Funding for Farmers to Support Productivity

Next week sees the start of March and most probably the opening of the window for the new 2015 Countryside Productivity Scheme (CPS).

With the recent changes to the CAP reform and in order to promote rural development, funding has been transferred from Pillar 1 (direct payments to farmers) to Pillar 2 (investment funding).

Tom Heseltine

Tom Heseltine

“Although the finer details of the new CPS scheme are yet to be finalised we know that it will provide £5 million of funding, which will be available to farmers, foresters and other land managers to invest in equipment and technology,” says Tom Heseltine, Assistant Agricultural Advisor at H&H Land and Property.

Although the exact dates have yet to be released it is anticipated that window for applications, will be from March to June 2015.

This investment will be in the form of two different grant schemes:

  1. Grants between £2500 and £35000 will cover up to 40% of the actual cost of investment for innovative equipment.
  2. Grants above £35000 will cover up to 40% of the actual costs of projects that improve productivity through investment.

The smaller grants between £2500 and £35000 can be invested in areas such as improvements to animal health and welfare which could include cattle crushes and sheep EID equipment, new LED lighting to make sheds more energy efficient than older models, remote crop sensing, small scale forestry processing, areas of slurry management such as re-roofing over an existing pit and recycling ammonia and heat emissions. The latter looks set to be very specialised and details of this area should be available at the beginning of March.

The grant above £35000 will include the following areas of investment; controlled atmosphere storage crop robotics, poultry litter drying systems and farm water management through reservoirs and irrigation.

“At the current time we have very limited information,” says Tom. “The in-depth analysis of the funding is expected to be released early March. If this funding is anything like the Pillar 2 FFIS 2014 grant scheme, it will be very competitive, with over £26 million worth of applications for the £10 million that was available last year.

“We would strongly recommend due to the demand from last year that starting early in your preparation will give you a greater chance of success.”

In order to apply for the funding you will require three separate quotes, as well as supportive evidence from Vets, Agronomists and/or Environmental Offices as to why the equipment is required and how productivity will be increased. H&H Land and Property can help with the entire application process from helping to secure quotes, to understanding the small print when it is released in March.

Tom concludes: “This looks set to be another very good grant scheme that will provide much needed investment for farmers in the North of England. Our advice to anyone looking at the potential of this grant scheme is to get in touch and start the process early.”

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