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R&D Appointment for Barenbrug’s Mhairi Dawson

Mhairi Dawson, Regional Sales Manager for Barenbrug UK in Scotland, is taking on an additional role for the business.

With immediate effect, Mhairi Dawson has been appointed Research & Development (R&D) Manager for the UK agriculture arm of the Royal Barenbrug Group – which is known worldwide for developing some of farming’s most popular grass and forage seed mixtures.

Mhairi Dawson

Mhairi Dawson

Mhairi’s new responsibilities will see her work closely alongside international breeders across the Royal Barenbrug Group. Assessing the different agriculture grasses in development across the company, she will select new varieties to take to trial in the UK at Barenbrug’s sites in Cropvale, Worcestershire; in Aberdeen; and at Loughall, Northern Ireland. She will also make the most of Barenbrug’s global reach, evaluating products already available in other countries to see how they could be adapted for use by UK farmers.

In parallel to her new role, Mhairi will continue to manage her existing work – helping Scottish farmers select grass and forage crop varieties to fit their farm needs. Mhairi’s appointment follows the death of David Long, who passed away in October 2014 following a short illness.

Paul Johnson, Managing Director of Barenbrug UK said: “It was always going to be a hard task to find a successor to David. His knowledge of agricultural grass was second to none – but Mhairi was the natural person for the role and we know he would have approved wholeheartedly of her appointment. Mhairi and David worked closely together for a number of years and her qualifications in agricultural science – as well as her own farm and sales experience – will stand her in good stead in the role.”

Mhairi said:
“Barenbrug has a reputation for bringing top quality forage crop and agricultural grass seed mixtures to market worldwide. The business consistently produces varieties that go to the top of Recommended Lists for clover and grass. It is a real honor to step into the role that David held for so many years. Working with the team, I look forward to building on his legacy – making decisions that will speed new grass and forage crops to market and have a positive impact on the profitability of UK farms over many years to come.”

Mhairi joined Barenbrug in 2010. She has a BSc (Hons) degree in Applied Bioscience obtained from the Scottish Agriculture College (SAC). Her experience of managing her own farm business has given Mhairi a real passion for grass. Already an expert in seed selection and forage crops, Mhairi plans to become more actively engaged with industry associations and attend key events, giving papers and presentations on technical projects and the latest trends in agricultural grass development.

Barenbrug UK is part of the Royal Barenbrug Group – which has research locations in 14 countries and more than 600 experts committed to the development of grass seed species and cultivars for the farming sector, as well as amenity applications and gardening projects.


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