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Claydon to Launch New 8m Hybrid T Drill at Cereals 2015

Claydon will launch a new 8m version of its Hybrid T trailed drill at Cereals 2015. While the new model will be displayed on the company’s stand (No. 1145) at the event, a 6m Hybrid T will be working in the demonstration area.

Developed to meet increasing interest in fertiliser placement while drilling from large farms and contractors in the UK and overseas, the Hybrid T made its public debut last year in 6m form, since when the company has received a significant number of enquiries for a larger version.

Claydon Hybrid T Drill

Claydon 8M Hybrid T Drill

With a daily output of up to 70 hectares the 8m Hybrid T utilises the patented Claydon Direct Strip Till Seeding System to sow directly into stubble, in min-till situations or on ploughed/cultivated land. A key design feature of the drill is that the seeding frame floats completely separately to the seed hopper, which ensures that an even depth is maintained across the full working width. The weight of the drilling chassis is carried on five centrally-mounted depth wheels which run on 10.0/75 15.3 cleated tyres, the seed hopper being supported by four transport wheels fitted with 380/55-17 cleated tyres, enabling the drill to travel lightly on headlands.

Weighing 7400kg and equipped with 25 seeding tines which operate up to 150mm deep, the new drill needs a 400hp - 450hp tractor to pull it, depending on soil conditions. With a 2m-wide centre section and two 3m-wide hydraulically-folding, contour-following outer sections, the 8m Hybrid T folds to just 2.85m for transport, hydraulically-operated transport locks being fitted as standard.

Two banks of tines spaced 2.2m apart give a huge inter-tine clearance of at least 550mm, row spacing is 315-320mm, while drilling depth can be up to 150mm. The drill’s individually adjustable, long-life tungsten carbide tines, which remove surface compaction, create drainage and allow the soil to breathe, incorporate hydraulic stone protection, while pre-emergence markers are also fitted.

A choice of rear toolbar options enable the surface finish left after drilling to be varied according to soil type and conditions. A front press option extends the drill’s capabilities and allows it to operate across an even wider range of field conditions. This will be particularly useful on light, fluffy cultivated soils or in min-til situations where additional consolidation will provide slightly more resistance for the seeding tines, enabling them to work more effectively, as well as avoiding the likelihood of ‘bulldozing’ and improving the contact between soil and seed.

Like the 6m Hybrid T, the 8m version incorporates a 5500-litre hopper, equivalent to about four tonnes of seed and fertiliser, with a 60:40 split. Removing the separator plate enables the drill to be used for seed only, while CCTV cameras in each hopper section allow the operator to monitor levels of seed and fertiliser. An adjustable level sensor and roll-over top are fitted.

Standard equipment includes an Accord Metering System, RDS Artemis electronics, four-channel CANBUS/ ISOBUS head unit terminal, radar-controlled Vari Rate seeding, touch-button calibration and hydraulically-driven fan unit, four spool valves being required to operate the various functions. CCTV allows the operator to see exactly what is happening at the back and under the drill, while six floodlights provide excellent vision for working at night. Options include hydraulic stone release system, slug pellet applicator, rear press wheels and front tool bar.

Claydon Drills was started by Suffolk farmer Jeff Claydon who, in response to falling cereal prices and lower farming profits, developed the company’s patented Strip Seeding System for establishing crops in 2002. The Claydon System of crop establishment provides a practical solution to the key problem which farmers currently face, namely a lack of profit margin. Claydon Drills has expanded progressively during the last 12 years and now employs more than 50 people at its manufacturing site in Suffolk. To date, Claydon have sold in excess of 2000 metres of Claydon drills across all its models, 5000 hybrid tine units, 2600 metres of straw harrows and 21,000 straw harrow tines, providing the company with unrivalled experience and expertise in cost-effective crop establishment techniques.

Now used in 26 countries across the widest range of climatic conditions and soil types, the complete Claydon System, comprising the Claydon Straw Harrow, Claydon Hybrid Drill and Claydon Rolls, is up to five times faster, one-third the cost and more reliable than a plough-based approach and typically 50% less than the cost of a min-til system. It also significantly improves timeliness, enabling crops to be established at the optimum time, under the best conditions, resulting in significantly higher yields.


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