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Growhow Provides Winning Opportunities at Cereals 2015

GrowHow, the UK’s only manufacturer of fertilisers, will be marking the 50th anniversary of its industry-leading Nitram Ammonium Nitrate brand by offering farmers who visit its stand (No. 906) at CEREALS 2015 the opportunity to win two valuable prizes.

Firstly a chance to win 50 bags of British made Nitram and a second competition, for those with an interest in next generation precision farming, to win 12 months’ use of the latest ISARIA precision application equipment.

Farmers who visit the GrowHow stand at CEREALS 2015 will have the opportunity to win 12 month’s use of the latest ISARIA precision fertiliser application technology

Farmers who visit the GrowHow stand at CEREALS 2015 will have the opportunity to win 12 month’s use of the latest ISARIA precision fertiliser application technology

Britain’s favourite fertiliser, Nitram is widely recognised as the gold standard and has been proven to outperform all other Nitrogen products. Regardless of weather conditions, Nitram’s consistent quality and reliable performance allow it to deliver a predictable, efficient and readily available source of Nitrogen, making it the first choice for all crops. Proven by Defra to be the most efficient Nitrogen source, Nitram is also the ‘Best option for the environment and farming’. Defra trials comparing alternative sources of Nitrogen found that, on average, only 3% of Ammonium Nitrate was lost to the atmosphere compared with an average of 24%, and up to 58% for urea. Manufactured in the UK, Nitram can be spread accurately up to 36m through the use of a suitably calibrated spreader in optimum weather conditions.

GrowHow will also be highlighting a range of techniques and services which help growers to optimise yield, and quality to generate maximum financial returns. The company believes that most UK growers, with the correct advice, have the chance to refine their fertiliser plan to ensure they are not wasting money or missing out on additional crop.

Interested in the next generation of precision farming? GrowHow, the lead partner in the consortium of UK businesses, who are developing an automated system for the precision application of Nitrogen (N) fertiliser and plant growth regulators (PGRs), will be demonstrating the ISARIA machine, which is at the heart of the project. The technology is proven under German climatic condition, and is currently going through extensive field scale and small plot trials in the UK to develop software appropriate to our growing conditions. Come along between 10am and 2pm to listen to Pete Berry and Kate Storer from ADAS talk about this exciting new UK development.

With crop prices at current levels correct application and timing can make a big difference to the bottom line, which is why GrowHow developed its N-Min® Service and N-Calc System.

GrowHow’s N-Min Service is the only Nitrogen test which measures the Soil Mineral Nitrogen (SMN) and Additional Available Nitrogen (AAN), contained in the organic matter of soil, accurately predicting the total Nitrogen that will become available to crops throughout the growing season.

Samples taken from individual fields are analysed for SMN content and are incubated to establish how much AAN will become available to the crop between spring and harvest. The optimum fertiliser rate and timings are calculated by GrowHow’s N-Calc. This takes into account the estimated yield, the Soil Nitrogen Supply (SNS), a combination of the N-Min result and spring crop Nitrogen to calculate the optimum Nitrogen input for cereals and oilseed rape.


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