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Twin Rotor Gyrorake Available in Fully Mounted Format

Kuhn Farm Machinery has introduced a new fully-mounted twin rotor grass rake to its range of hay and silage making equipment.

The GA 6501 P is a high output, central delivery Gyrorake with a variable working width of 5.40 to 6.40 metres.  The width of the central windrow can be adjusted between 1.00 and 2.00 metres and is formed by two 2.65m diameter rotors, each of which are equipped with 10 tines arms and three tines per arm.

GA 6501 P mounted Gyrorake

GA 6501 P mounted Gyrorake

The new machine sits alongside KUHN’s existing range of semi-mounted Gyrorakes (available in working widths from 5.50 to 14.70 metres) but is the first KUHN twin-rotor rake to be made available in a fully mounted format.

The GA 6501 P has KUHN’s double curved tine arms which have been designed to produce an airy, well-structured, regular and arrow-straight windrow, even when operating at high forward speeds.  The raking height of the rotors can be adjusted by operating a single crank mechanism.

Each rotor is mounted on three pivoting, large diameter wheels for excellent ground contouring, with the new machine also using KUHN’s 3D rotor articulation system to provide additional stability and close ground following even on the roughest terrain.

A pivoting headstock gives the GA 6501 P excellent manoeuvrability in tight field corners, whilst the integrated rotor lift hydraulics allow high ground clearance at field headlands and enable the fully mounted machine to be folded into its 2.5m wide transport position without the need to leave the tractor cab.

The GA 6501 P operates at a PTO speed on 540 rpm and can be used on tractors with a minimum PTO power of 40hp.  It requires one DA hydraulic valve to operate the lift cylinders and is fitted as standard with road lights and turning indicators.


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