallholms.

Blue Texel 195p Sowerby Wood.

Suffolk 183p Low Hallburn, 180p Shield Green, 177p Newbiggin, 176p Tarrasfoot and Archerbeck, 175p Craigens, Dunjop and Blakelaw.

Hill Cheviot 182p Glendearg, 176p Roughet Hill, 175p Highfield Cottage, 172p Catslackburn, 171.4p Brae Edge.

Charollais 175p Ashley Park and Archerbeck, 165p, 163p Draniegower, 163p Claylock.

Blackface 172p Catslackburn, 169p Drumelzier, 168p Craigens, Winterhopeburn and Baraskomel, 165p Craigens and Baraskomel, 164p Bush of Ewes.

Greyface 169p Kilkeddan, 168p Windy Hill, 166p Drumelzier Haugh, 162p Spoutbank, 160p New Hummerbecks, Burn House and Nunscleugh.

North Country Cheviot 168p, 163p, 157p Whiteknowe, 157p Tyrone House.

Half Bred 159p Earlside, 157p Adderston Shields.

Swaledale 152p Burn House, 147p Blakelaw.

Oxford 141p The Pheasantry.

Herdwick 140p Thorns.

Leicester 122p Drimsynie.


Texel £100 Kirkton and Drimsynie, £98, £96 Kirkton, £96 Cubby Hill, £95 Kirkton, Eastside and Corncockle, £94 Mossthorn, Linton and Sowerby Wood.

Beltex £100 Waterside, £95, £94 Waltonwoodhead, £94 Eastside, £90 Waterside, £81 Drummuie and Thornthwaite Close.

Suffolk £90.50 Carsegowan, £89, £88.50 Sceughdyke, £88 Dunjop, £87 Sceughdyke.

Blue Texel £80 Sowerby Wood.

North Country Cheviot £80, £70, £67 Whiteknowe.

Greyface £80 Nether Gribton, £76 Minsca, £74.50 Spoutbank, £73 Greenburn and Kirkhouse, £72 Burn House and Nunscleugh.

Hill Cheviot £88 Potholm, £81, £79 Carruthers, £77 Glendearg, £74.50 Aucharua.

Charollais £77 Ashley Park and Archerbeck, £73.50 Draniegower, £70.50 Sowerby Wood, £70 Clayock.

Blackface £73 Bush of Ewes, £70 Horseholme, £67.50 Low Old Shield and Cramalt, £65.50 Meggethead, £65 Penpeugh.

Swaledale £70 Burn House, £53 Blakelaw.

Half Bred £69 Adderston Shiels, £62 Earlside.

Leicester £60 Penpeugh and Drimsynie.

Herdwick £42 Thorns.

A smaller show of 3,173 cast ewes and rams were forward to the usual ring of buyers. Trade was £9 dearer for heavy ewes and £3 for light ewes. All classes short of buyer requirements apart from over fat ewes.

Longtown sheep ring


Texel £149 Eastside, £136 Woodhead, £128 Newbigging and Eastside, £127 Woodhead and West Knowe, £126 Bascodyke Foot.

Suffolk £128, £95 West Knowe, £92 Newbigging, £90 Keith, £88 Newbigging.

Beltex £94 Barend, £90 Waterside, £88 Ringliggate, £86 Netherplace.

Charollais £94 Auchengray, £86 Stockwell Hall.

North Country Cheviot £85 Brockhouse, £74 Olrig Mains, £83 Eastside, £80 Olrig Mains, £76 Old Hall.

Leicester £78 Kildennan, Corrow and High Burnfoot, £75 Snowden Close, £70 Corrow.

Cheviot Mule £77 Baillie, £76 Eastside, £64 Baillie.

Half Bred £77 Netherplace.

Romney £77 Swaites.

Greyface £75 Netherplace, £74 Brackenthwaite, £73 Nilston Rigg, £71 Sceughdyke and New Farm, £69 Shield Green.

Oxford £64 The Pheasantry.

Hampshire £63 Bedshiel.


Blackface £66 Newbigging, £65, £64 Nilston Rigg, £60 Bankend, £55 Nilston Rigg.

Woodland £59 Riggshield.

Hill Cheviot £58 Wham Head, £55 The Firs, £54 Newbigging, £52 Riggshield, £51 Eastside.

Swaledale £58 Brampton Fell, £53 Coombe Crag, £49 Roachburn and Todhillwood, £47 Brampton Fell, Ballie, Spital Shields, Nunscleugh and Todhillwood.

Easycare £51, £48 Bedshiel, £45 Blackhaugh.

Jacob £47 Craigdhu.

Beulah £45 Newbigging.

Welsh Mountain £41 Craigdhu.

Shetland £40 Eastside.

Goats £70 Ringliggate.


Texel £106 Corncockle, £99 Lightbirks, £98 Brackenthwaite, £97 Low Closegill, £94 Lightbirks.

Hill Cheviot £88 Twislehope, £77 Skelfhill, £73 Hartsgarth, £69 Bedshiel.

Charollais £88 Brackenthwaite, £74 Baillie.

Leicester £87 Randalholme, £86 Spital Shields, £84 Nunscleugh, £75 Nilston Rigg.

Suffolk £84 Eastside, £72 Maidencots, £69 Bedshiel.

Beltex £82 Low Tirfergus, £76 Lightbirks.

Blackface £76 Lanehead, £65 Meggethead, £64 Skelfhill, £61 Brackenthwaite, £60 Horseholme.

Swaledale £60 Randalholme, £57 Roachburn, £56 Spital Shields, £55 Roachburn.

Easycare £50 Bedshiel.

Woodland £50 New Farm.

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