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Growhow Welcomes Defra Support to Improve Nitrogen Use Efficiency

GrowHow, Britain’s only fertiliser manufacturer, has welcomed a recent announcement from Defra that it will devote part of its Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) funding to helping farmers improve their Nitrogen use efficiency.

Further details are expected in the summer/autumn and Defra’s announcement applies to farmers in England only.

Farm Images

Farm Images

Sam Bell, from GrowHow, welcomed the news. She said:
“We await official confirmation of the details, but we think this could be great news for England’s farmers and for the environment. Anything that helps our customers use products like Nitram and DoubleTop more efficiently is always welcome.

“Early indications from our discussions with Defra and others suggest this work could include sharing best practice about using on-farm sources of Nitrogen, like slurry, more efficiently.

“Again we would welcome any efforts to help our customers save money and grow prosperous farming businesses.

“From what we know of the proposals so far, they all chime well with the technical, science-based approach we have to Nitrogen fertiliser product use at GrowHow.”

Recognising the importance of reducing ammonia emissions from agriculture, the support from Defra’s programme may involve providing farmers and groups with advice on how to capture more of the Nitrogen they use in producing food – leaving less potential Nitrogen loss to the environment.

Sam Bell continued:
“We think this work will focus on fertiliser, manure and animal feed sources of Nitrogen, with an emphasis on reducing ammonia emissions.

“If so, then we might see measures aimed at reducing the use of urea fertilisers, and encouraging farmers to move away from splash plate slurry applications to dribble bar and soil injection. We could also see schemes promoting effective slurry store covers, using weather forecasting to inform manure handling decisions, and improvements to manure storage design.

“We’re very excited by this news and we are ready to be involved in whatever way Defra or other partners see fit.”


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