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Case IH to Display Latest Products at Cereals 2015

Case IH will be exhibiting a number of key new products at Cereals 2015, including the new Magnum Rowtrac and Stage IV Puma tractors, together with a tracked version of one of the latest 240 Series Axial-Flow combines, an Axial-Flow 8240 with the company’s new 30' (9.144m) Draper header.

The new 380hp Case IH Magnum Rowtrac 380 CVX combines the benefits of wheeled and tracked tractors yet outperforms both. Designed for field work, it delivers a combination of advantages which will prove popular with arable farmers and contractors.


Case IH Magnum Rowtrac

Based on the current ‘Tractor of The Year’, the Case IH Magnum 380 CVX, the powerful, efficient Rowtrac combines the manoeuvrability, handling and versatility of a wheeled tractor with the ability of a tracked machine to float over the ground. This provides superior power delivery, minimises soil disturbance, even when turning under full power, gives a much smoother ride and enhances operator comfort.

Drawing on the unrivalled experience of tracked tractors which Case IH has gained since introducing its legendary Quadtrac in 1997, the Rowtrac maintains the principle of using four contact points to transmit power to the ground. Compared with a twin-track machine the Rowtrac’s design greatly reduces the pressure which is exerted on the soil, the amount of weight transfer from front to rear and the amount of forward/backwards pitching movement. It also enables the use of differential locks which are included in the Rowtrac’s standard specification to maximise traction in difficult conditions, a feature which is not possible on twin-track machines. Case IH offers the Rowtrac with a choice of 24" or 30"-wide tracks, which can be set to 76", 80" or 88" centres

Power is supplied by an 8.7-litre FPT Cursor 9 engine which is rated at 380hp but produces up to 435hp and 1806Nm of torque. Complying with the latest European Stage IV (Tier 4 Final) emission regulations, the engine has best-in-class engine oil change intervals of 600-hours.

The efficiency of the Rowtrac is further optimised by its advanced, highly-efficient CVX transmission which incorporates four mechanical ranges and delivers seamless power transfer from 0–40 KPH. Automatic Productivity Management (APM) automatically achieves the optimum balance between engine and transmission, while Active Hold Control prevents the tractor from rolling back when stopping on a hill without having to use the clutch or brakes. Headland Management Control (HMC) allows the operator to record headland functions which increases the efficiency of repetitive field applications.

Another key feature of the Magnum Rowtrac is its Surveyor cab which provides excellent all-round visibility, an industry-leading in-cab sound level of just 67 dBA and optimum comfort due to its sophisticated suspension. With precision farming technology now a vital consideration on a tractor in this class the Rowtrac is available with the integrated Case IH AccuGuide automated guidance solution, part of the company’s AFS technology platform.

The first Magnum Rowtrac tractors will be delivered to UK customers at the end of 2015.


The new Case IH Puma range incorporates seven models with rated power outputs from 150-240hp, the top-of-the-range Puma 240 delivering up to 270hp with Power Boost and 1160Nm of torque from 1400-1600rpm.

A key feature of these new tractors is their powerful, efficient and ‘clean’ six-cylinder power units which utilise FPT Industrial’s proven Hi-eSCR technology to meet European Stage IV (Tier 4 Final) emission regulations. Simple and efficient, the system minimises fuel consumption, maximises performance and enables Case IH to achieve engine oil change intervals of 600 hours.

Following on from the Case IH Magnum tractors, the cabs fitted to the latest Puma models have a new external appearance, with a new roof and two new work-light packages which feature the very latest LED technology. The cab now has a seamless single-piece front screen which provides an uninterrupted forward view, while new seat options help to provide the Puma with a class-leading operator environment.

In addition to an updated AFS 700 terminal, the new Puma models include HMC II Headland Management Control and can be specified with Case IH AccuGuide.


At a time when farmers are placing increasing emphasis on minimising soil compaction Case IH will be exhibiting one of its latest 240 Series Axial-Flow combine harvesters on tracks.

Taking harvesting technology to the next level, the new 240 Series comprises the 498hp Axial-Flow 7240, 571hp 8240 and the 636hp 9240. Designed to meet the demands of the largest farms and contractors, under all crop conditions, they are built to the highest standards to deliver the lowest operating costs with the greatest reliability.

A key feature is that, in addition to well-proven Case IH standard tracks, which reduce ground pressure in soft field conditions, 240 Series models also offer the option of fully-suspended tracks. Available in widths of 610 mm and 724 mm, these feature four idlers which operate in two pairs. The design allows the tracks to adapt more accurately to ground contours, providing a much smoother, more stable ride, both in the field and on the road. In addition to a larger ground contact area, which reduces ground pressure and actively supports the larger 14,400-litre grain tank, the new fully-suspended tracks also improve stability, ensuring that even the widest headers remain level under the most difficult field conditions. The overall width on 610mm tracks remains under 3.5m.

Incorporating Case IH’s revolutionary Axial-Flow single rotor technology, which provides thorough threshing, minimum losses, gentle grain handling and excellent grain quality, 240 Series Axial-Flow combines are powered by Fiat Power Train (FPT) Cursor 16 engines, which provide unrivalled power and efficiency. Complying with the latest European Stage IV (Tier 4 Final) emission standards, they feature patented HI-eSCR technology which reduces emissions by 95%, while further increasing performance, fuel efficiency and reliability.

The Axial-Flow 8240 on display at CEREALS will be feature a 30' (9.144m) version of the company’s new 3152 Draper header. Featuring a belt-type design, it increases operating speed, provides excellent, constant feeding of the rotor and being less susceptible to crop moisture extends the working day by making it possible to start harvester in the morning and run later at night.

A key element in maximising the performance of 240-Series Axial-Flow combines, the AFS AccuGuide GPS-controlled auto-steering system automatically guides the combine to within 2.5cm, while features such as the ‘Clean Out’ function on the AFS Pro 700 screen which provides major time savings.

Incorporating the latest Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) telematics to optimise processes and increase machine efficiency, the new 240-Series Axial-Flow models are the simplest and most comfortable on the market. Providing an unrivalled working environment for the operator, the ‘Luxury’ cab features electrically-adjustable mirrors, generous storage space, a semi-active seat option and a refrigerated coolbox.


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