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Zetor Introduces the New Crystal

The traditional Czech producer of agricultural machinery, Zetor tractors has expanded its line of modern tractors by a new model with a six-cylinder engine called the Crystal.

After a long period of time, the Zetor Crystal is the first tractor of the brand’s portfolio that has a six-cylinder engine with an output of 144 and 163 horsepower. Furthermore, the new model excels in easy operation as well as low maintenance and operation costs. By introducing the new tractor, the number of model lines of the Zetor brand has expanded from three to four. The Zetor Crystal will stand out its red wheels; Zetor plans to gradually extend this element to all of its products.

Kvernland 6716 Baler

Zetor Crystal Tractor

“Our goal is to continually increase the added value of our tractors and the Zetor Crystal is another example of this. Tractors from the Crystal line are now the strongest machines in our product offering, coming with a six-cylinder engine after a long time. Their main characteristics are power, durability and effectiveness, which will be appreciated especially by owners of large farms,” says David Kollhammer, Technical Director at Zetor Tractors a.s., about the new model.

The key novelty of the Zetor Crystal is a high-performance six-cylinder engine produced by Deutz AG, equipped with 24 valves and common rail injection. The robust engine block is a compact part of the tractor’s supporting structure that is able to withstand high loads exerted by mounted equipment. The engine’s constant power delivery increases productivity and lowers consumption.
Other technical novelties of the Crystal model include an extended wheelbase, which is 2,840 mm and adds to the tractor’s better stability in comparison with other tractors in this horsepower class.

“The Zetor Crystal is the most hard-working tractor on the market – one that does not let its owner down in any case. Its most significant characteristic can be described by a single term – Hard Worker. That is why Hard Worker became the key slogan of our introductory marketing campaign,” says Adam Zert, Director of Sales and Marketing at Zetor Tractors a.s.

The Crystal is not only relentless in everyday work, but it also guarantees a high level of comfort. This comfort is supported by the transmission with a range of 30 forward and 30 reverse speeds. It is operated with the help of a three-stage torque multiplier (PowerShift), a hydraulic reverser (PowerShuttle) and a clutch button on the shift lever (PowerClutch). The front axle suspension system, consisting of two independently sprung semi-axles, provides a much more comfortable ride with a lower level of vibrations.

The Zetor Crystal stands out for its versatility. Thanks to the concept of the power take-off shaft, the tractor can be used for light loads with a cutter bar as well as for maximum take-off by rotary tillers and feed wagons. The power take-off shaft is further characterised by high efficiency and low fuel consumption.

The Crystal’s modern electrohydraulic system increases work productivity and decreases fuel consumption by 5-7 percent. It is equipped with the Hitchtronic system, that was introduced to the market for the first time by Zetor and received numerous awards. It is an automatic regulation system of the rear three-point hitch. It is not necessary to set types of regulations and their sensitivity when using this system. The regulation system itself measures the soil resistance and uses the information to adjust the setting of the three-point hitch.

Comfort, timeless design and red wheels
The Crystal’s cab is spacious and significantly eliminates noise. Air conditioning as well as a suspended cab and axle contribute to make work more comfortable and decrease driver fatigue. The cab is further equipped with an opening sunroof with an adjustable fixer. Excellent ergonomics of the controls allow the driver to intuitively control the tractor without lengthy instruction.
The timeless design of the Zetor Crystal tractors follows the original legendary Crystal, that was produced by Zetor from 1969. The new Crystal was inspired by its predecessor in the sharp edges and regular geometric Crystal shapes. The current model is coming back with concept of red wheels of Zetor Tractors. Zetor plans to gradually expand this element to its entire product portfolio.

The first customers will get the Zetor Crystal during the summer months.

Overview of technical innovations of the new Crystal:

  • Six-cylinder engines
  • Common Rail fuel injection system
  • Extended wheelbase to 2,840 mm
    Front suspended drive axle (optional)
  • Wider wheel track
  • Opening sunroof with adjustable fixer
  • Hydraulic pump capacity 85 l/min
    Cab noise only 73 dB
  • Front wheels 540/65 R 28
  • Fuel tank 300 l + 30 l urea
  • Modern engine hood design
  • Innovated dashboard
  • Red wheels


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